ePHOTOzine has partnered up with to bring you a selection of Agfa Isolette 1 instruction manuals and related photographic literature for. The Agfa Super Isolette completes the wide range of Agfa Isolette models, known The camera is equipped with the four-element F – mm anastigmat Agfa. The Isolette V, made from to ’52, has Agfa’s entry-level f/ Agnar . User’s manual for the Isolette V at Richard Urmonas’ homepage.

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Most of these have Ansco-branded equivalents in the Speedex line, though the Speedex Jr models are feature-reduced consumer-level cameras. Unlike the Agra, it has a body shutter release. The thick knurled disc on the right of the picture is a film-type reminder dial. Some of the series were sold and some made in North America by Ansco as Speedex models.

Agfa Isolette 1 Instruction Manuals

There were less lens and shutter combinations, offering only the higher levels of specification no Agnar, nor Vario or Pronto shutters. Most of the lenses are still uncoated.

Like most of the post-War Isolettes, the camera takes 30 mm push-on hood and filters. The original Isolette Isolette 4. Repairs Debris in between the lens elements, easily cleaned by removing the rear element and cleaning inside with the shutter open on B.


Agfa Isolette instruction manual, user manual, free PDF manual, camera manual

The Isolette II was sold alongside the ‘I’; it is an alternative model offering higher specification than the ‘I’, not a successor to it. There is a film-type reminder on the other end of the top housing. This first model is a dual format camera. The Isolette I is, like the V, a rather low-specification model.

The button to unfold the camera is a smaller button on the left end of the top housing; presumably to make space for the meter in the top housing. Like the original Isolette, the L has hinged blinds mounted on the film roller spindles, allowing it to be used for two different formats.

User Guide for Agfa Camera, Free Instruction Manual

Isolette, first model, aboutwith Igestar anastigmat and Vario shutter. Wonder if that extra distance helps the edge-to edge sharpness?

The shutter release is on the body.

The first post-War model was made from till The camera has an accessory shoe above the viewfinder. Contents 1 Isolette 2 Isolette 4. The camera has a red window for normal on frame numbers; advancing the film accurately for the half-frame format might be difficult.

  ISO 16284 PDF

The top left button opens the camera looking from the backthe top right is the shutter release button. The one on the right is a newer vintage.

There is a double-exposure prevention interlock; this engages after releasing the shutter, and is disengaged by advancing the film.

The viewfinder can also be masked for this format, with a small lever beside the cold shoe. If not wound film or no the shutter release is locked. There is a swing-out spool holder on the supply side of the film chamber.

Some of the shutters have a delayed action. I understand that Isolettes are commonly found with their focusing front elements manuwl in place from hardened grease, this one could probably use a lube job in that area but luckily for me turns freely.

Agfa Isolette II

Retrieved from ” http: The Isolette L is a viewfinder camera. Most are synchronised some have switchable M and X-synchronisation.

Shutter cocks manually, releases with the top button like an SLR. Views Read View source View history.