AAMT believes that dictation and transcription flaws can pose patient safety risks, In-depth knowledge of medical transcription guidelines (The AAMT Book of. Spell out WHOLE numbers zero through nine, use numerals for 10 and above ( this may change in the near future as the AAMT is trying to standardize using. Position Statements, Practice Guidelines and Policy Statements, are developed in consultation with the Board of Directors who further assess and approve each .

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The AAMT is committed to high standards, not standardisation. The Standards are organised into three domains: They represent the national consensus of the teaching profession and describe the knowledge, skills and attributes required for good teaching of mathematics. Spell out the number or recast aam sentence. Cranial nerves – Preferred: Lowercase the words “level,” “phase,” and “class,” and use arabic or roman numerals according to the gukdelines being referenced: She has three dogs who have eight fleas each.

Lowercase the word “grade” and use arabic numerals: Use tsp for teaspoon Use tbsp for tablespoon Abbreviate all metric measurements. Taken as a whole, the Standards materials are a framework for teachers’ career-long professional growth.

AAMT Standards for Excellence

The version contains updated contextual information about the Standards and their use; the text of the actual Standards is unchanged. Leave a space between numerals and measurements unless they form a compound modifier. Best viewed in x A small collection of materials and approaches that use or link to the AAMT Standards that teachers can use to support their professional learning. Mathematics for participation in society.


Rationale – to draw attention to the scores. Use symbols when they are used with numbers Common Symbols Dictated as Transcribed as: Use numerals when expressing guidelimes statistics including height, weight, guidelinse pressure, pulse and respiration.

Z-PAK 2 daily guidelinfs day 1, then 1 daily on days Use numerals to express size and measurements. Exception – It is acceptable to begin a sentence with a date.

Spell out a symbol when used alone with no number. Substitute a hyphen for the word “to”. Lowercase the words “stage” and “type,” and use roman numerals. Spell out and hyphenate fractions standing alone. These prefixes do not require the use of a connecting hyphen in compound terms: It is mL Guideliness to Email Updates.

Policy and Guidelines

The spelled out names of the chemical elements The seasons of the year The common names of diseases The names of viruses unless they include a proper noun Generic drug names The common noun following the brand name.

Spell out all nonmetric measurements. Professional learning A small collection of materials and approaches that use or link to the AAMT Standards that teachers can use to support their professional learning. Apgar is not an acronym.

The Standards do not seek to advantage a particular style or approach to teaching — diversity is necessary and encouraged through the Standards. Abbreviations when the words they represent are capitalized The first word following a colon if it begins a complete sentence or is part of an outline entry Most abbreviations of English words The first letter of chemical elements The names of the days of the week, months, holidays, historic events and religious festivals The names of specific departments or sections in the institution only when the institution name is included The names of diseases that include proper nouns, eponyms or genus names The trade or brand names of drugs A quote when it is a complete sentence The names of races, peoples, religions and languages.


At its Council Meeting in Januarythe AAMT Council approved the development and publication of an updated version of the Standardspending review and possible revision.

Feet, inches, pounds, ounces, yards, grain, dram, etc. Always use 0 in front of the decimal point if the number is not a whole number. He is to take tablets of Tylenol every hours p. Use C for Celsius IF accompanied by the symbol for degree.

A total of 7 basal cell carcinomas removed from his left arm. Each of these is shaped by and inter-related to the others. Example – Tylenol tablets The names of medical or surgical specialties Designations based on skin color, like “a tall white man. Example – Jeff has 1 job, 1 place of employment and 18 hours a day to do the work.