Tattvas are 36 in number in the descending order. The first five are Suddha or Pure Tattvas (). The second 7 Tattvas are Suddha-Asuddha or Pure-Impure. Because of the large number of possible blendings and re-blendings, the 36th tattva – Shiva Shakti – may seem to become identified, conditioned and confused. Sri Amit Ray tells the 36 Tattva Meditation for Spiritual Awakening. It brings balance & removes stress and duality. Explains yoga philosophy of 36 tattvas.

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Now you know Siva is limitless and we are the limited Sivas. ParasamvitSiva Tattva, and Sakti Tattva are non-dual states. Maya sakti as it evolves produces in a cascade fashion all the building blocks of the universe including the soul, attributes, Time, order, knowledge, desire and passion, prakrti, buddhi, ahamkara, manas, hearing, tactile sense, tattvad and color, tasting, smell, speech, grasp, ambulation, evacuation, procreation, sound, palpation, form, taste, odor, ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

The Suddha Tattvas act asynchronously in such ways that the embodied souls are subject to diversified experiences polymorphism commensurate with their karmic load. Pure-impure tattvas or Vidya tattvas are described as the “instruments” that assist the souls for their liberation.

The universe emerges from Spanda power of Siva.

The five motor organs karmendriyaeach corresponding to a sense organ, represent the physical organs of action. Siva is Sunya Void, Singularityworshipped by Yogis; the yogic path is fattvas difficult to follow to reach Sunya. Suddha Tattvas or Siva Tattvas.

Woodroffe, Serpent Power, page 336 Siva is dynamic, He is Sakti. What amazes me is that the Siddhantists thought about phenotypes of Nada. It is all this world. Thus we are all Mini-Sivas in consciousness and body. These are not fashioned by human hand. The scientists have advanced the same opinion. We have to ascend this five-step ladder to arrive at Siva Tattva by Kundalini Yoga, which entails conscripting goddess Kundalini to take us up the six Chakras to Siva Tattva.


Do you want to delve more into Prakasa and Vimarsa? In Prakrti Tattva or Citta 13the gunas are in equilibrium. According to Thiruvilankar Canakarayar in his book Metaphysics of Saiva Siddhantam says the following.

Vedic-Agamic Cosmology, Tattvas and Chakras

Sadasiva Jnana and Kriya. This media file is either in the public domain or published under a free licenseand contains no inbound file links.

Bhairava with his consort, Bhairavi. The three lines are the folds below the breast, a mark of Divine Beauty. Parasamvit is immutable Niskala Siva. Soul’s desire to experience the world.

Tattva (Shaivism) – Wikipedia

Even so, when by the constant tears of prayer and repentance, the soul washes away the mud of Maya that compels it to stick to the earth, it is soon attracted tattavs the Lord to Himself. Each one must be perfect. Just as the Washington Monument is an abstract form of President Washington, Linga is an abstract form of Siva and a generative principle.

Maya or Prakriti matter is within the womb of Sakti. Nada has four KalAs: The rising smoke is the sign that fire is present in an unseen distant hill.


Since they all originated from Siva-Sakti, they are all forms of Spanda. It is projection and dumbing down of the Universal Self in each person. When all these products seek their source centripetal forcethey taattvas into Sakti; that is Nivrtti–reabsorption. At the dawn of creation, Kundalini rose from Bindu Parabindu.

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Buddhi discerning intellect applies ethical and moral filter; Ego applies the I-filter meaning whether a particular action is in the self-interest and welfare. Tattvas are mutable and mutability is not the quality of the Supreme Supreme. If Rajas is active on Tamas, Tamas becomes dominant and Sattva undergoes attenuation. Saiva Siddhanta says that all things subside in Siva and rise from Siva, including Brahma and Vishnu.

Pure being, which is the free basis and support of cosmic existence, is not the whole of our experience. These Pure Tattvas are put in place for five functions: Others say the Bhuvanas are the ethereal, the serial, the igneous, the watery and the earth region. Mahesa, Sadasiva, and Nishkala Siva.

There might be a discussion about this on the talk page. The Vedas are simply words that have the mystical power to produce effects if the sound intonation is right.

In upstream ascent of the soul, Anjani becomes silent and inactive.

The Hindu title of respect Shri is often added before his name, the hattvas Ganesha is a Sanskrit compound, joining tattvae words gana, meaning a group, multitude, or categorical system and isha, meaning lord or master. The lower two Bindus are her Breasts Moon and Fire. Karma and Malas cause obscuration; KalA 7 brings about only partial removal; that removal is compared to local clearance of surface moss in the pond by a rock thrown on the pond at the point of contact.