The LOPA reflects how many people are willing to pay, through the galleys, cabin attendant seats, lavatories and premium cabins, for a great. SPECIALIST SERVICES┬╗ LOPA DRAWINGS. Not alone does Aero Aid have the ability to provide you with overhauled seats, but, also has the capability to. How is Layout of Passenger Accommodation (aviation) abbreviated? LOPA stands for Layout of Passenger Accommodation (aviation). LOPA is defined as.

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This Modular Aircraft Cabin Could Change How We Fly

A Silicon Valley startup has a plan to disrupt this process and it might just work, because it uses reliable cargo technology. Were loopa on becoming enablers, lowering that cost and risk. For years, the airline industry has put aircraft cabins together the same way: Getting the seats, class dividers, galleys, lavatories, and onboard bars inside requires loading every piece carefully, back to front.


Once the components are installed, making any change requires first moving everything else out of the way, then putting it all back ajrcraft again. We might fly in old cabins, even after an airline introduces a new interior design, because airlines have to wait to take the plane out of service long enough to update it. And airlines may not update older planes if those will come out of service soon.

Shipping containers are pre-loaded, placed onboard and fixed in place for safety, then quickly taken out on the other end. Airlines can load the section they want for a particular flight, without having to take the rest of the airplane cabin apart.

It removes some of the complexity associated with cabin configuration processes, and opens up the possibilities for new experiences.

Chua also feels this approach could reduce costs on cabin change programs, which will sweeten the deal for price-conscious airlines.

Safety Equipment Re-arrangement

Plug-and-play cabin elements might also make cabin cleaning and repairs easier. When passengers wear aircravt a section of the plane, that section can be removed for care and maintenance and replaced with an identical, fresh section.


This startup is part of the Airbus family. The next stage for Transpose is to gain feedback from airlines and passengers. The company will build a mock-up early next year so that airlines and flyers can take a closer look.

LOPA | The Flying Engineer

Chua said A 3 could deliver a prototype system towards the end of next year. If all goes well, plug-and-play cabins could be flying soon.

And if they do, the skies will never be the same. Marisa Garcia December 13, Swappable plane cabins could deliver the freshest aircrft experience in generations.

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