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SRAMs premier 10-speed chain features hollow pins and cut-out outer plates. KMCs SL Chain sets a new standard with weight reduction, improved shifting. superlight chain for use with 11-speed CampagnoloShimanoSram (Gold color. SRAM PC-951 9-Speed Chain. Wippermann ConneX 10sp Chain. SRAM PC-1091 10-Speed Hollow Pin Chain. KMC 5-8sp Mountain Road Chain. Fortunately KMC was kind enough to send a few boxes home with us, and their X10SL Gold chain found its way onto our Specialized Shiv Expert test bike. The X10SL is designed for fast, smooth shifting and, as the name suggests, is compatible with 10-speed drivetrains (they do make an.

Each chain includes an 11-speed specific Missing Link for convenient chain removal. Gold (TiN) - Beyond their bold appearance, KMCs titanium nitride coated. Noiseless Function, noise reduction. Weight, 116 links, 235 grams. Has anyone seen one of these KMC 11-speed chains in the wild? R. chainsuck reduction. The X11SL is available in gold and silver colours. KMC makes low- and high-end chains from different material. as you buy the correct speed (e.g. KMC X10 for 10-speed drivetrains). I recommend KMC gold chains, the nitrile coating helps with friction. Mostly weight differences. Apr 12, 2016 - 3 min - Uploaded by KMC Chain Europe B.V.Take a look at the evolution of our super light chains, more info www.kmcchain. eu. If its a 10-speed chain, itll work with a 10-speed Shimano Deore XT groupset just as well as itll mesh with a Campagnolo 10-speed Record groupset. The Ti-Nitride refers to the Titanium Nitride gold coating. The X10SL is only one step down from KMCs flagship chain, the X10SL DLC, which uses. KMC X10SL DLC 10-Speed Chain KMC X10SL DLC 10-Speed Chain. 130.00. - Super-light chain for use with 10-speed CampagnoloShimanoSRAM with.

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KMC Missing Link 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Speed Reusable 6 Pairs Bundle Value Pack. 10.58 Buy It Now. Compatibility KMC, Shimano and SRAM 10 speed chain. Model CL569R. KMC X10L XXSP 10-Speed Bike Chain 114L w Missing Link GOLD. 27.28. Buy It Now. Weight and chain suck reduction. - Compatibility. Chains 42320 Kmc X10 Gold Ti-N 10-Speed Bike Chain Xsp 116-Links Fits Road Mtb Sram Shimano. FREE Printable Food Journal Help Your Weight Loss. NEW Edition KMC X10SL Chain Gold 10 Speed 112 Links. series are the lightest chains in their class, furthermore, because of the weight reduction the chain. Original KMC road and mountain bike light weight chain single speed 891011 silver gold color riding cycling. Gold. KMC X11 Super Light 11 Speed Chain. Please select an option. Loading. Gold. KMC X10-EL Ti-Nitrate 10 Speed Chain. 57 Reviews. 36.48. Weight-loss and sucking chain. -Double X Shape Bridge. KMC 6-8S 9S 10S 11S speed bike bicycle chain missing links quick magic button. KMC 6-8S 9S 10S.

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Gives the chain its distinctive gold colour. has been tested for both on-road (TEAM ASTANA) and off-Road (K2, Trek USA MTB team). Dont mix this chain up with its less expensive cousin the KMC X-L chain (L light). Hi-Performance Double X-Durability Non Directional Titanium Nitride Gold coated. Shimano Campagnolo compatible Slotted plates hollow pins One of the Lightest 10 speed chain available. Thanks OP bargain. Just for those who dont know this is KMC X10SL. Which averages around 40. KMC X10 Bicycle Chain (Ti Gold, 12 x 11128 - Inch, 116 Links). Titanium Nitride Coating Technology X Bridge design for better shifting performance Weight, 290. Ive got pounds to lose before I worry about ounces. KMC X10.93 10 speed 116 links Bicycle Chain, SilverGrey (12x11128-Inch) 3-Pack. Shifting performance, durability and easy mounting are other key attributes of KMC chains The Worlds lightest 10-speed chain now offers you more advantages than ever besides the great shifting performance, it is a super light weight and Related Products. KMC 9 Speed Light Gold Chain. Lee veasey weight loss. KMC X10EL 10 Speed Chain 114 Links - Silver. Be the first to review this product. With great shifting performance, its light weight and smooth running. KMC now guarantees your satisfaction on the chains life, which is much longer, compared to other major brands. To top it off, the aluminum seat frame, handlebars and tie rod reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Sparkle Gold and Sky Blue are the signature colors with limited edition colors. Chain Type, KMC Z72 Speed (x16) KMC X10 10 Speed (x20). Ride For The Fun Of It Ride For Your Health Ride For Weight Loss KMC bicycle chain 10-speed X10 EL gold. lean construction. In addition to a lower weight convinced this construction by very smooth running and less chain suck. KMCs X11 series offers great advantages on your Campagnolo 11-speed system, such as very high durability, light weight and easy to mount connecting link. Related products. Sale! SRAM PC1071 114L 10 Speed Chain. KMC X10SL DLC 10-Speed Chain. KMC X10SL DLC 10-Speed Chain.

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Weight. Miscellaneous, KMC X9 Light Chain Ti Gold 9 Speed. Chains. Speed of Sprocket9 Excellent gear shifting Noise reduction Smooth transition Super narrow chain SP Exceptional durability. SRAM 2011 PC1031 10 Speed Chain. KMC X10L Chain 10-Speed, 116 Links, Ti Nitride Gold Bikeman Product Code CH5062. Buzzys Shock Nectar 10 Weight (Gold, 32oz) Bikeman Product Code LU2018. Wolf Tooth Components Headset Spacer 5 Pack, 10mm, Gold Bikeman Product Code HD0259. In our pursuit of excellence, we respect the chain as the most important. KMC began to research and develop premium level X-Series 10 speed chain. In 2002, KMC began researching and manufacturing of Superlight Series Gold Chain. the market and further weight reduction to maintain its status as the lightest chain. The Gold chains features a Ti-N (Titanium Nitrate Coating) that provides more chain hardness, smoother shifting, and prolonged chain life. How much weight loss is there for KMC Super Light chains (X9SL X10SL) compared to regular 9-speed and 10-speed chains? KMC X10 SL 10-speed. Show all items from KMC. The worlds lightest 10-speed chain now offers you more advantages than ever besides the great shifting performance, its super light weight and smooth running. Please. chose version. gold3206 TOPSELLER. Image not available for Colour KMC Chain 10 Speed Superlight - Gold. It can be difficult to fit the link, but found a good way of doing this, just hold in brakes and step your weight down on pedal and you,ll feel it click in. In MTB and BMX, KMC chain is chosen by 2012 Olympic gold medallist MTB. have all discovered KMC X10SL, and its benefits of weight reduction, shifting. Super Light chains are available for all major 9, 10 and 11-speed.