1 Why Play Sisters of Battle; 2 Blessings of the Emprah See here for the difference between that book and the Adeptas Sororitas codex. The Adepta Sororitas, also known as the Sisters of Battle, are an elite sisterhood of warriors raised from infancy to adore the Emperor of Mankind. Their fanatical. Extra HQ choices (don’t take places in FOC, but are limited to the number in parenthessi) Sister Virtuous squad() (Special thanks to Melissia.

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Sisters used to be a pretty hard force to play. The digital codex release left them with questionable army choices and neutered most of their previous strategies plasmatroopers, immospam. But, believe it or not, the Sisters have gotten better under the 7th edition updates. Hell, they’re probably a middle tier army right now certainly better than Orks and maybe even better than vanilla Chaos Space Marinesand the new Gathering Storm update has given them a monster of a HQ to buff what was already one of the best parts of their codex.

Yeah, they don’t get the new Psyker stuff, but the across the board Adamantium Will means you’ll resist filthy Psykers better than most armies that either have none Necrons, Dark Eldar or avoid the Psykers they have Orks.

Being able to ally with any Imperial Army as Battle Brothers is almost mandatory now and for a good reason! Sisters have power, but lack tools to truly capitalize on their strengths – this is where your allies come into play.

The changes to vehicles mean that mech Sisters are now much more viable since a single Missile Launcher shot or Autocannon hit can’t insta-kill your Rhinos and that Sisters are more efficient than most at vehicle killing since most of our anti-vehicle stuff is AP1 meltashigh volume Rending Heavy Bolters or both Exorcists.

Playing Sisters may still be an uphill battle but the slope hasn’t been this easy in a long time, so get out there! With the release of the Imperial Agents book, there are now two different flavours of Adepta Sororitas to field. See here for the difference between that book and the Adeptas Sororitas codex. Good news- Faith Points have been removed.

Bad news- you can only use one Act of Faith per game for each unit, unless you take a Simulacrum Imperialis, which is 10 points. For those of you who are wondering: An Act of Faith can be attempted immediately before a Sisters of Battle unit acts during a phase.

To attempt an Act of Faith, select the unit and make a Leadership Test; if the Test fails, that unit will not be able to use its AoF and will be unable to try again unless it has a simulacrum. Make sure that there’s nothing nearby reducing the ladies leadership when they start praying. Each of the Sisters’ units has its own Act see below.

Its also useful against pain in the ass template weapons I’m looking at you Heldrake. All in all, not great, but not bad either for an army-wide rule. Also, while the extra point of toughness on a space marine will be more useful against most small arms fire, SoF makes your basic Sisters are more likely to survive a Power Fist to the face than the average Marine, which is highly amusing.

And it’ll also occasionally make meltabombs bounce off which will make your opponent rage.

Sisters of Battle

If a model with this rule is your Warlord and gets killed, Sisters get all hot and bothered and pass all their leadership tests until the end of your next turn.

All of your Cofex have this rule and when they die, it usually means that the rest of the Sisters who haven’t used their AoF yet will be able to spam their AoFs in addition to not running away scared. There’s the possibility of sacrificing your warlord in order to make your next turn hurt, but resist the urge – it’s a nice bonus, sure, but never worth giving up your HQ cheap, powerful special rules you ARE taking Jacobus, right?


It’s also worth noting that this may mean your Opponent will be reluctant to off your warlord if you have multiple units with primed acts of faith in a position to use them so make sure to strategically “remind” your opponent of this rule every so often. Alas, this is a pretty sad lot. Two are good, two are not completely worthless but nothing particularly special, and two are almost totally pointless.

Sad thing is that the Sisters, being ignored by GW because of icky sorlritas, have to settle for the generic tables as opposed to a special one like the other big races.

Only one of each Ecclesiarchy Relic can be taken per army. The following are also called Ecclesiarchy Relics, but are only available if adeptaas took Saint Celestine Still, these can be taken by a bunch of different armies since anyone who allies Celestine in can take them so some of them aren’t very good for us.

Easily the best section of our codex, so don’t be afraid to unashamedly drop points here. Both special characters range from modestly useful Celestine to borderline mandatory Jacobuswhile even the Canoness — when kitted right — has her uses.

On vehicles we get smoke and Shield of Faith standard, so extra armor can be safely ignored. Dozer blades are always welcome point sinks, though by no means mandatory. Troops are troops, you know what they do. You only have 1 option, Battle Sisters, but you have a lot of different variations on that with which to work. Fast Attack units are the scalpel of a Sisters force.

Each of the units is designed to do precisely one thing and do it well. Since they do opposite things, you’re going to want one of each at least at all but the smallest points levels.

