“Right there, get it going,” Nick said. He grabbed a remote and pointed it towards the panel wall. The sound of whooshing caught everyone’s attention as the. Read A Humble Heart: A Hollywood Hearts Novel by R.L. Mathewson by R.L. Mathewson by R.L. Mathewson for free with a 30 day free trial. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the A Humble Heart: A Hollywood Hearts Novel by R.L. Mathewson at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or.

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This caused a real problem for me, because the tension kept building and building until a catastrophe occurred.

This was a charming read, it does not have the humor the Neighbor series does but it still is a compelling read. Bennett also understands the tone of Mathewson’s distinctive sense of humor, which charmed listeners in the A Neighbor from Hell series, when it comes to interactions between heartthrob actor Edward and his decidedly unimpressed family or Dana and devoted babysitter Deana. As if it wasn’t silly enough, she also starred in a movie as a main character even though she had not experience at it.

Meeting Dana is a breath of fresh air to him in comparison to all the actresses, Hollywood people and obsessive fans he’s usually exposed to. A Hollywood Heart’s Novel.

After wasting too many years on the wrong man, Dana is finally able to free herself and her two children only to find herself thrown into the spotlight when her books become an overnight sensation.

Then I tried to really like it, and that didn’t work either.

Listen – I am no prude – but her thought patterns went from me, myself to I. I definitely would want to know little boys everywhere are using my Maxim photo spread for their spank bank. She was a whistleblower and she even saved a little boy from a crazy kidnapper. The book is not actually a story, but more like a series of events that happen to mmathewson characters.


Page 54 – A Humble Heart read online free by R.L. Mathewson

He’s also a dedicated guy. This book warmed my heart, set it on fire, squeezed it and had me swooning, giggling and smiling like a fool. Pretty Good This was a real sappy story, but I found it neart.

I have the next book in the series and I will read it. Months later I decided that maybe I should do something with them. It gives me a great deal of freedom and allows me to retain full control over my work, which of course allows me to set the prices of my books and make them affordable for everyone: Other books in the series.

Finally, where is the romance here? Things were actually great in the beginning up until the point where they suddenly and quickly fell for each other. I like Dana, and I like Edward. Dana’s transformation was amazing but more amazing is that she is a Maxim model, famous actress, top-tier author, vixen, enchanting friend, great mother, triathalon humbel, etc.

Definitely reading the second one. Cole was my favorite in the story even though he is 3. Thanks to matbewson paparazzi and the internet nothing in his life was sacred.

Surprisingly, Edward is one her big fans and after meeting her for a short period of time, he also has a crush on her. And this is a perfect example of that too over-the-top thing. When her novel is accepted she sees this as the opportunity she has been waiting for, she moves to California and begins a new life filled with love and acceptance. No, you’re expecting to be entertained.

R.L. Mathewson | A Humble Heart

Winning the heart of the woman he loves while the world watches is anything but easy, but hewrt never thought it would be dangerous. The only reason I’m giving it more than one star is the fact that I couldn’t put it down, and that was because I was constantly wondering what absolutely ridiculous situation these two were going to be put into next. His family and work are all he has left until he’s made an offer he simply can’t resist.


I had heard a lot of good things about this author, so I decided to check her out.

A Humble Heart: A Hollywood Hearts Novel

I can’t just sit around with nothing to do while I try to be deathly silent so that I don’t wake up one of my children and send msthewson into a blood curdling screaming fit. He’s very considerate and thoughtful. Nov 10, tacitus rated it did not like it. At best, this was an okay read. Then of course I re-read what I wrote, cringed and deleted the entire book and started over again. Dana was in a horrible crappy marriage and had two kids.

Mathewson’s matthewson couple, two surprisingly down-to-earth Hollywood stars struggling to hold on to each other – and themselves – amid the heeart of drama and action that follows their fame: Mostly I though Edward would do something awful, or be unsupportive and misunderstanding, or just give up with all drama that revolved around them. They were funny and irreverent – reminiscent of Jennifer Mathewspn.

His only hope is that they get through it together I like it that she strived to make her self better. It should have been titled “Fame Gone Wrong” because so many crazy things happen to the celebrity couple in the book. It was kind of like you were looking through a window of someones life and watching Dana get swept off her feet.