AE 385-55 PDF

*This regulation supersedes AE Regulation , 30 June Instructions for Preparing AE Form N and USAREUR Reg ). AE REG · Exercise of Jurisdiction by German Courts and Authorities Over U.S. Personnel // USNAVEUR Instruction F/USAFE Instruction AE , 13 July , Driver and Vehicle Requirement and the AE , 13 February , Prevention of Motor-Vehicle Accidents h.

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Training and Leader Development in Europe Status: Forces Organizations in Germany. Merit Promotion and Placement.

Army in Europe Regulations

Army ea Europe Records Information Management. Official Mail and Distribution Management Program. Programm zur Kontrolle von Mehrarbeit.

Army in Europe Regulations. On-Post Commercial Solicitation Status: Deployment and Redeployment Operations Status: Military Awards and Decorations. Local National Screening Program in Germany. Military Justice and Legal Operations Status: Appendixes D ad E available only in English version. Army in Europe Information Assurance. Equal Opportunity Adviser Award Program. Kontrolle des Zugangs zu Einrichtungen. Army Materiel Maintenance Policy.


Training and Leader Development in Europe.

Army in Europe Casualty Management. Standardization of Physical Fitness Facilities Status: Facilities Utilization Management Status: Civilian Employee Timekeeping in the Army in Europe. Supply Policy Below the Wholesale Level. Safeguarding and Controlling Communications Security Material. Information Systems Security Monitoring.

AR 385-55 Prevention of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Civilian Support Verwaltung Status: Civilian Participation in Sports and Fitness Programs. Hunting, Fishing, and Sport Shooting in Germany. Law of War Program. Prevention of Motor-Vehicle Accidents.

German translation of AE Regulation30 June Page 1 of 1. Civilian Support Administration Status: Nonappropriated Fund Personnel Policy and Procedures.

Military and Civilian Sponsorship. Personnel in the Netherlands.

Acquiring, Administrating, and Disposing of Real Estate. Centralized Procurement of Commanders Coins Status: Army in Europe Soldier Readiness Program.

Reporting Births, Deaths, and Diseases. Army in Europe Environmental Quality Program.

Paintball Programs and Events in Germany. Forces Operations on Foreign Territory Status: Headquarters, United States Army Europe. Civilian Personnel Overseas Allowances. Housing for Local National Qe of the U. Driver- and Operator-Standardization Program. Sending State Forces Activities and Coordination. Civilian Personnel Overseas Allowances Status: Army in Europe Child and Youth Supervision.


Forces Organizations in Germany Status: Referring Soldiers for Mental Health Evaluations. Officer Use and Management. Provision of Alternate Facilities in Germany Status: Supersedes AE Regulation31 Marchsubject: Expert Field Medical Badge Testing. Supersedes AE Regulation24 June a, subject: