In these stories, Dostoevsky explores both the figure of the dreamer White Nights; A Gentle Creature; The Dream of a Ridiculous Man. A Gentle Creature and Other Stories by Fyodor Dostoyevsky My rating: 4 of 5 stars This little book, translated by Alan Myers, collects three of. This volume contains Dostoevsky’s short story “The Meek One: A Fantastic Story” aka “A Gentle Creature: A Fantastic Story”. It was translated by Ronald Mayer in.

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She suffers, and in fact he “breaks her heart. A love affair of sorts develops, and he puts her to a test by eavesdropping on her. The family life became a strange duel of life and death for the couple, and the story ended with the suicide of the female. When the narrator returns home, he is met with a crowd of people outside his house.

Nov 20, R. In Bakhtin’s words, he regains “his own genuine voice. Jul 09, Amira Bousdjira rated it it was amazing Shelves: His friend and brother-in-law, Ptitsyn, is a moneylender and usurer. The pawnbroker did not understand her – still doesn’t, really. What pleased me was the idea of our inequality” p.

In fact, this character type seems to dominate the writer’s output from the sixties into the seventies, starting perhaps with the old pawnbroker in Crime and Punishment.

A Gentle Creature – Wikipedia

Curious Cuisiniere Travel the world from your kitchen. This withdrawal dostpevsky so complete that it is compared to withdrawing like a tortoise into a shell.

It is not about dominance and abuse it is about fear and insecurity. He is attem “But a loving woman, oh, a loving woman idolizes even the vices, even the villainy of her beloved being. The Gentle Spirit is very short – longer than a short story, but barely long enough to be called a novella. Dodgily narrated by the pawnbroker who quotes Goethe and wants revenge on society.


Women have no originality. What are your laws to me now? That in poverty throbs resentment, in kindness, pride; that a kiss of gratitude is forgotten in the arms of prosperity, a flame of love, extinguished in the rain of jealousy; a helping hand is not without smirk, a sleeping mind is not without doubt; the fear of rarefied high is no more nauseous than the fear of dusty lows; the resolve to kill is the same as the resolve to live.

Five Minutes too late . . .

I still count him as one of my favourite writers, though, more on memory than anything else. The language reflects the disordered state of the character’s mind as he tries to understand what has happened.

This shock was provided by the newspaper account in the first part of April,of the suicide of a poor seamstress, Maria Borisova, who threw herself out of a window, clutching an icon in her hands. In these stories, Dostoevsky explores both the figure of the dreamer divorced from reality, and also his own ambiguous attitude toward utopianism, themes central to his great novels.

In Two Suicides he speaks of the impossibility to penetrate a phenomenon in its entirety, to find its end and its beginnings – this for the moment is for man still something fantastic. Hard to explore more detail without spoiling the story for anyone who plans to read it, but there are multiple thoughts the man shares – was he to blam This is quite out of usual reading genre, but Dostoyevsky has some appeal, and I have a copy of Crime and Punishment lined up for the future, so I thought I would polish off this short story in the meantime.

The Gentle Spirit is very short – longer than a short story, but barely long enough to be called a nove Dostoevsky is one of my creaature writers. Even in a character as strange and outlandish as the pawnbroker, there are gehtle where he seems, in an odd way, almost relatable: He is described as a materialist; he objects to having been born and endowed with consciousness.

Dostoevsky Studies :: Five Minutes too late . . .

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In both cases it is an uninterrupted soliloquy resulting in a confession-apologia. Are they really meek? Todorov, in fact, refers to Dostoevsky’s novels in this context: The one important insight into her character is gained from her spirited and deft handling of the Efimovich affair, which impresses even this rake.

The narrator is convinced that he was only five minutes too late, even though it was ultimately his narcissistic love that drove his gentle wife to suicide. Self-Styled Siren I cannot live without books. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I have to agree with Elena. So he was waiting and watching her, he wanted her to come to him and tell him about her feelings first he thought that would save him from a broken heart in the future. This is an interesting story on the subject of marriage which Dostoevsky wrote after the death of his first wife. It is Gania Ivolgin’s ambition to become the “King of the Jews,” i. His first novel, Poor Folk appeared in Through the hero, we see some of the darkest human characteristics.

She then realizes that she has to return to the narrator, because she has nowhere else to go. The Unpublished DostoevskyDiaries and Notebooksed. The narrator proceeds to make an attempt to relate the story to the reader in an effort to make sense of the situation.