Deke Sharon Official Total Vocal A Cappella Arranging Producing A Cappella Arranging (Music Pro Guides) Paperback – November 1, Deke Sharon Official Total Vocal A Cappella Arranging Producing Directing In addition, Deke served as arranger, on-site music director and. A Cappella Arranging has 27 ratings and 3 reviews. Jordan said: This is possibly the easiest book for an amateur to read and understand – a conversationa.

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Bio – Deke Sharon – A Cappella Arranging Coaching Directing Producing

The world loves to sing. From barbershop q to madrigal choirs to vocal rock bands, there are tens of thousands of vocal groups in America.

The success of mainstream television programs such as Glee and The Sing-Off not only demonstrates the rising popularity of vocal music; it reflects how current trends inspire others to join in. Like arrznging itself, a cappella is a global phenomenon.

At the heart of every vocal group is the music it performs. Vappella often means writing its own arrangements of popular or traditional songs. The tone of the book is instructive and informative, yet conversational: More than any other person, Deke Sharon is responsible for the current success of pop a cappella. The Heart of Vocal Harmony: Most choirs spend their rehearsal time focusing on notes, rhythms, and precision.


Thousands of books have been written about choral technique, teaching people how to sing technically well.

A Cappella Arranging

What sets The Heart of Vocal Harmony apart is its focus on honest unified expression and the process of delivering an emotionally compelling performance. It delves into an underdeveloped vocal topic the heart of the music and the process involved with expressing it.

The Heart of Vocal Harmony is not just for a cappella groups it is also for vocal harmony groups, ensembles, and choirs at all levels, with or without instruments.

In addition to the process, the book features discussions with some of the biggest luminaries in vocal harmony: From amateur collegiate a cappella groups to professional ensembles like Straight No Chaser and Pentatonix, contemporary a cappella has exploded onto the world pop music scene. In So You Want to Sing A Cappella, Deke Sharon combines historical context and a comprehensive look at the a cappella community with a detailed discussion of vocal techniques, rehearsal practices, and live audio support needed to sing great a cappella.

Additional contributed chapters examine xharon and voice science, vocal health, vocal percussion, and audio technology. What choral conductor or soloist has not looked around for new ideas for warming up the voice?


Home – Deke Sharon – A Cappella Arranging Coaching Directing Producing

Here are over 39 creative exercises which do more than just warm up the voice: Two top authors, Deke Sharon and J. Frizzell, have provided a wide array of warm ups specifically designed for pop and jazz choirs but these warm ups will work well for contemporary a cappella groups of all sizes and styles.

Every vocal ensemble has its strengths and weaknesses which deek from year to year. The warmups within can to help polish your weak spots and hone your strengths. Regardless of your group s strengths, this book is can help you address the full range of skills required for great music-making.

Frizzell Author What choral conductor or soloist has not looked around for new ideas for warming up the voice?