Anna University Rejinpaul Notes for 3rd semester Automobile department are AE Production Technology Anna University Notes. Lecture Notes – Department of Mechanical Engineering. Lecture Notes ME 36 4 AE Production Technology Lecture Notes and Question,. Get Text books . Note: CSComputer Organization and Architecture is scheduled on 09/12/ (Friday)(2 PM to 5 PM) for AEProduction.

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Explain hydro forming process with its neat sketches. What are the three basic steps in producing a powder metallurgy part?

What notrs the difference between extrusion and drawing? Name the factors that influence tile accuracy to which plastic parts can be moulded. Production technology full notes, e-book, All units syllabus nice book thanku fadoo Explain any two types. Why is flux used in soldering process? View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread.

What is the role of plastics in foundry? Why is maintenance of sintering temperature to a particular value important in sintering ae225 Describe the following metal joining techniques.


Explain induction and ultrasonic methods. Department of Aeronautical Engineering. List some of the common types of casting defects, which are normally detected only after cleaning. Name the major methods used in processing reinforced plastics.


Sketch and show the difference between hand hammers and sledge hammers. Mention any three limitations of continuous casting. In what ways does the cold moulding differ from hot compression moulding? Mention some functions of a CNC machine. List any two advantages of gas welding process. Production technology full notes, e-book, All units syllabus thank you very much.

Discuss the following with the help of neat sketches i Hydrostatic Extrusion ii Ae22553 Extrusion Discuss the advantages and limitations of cold forging. Production technology full notes, e-book, All units syllabus Provide me the book. What are the defects in forgings?

production technology notes

Recommend on Google Follow Vidyarthiplus. Production technology full notes, e-book, All units we2253 hi friends how hotes you. Where are these types of mouldings used?

How this process is carried out on sheet metals? I need eBook of vk jain. State the different type of mould. Explain the various non —destructive inspection methods of cast products. Blueprint- Graphic Production TechnologyExplain with a simple qe2253 how metal is melted in a cupola furnace. Explain their in detail. Discuss the advantages and limitations of cold forging. What are the types of moulding and thermoplastics?


List any two limitations of Electric Discharge Machining. What is frication welding? We are specialized in the research, development, and production of industrial crushing, powder grinding, mineral processing equipments and other related devices.

Explain various welding positions? This book is very useful to me.

AE Production Technology Important Questions – Edition

What are the characteristics of the forming and shaping processes? Attached Files for Direct Download. Why do you provide pattern allowances in a pattern?

Login to know your Rank. What is super plastic of metal?

Why low porosity desired for some metal powder parts and considerable porosity is desired for the others? Originally Posted by krishnakumar. Explain the power spinning process with a botes sketch.