IBM’s Relative Performance (rPerf) metric is a great tool for comparing commercial workload performance between different Power System servers. It’s often. This post outlines a recent Nigel Griffiths tweet about estimating rperf for your LPAR. Read on to find out more. Articles on IBM AIX performance including server throughput, system performance and IBM AIX commands.

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He can tperf reached at ccler forsythe. AIX Live Update with These requirements would make it extremely costly to publish multiple data points for each Power Systems model. Previous Entry Main Next Entry. Disk Flash Servers Software Tape.

So lets talk about things you should think about when using rPerf to make sizing or performance estimates. If you have a different number of CPUs then a rough calculations is made based on the top number of CPUs and dividing appropriately. The pSeries is the baseline reference system and has a value of 1.

rPerf Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

This has resulted in the publication of multiple rPerf values for each server based on varying processor core counts. Running industry benchmarks can be very expensive. This is the configuration used in working out rPerfs and unused DIMM slots or minimum memory will reduce performance.

Second, rPerf numbers are expressed in terms of throughput as opposed to speed. For workload migrations and server consolidation projects, rPerf data is frequently used for CPU sizing.

Having this comprehensive set of information makes it easier to estimate the commercial workload CPU performance for any Power Systems server. He can be reached through www. The tuning setting from older machines and OS are unlikely to work perfectly. How will the script get updated? There is an excellent article in a recent IBM Systems Magazine on exactly this subject and I refer you to that rather than duplicate it here.



The biggest pitfall is trying to use benchmarks without knowing the system bottleneck. If you would like to change your cookie settings at any time please view our privacy policy for additional information. Note that rPerf benchmark results aren’t intended to represent any specific public-benchmark results and inferences shouldn’t be made. Numerous benchmark programs are in use today. Posted January 3, Permalink.

The performance capabilities of an server requires systematic work to unleash the full performance potential of the underlying computing platform. If one is studying the performance of a computer system, logic states that the best way is to apply the actual akx on the system and measure the results. These guidelines may help you achieve the performance that you expected.

We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website. Charlie Cler supports customers in a solutions-architect role at Forsythe Technology Inc. Specifically, a computer benchmark is a computer program that performs a strictly iax workload set of operations and returns some form of measurable result i. Particularly, take and early opportunity to apply the first two updates after the initial release.

X We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website. This is rper the doubling of transactions may be based on doubling the number of threads of work rather than doubling the speed of each thread. Some of the more notable benchmark suites are Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. For LPARs the number may be estimated but it is a simple maths calculation i.


The rperf numbers are only available for certain number of CPUs. Achieving a Resilient Data Center Implement these techniques to improve rpert resiliency. Running older software ais the older machines can cause a mismatch with your rPerf expectation. Also no SAN bottlenecks.

If you are some where between these options then you may have to make a series of changes, upgrades or updates to achieve good performance on your new machine.

AIXpert Blog Log in to participate. In this case, the script guesses the rPerf based on rPerf numbers in a fairly crude way. The Fast Path to Great Performance. There is no way to convert a roltp number to a rPerf.

The official rPerf numbers for current and older xix can be found here: Check the Facts reprf Features document for the rPerf with smallest number of CPU cores for you machine, below that number you are making assumptions – particularly as you go below boundaries in the machine like a drawer or whole POWER7 chip and below one CPU core.

If you would like to change your cookie settings at any time please view our privacy policy for additional information. This is especially important for older, single threaded applications that cannot exploit the benefits of SMT.

Sizing with rPerf but Don’t Forget the Assumptions (AIXpert Blog)

Note that rPerf can only be used for making comparisons within Power servers. Disk Flash Servers Software Tape. More Articles From Tom Farwell.

Read The Current Issue: If it says estimated then it is NOT an official number.