Results 1 – 12 of 18 (a story for juvenile). Feb 1, by Akhtaruzzaman Elias Akhtaruzzaman Elias: Racanasamagra by Akhtaruzzaman Elias. Akhtaruzzaman Elias. K likes. Akhtaruzzaman Elias is a major Bengal fiction writer particularly noted for his subtle sense of humor, realistic use of. Akhtaruzzaman Elias: (* +) wrote only two novels – Chilekothar Sepai ( Sentry of the Attic, ) and Khoabnama (Dream- Elegy, ) but he has.

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At the time of seeing her, Keramat visualizes one breasted Kulsum, which comes into truth at the end of the novel. In the novel Tamij may be considered as a significant character who shares most of the incidents of Khoabnama indirectly or directly, familially or socially.

From his college life, he started to write short stories. His full name was Akhtaruzzaman Mohammad Elias with a nickname Monju. Azam also discussed on Elias’ literary style, namely, the ‘photographic reality’, ‘class-consciousness’ and ‘thematic use of Old Dhaka’ in his writings.

See more of Akhtaruzzaman Elias on Facebook. His insight into the subtle shades of human character, his application of physical and psychological detail, his ardent sense of wit and humor, his sardonic treatment of hypocrisy, his in depth knowledge about history and politics and aesthetic articulation of wkhtaruzzaman these in his novels and short stories have reached him in a classic height in Bangla literature.

Akhtaruzzaman Elias – IMDb

The case of Tamij, though a Muslim and a settler of this region, is no better than those Muslim Mohazers. Akhtaruzzaman Elias has delineated this infamous time with his mighty pen. Otherwise, readers may think that it elia the decision of the writer. When his father BM Elias became a member of provisional assembly inhis family moved to Dhaka.

Akhteruzzaman Elias

He passed matriculation from Bogra Zilla School in It is known that before his death, he was wandering over a plot for another novel, that, he planned, would take the ancient Bogra i.


On March 20,he had to undergo an operation on his leg, which was later on cut off from his body. Elias deserves a reputation as the most powerful novelist in the Bengali literary world after Manik Bandyopadyay.

He wrote a story Otondro based on that experience. They all secure their own interest, but at the end of the day, they all feel sympathy for each other. Elias describes the activities of the Muslim League leaders. But they cheated with the poor farmers.

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The War we Forgot:: Breaking the traditional features, this novel provided a different taste to the readers of Bangla literature. Based on a sensitive and meticulous deconstruction of Elias’s texts, it should encourage readers to proceed to the texts themselves.

Few days later, he joined Jagannath College. Another compilation of his short stories Khoari was published in September Even the remote villages can not be saved from this flare.

The conflict is not only between Hindus and Muslims but also the haves and the have-nots. Akhtarkzzaman such an unreal and dream-like time the story opens when due to the Second World War prices of all commodities are going up rapidly and the effects of it are touching even the agrarian village life.

His first short story was published in little magazine Ashonno in March This is the first evaluation of Elias written in English, an author whom illustrious writers like Mahasveta Devi and Akhtxruzzaman Azizul Haque regard as a ‘wonder’.

Akhtaruzzaman Elias Intermingles Dreams, Myths and Realities

The year accorded Elias with the Alawol Literary Award. One day, Khijir died as an activist of anti-Ayub Khan Movement. Elias wrote twenty-two essays compiled in Shongshkritir Bhanga Shetu, twenty-eight short stories for his five compilations and two novels.

He rejected the Western formula of writing novels and established a brand new way of storytelling. The riot first started in August in Kolkata. Akhtaruzzaman Elias joined as a professor in Dhaka College in During the Liberation War inElias often akhtaruzzxman the freedom fighters and maintained a close connection with them. In his fourth volume of short akhtaruzaman Dhojokher Om was brought out.


Salimullah Khan on Elias. Here is the link: The role of Hindu-Muslim riot deserves immense significant in the novel. When Akhtaruzzaman Elias started writing, by the time, Bangla novel was established through the hands of Bankim, Rabindranath and Sarat. By then he came in limelight as a serious and committed fiction writer. Elias started his literary career with the volume of short stories Anya Ghore Anya Swar inthough before it his Chilekothar Sepai began to be published serially in a national daily.

Akhtaruzzamah he believes that book is the source of inspiration of all his songs.

But the characteristic feature of both the groups is they do show the same aggressive attitude towards the property left by the Hindus as well as the property possessed by the insolvent village people. The common people get no return from these incidents but the provokers are benefited hugely. After some days when Afsar Majhi, who set the house of Dasharath on fire, goes to Kamarpara secretly, he is attacked by them ahtaruzzaman killed inhumanly. The Hindu-Muslim communal harmony for hundreds of years faces a irreparable havoc.

The huge killing of Muslim people there by the Hindu miscreants enkindle similar heinous incidents on the Hindus by the Muslim people. His vivid observation of all the classes, knowledge about history, genuine objectivity, use of colloquial language and humor made him an incomparable writer.

In the inter-weaving of history and myth, the presence of reality is also felt.