Don’t expect subtlety or specialization here, all of these units are designed to just bludgeon the enemy into submission. On the plus side, they’re quite versatile and sororutas Retributors and Exorcists can probably find use against any enemy, regardless of their setup. As with all Imperial factions, you may take up to six Imperial Knights as a Superheavy detachment.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Adeptus Ministorum(8E)

However, note that this is only provided for by the Forge World update, so your group may not agree to let you use them. You might think this makes the squads awkward, but there are a few mitigating factors. Firstly, all the squads get Relentless. Secondly, 6 or more squads in the formation can combine fire into Wall of Fire so if you have 6 of each, you can do it twice. All of the units doing it have to have at least 1 model in line of sight and range The Wall of Fire has 4 firing modes: If you have the models for it, you should definitely consider this formation, it can wreck entire armies when they get in close.

It could be fun, but you’ll be hard pressed to find any Sororitas player with 30 Repentia. Still, Penitent Engines with Rampage? The Angelic Host Apocalypse: You get Fearless, to re-roll failed Invul saves only applies to Celestine, as Seraphim already get thisplus you get to Deep Strike at the beginning of any of your turns and get Shred when you Deep Strike, which is basically a free turn of your Faith Ability. It’s probably the easiest to field of any of the Formations and it could be really nasty under the right circumstances.

They get Scout, Shrouded if they’re within 12 inches of each other and if one shoots at a unit the other one has already shot at, the enemy has to reroll successful cover saves. It’s pure awesome, sure but Found in Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia, this detachment skirts the line between using no force org, and being battle forged. Then build the army around the units in their different unit organizations.


Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Adepta Sororitas(7E) – 1d4chan

Ok, so it’s not that clear cut. The detachment basically lists what units by name can be used in what position. Sisters add some interesting choices to the detachment. Overall, Sisters add a mix bag. Other factions may offer direct options for what they do, Sisters simply offer a different option. Aside from giving open reign with your army construction, the detachment gives you some other nice benefits.

Here are the general tactics for fortifications [1]. What do Battle Bros get? Which means that Sisters just got hella better. Allying with soroirtas right people will help you clog up dororitas weaknesses that your ladies have and they will areptas you to turn mediocre units into killing machines. However, your Sisters get anxious around people who aren’t in their prayer circles, as your units can only attempt their AoF if it’s entirely comprised of models with AoF or War Hymns special rules.

Be careful where you stick those independent characters.

One Assassin, doesn’t use up another Ally slot. Pretty much a no brainer another thing we used to have in Witch Hunters which is being handed back cpdex us with Allies.

Callidus can be all sneaky and provide ample distraction, possibly eliminating any enemy characters that will cause your Cannoness problems.

Eversors can be a bit redundant since you can torch hordes left and right with flamers. Culexus Assassins, however, can meld very well with Sisters since the entire army has Adamantium Will to begin with, becoming very potent against psykers in general.

And for practical reasons Officio Assasinorium can be the best allies for Sisters since you only need one model and they don’t take up too many points. Well, they have a lot of dakka and a lot of bodies. Park a couple artillery pieces and Russes alongside your Exorcists and whack them with your Techpriests’ wrenches no, not like that!

You can also use your Priests to make cheap Conscript blobs into immoveable tarpits while the Guard’s Primaris Psykers make your Exorcists, Retributors or Dominions hit with unfailing accuracy.

What are you waiting for? Legion of the Damned: When the supplement dropped, it’s allied table included the Sisters as Battle-brothers. Your opponent will have to devote much of their power to kill them, so they can and will draw fire from your Sister groups. Alternatively, kit them for anti-infantry stuff and watch them make quick work of cover campers.

And as an added bonus, they have two attacks base and can charge after shooting, providing you decent assault troops. Of course they have to start in reserve, but you can reroll scatter. Not a bad ally choice. Pretty much a no brainer. They don’t use up an allies or Inquisition detachment and oh by the way, you get a giant freaking superheavy. You can takebut you’ll usually only need 1. For those of you wondering which Knight to take: The Errant has a middling range Melta shot, but you have a ton of those already, so the massive range Battle Cannon from the Paladin is probably the better choice.

The new Knight Crusader with both a battle cannon and a massive stonking gatling gun is even better for reducing most any kind of enemy to wreckage. Not too much more needed, just drop it down and start ripping shit up. Oh and a bit of advice: The thing is such a huge obvious target that it’s probably not going to survive the game and when it dies, it goes nuclear.

So being aware of those two things, have charge forward at top speed and use it as a crazy big suicide bomber.