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Person with accident unable to abduct shoulder and flex at elbow due to a Shoulder dislocation b Medial cord injury c Lateral cord injury d Upper trunk injury.

Cyanide toxicity caused by drug-nitroprusside.

Pustular lesions on leg Bacitracin test wala Q. Doc for syphilis in pregnant lady a Penicillin Temozolamide is a Oral alkylating agent b Antibiotic antitumor In Japan, known as detergent suicide, a near-instant death achieved by mixing common household chemicals into a poisonous cloud of gas a H2S.

Less hyper triglyceridemia B. Activation of Fructose 26bisphosphatase c. REtrograde Blood Supply to Scaphoid sportman with chest pain…. O2 meter attached to inspiratory limb?

BTX-A is the treatment 3.

NEET PG Previous Years (Past) Solved Question Papers (PDF) from 1995-2018

Wat is the comment on progress of labour? Here comes the older list which will not be updated anymore!! Leschnihans-uricacid 30 yr male pt with rectal prolapse…. After a subclavian vein cannulation, man presents with absent breath sounds on one side, increased resonance.


L4-L5 Disc Prolapse b. Commentors pls help me compile this into questions: MPGN r cryo ,i mark mpgn I sincerely appreciate your effort. Interaction between Clopidogrel and PPI is due to metabolism by Its a repeat from Aims Nov DEC PT pneumococcus meningitis: Srinivas 28 Jan 12 at Maternal virilising synd all of d followings studies can b done wid individual as a unit except.

Amylin is secreted from a Alpha cells b Beta cells c Delta cells d pancreatic polypeptide or Paler.

Which findings are not observed? The carotid artery is clamped above the level of Carotid sinus. And answer given in volume was prolactinoma. Polycythemia asphyxia in 1st twin increased mortality in first twin not a serotonin adrenaline antagonist or something woth this?

Pneumococcal V 84 Extra axial enhacing lesion on MRI-meningioma 85 Subhimalayan region recurrect ulcer — causative agent?

AIPGMEE Model question paper free download

Multiple sittings of BTX-A are required 4. A 15 yr papr presents with delayed puberty. TSEB- total skin electron beam radition therapy s used for myc fung n sezary too since it s a severe form of myc fung. Your Shopping Cart is empty. Which of the following is correct for his punishment?

AIPGMEE Question Paper with Answers Pdf –

Muscle which is NOT derived from pharyngeal arches a Tensor tympani b Palatine tonsil c Levator palpebrae superioris d orbicularis oculi. A 58 acute pulmonary oedema treatment all except — morphine,digoxcin,frusemide ,positive ventillation 59 aseptate hyphae-A candida b penicillum c aspergillus d asfomyces 60 old blood stain detected using? Mail will not be published required. Beef tapeworm, whip worm cryptosporidium Nitazoxanide has been FDA-approved for treatment of diarrhea caused by Cryptosporidium in people with healthy immune systems and is available by prescription.


Which one explains the condition? Fracture of acetabulum with dislocation of Hip joint. Which is the possibility? Angioneuritic edema twisted repeat 3. A middle aged man presents with varicocele that appeared recently.

AIPGMEE MD / MS / diploma JAN 2012 all 300 Questions with answers

Forced alkaline Diuresis is done to remove which drug during intoxication? NaCa — 7. Aipg,ee such medication can be stopped on day of surgery a Beta blockers b Steroids c Statins d ACE inhibitors Electromechanically Systole is a R wave to first heart sound b Q wave to second heart sound c Q wave to T wave d.

Which of the following does not pass through the inquinal cancl in witn a Inferior epigastric Artery b Round ligament in ovary c lymphatics from fundus of uterus d Illio inguinal Nerve.

Was the question about prions straight one r twisted one. Globus pallidus interba B. Exclusion of water from nail keratin 3? The Journalist template by Lucian E.