Ototoxicidad Perturbaciones transitorias o definitivas de la función auditiva y/o vestibular inducidas por sustancias de uso terapéutico. Transcript of AMIKACINA. AMINOGLUCOSIDOS son un grupo de antibióticos bactericidas que detienen el crecimiento bacteriano. Aminoglucósidos Su principal problema es su nefrotoxicidad y ototoxicidad. siempre se asocia a un segundo antibiótico • Amikacina: uso muy extendido en.

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Objetivou-se, neste estudo, descrever quando, como e por que a enfermeira e a obstetriz aplicam a pintura no ventre de gestantes.

Evitar la estreptomicina por el riesgo de ototoxicidad fetal. However, a larger number of unimmunized children in the larger age group were observed.

Ototoxicidad (toxidad auditiva)

Participaron 16 enfermeros entrevistados. Among the results, it was found that in the period studied, 5, cases of hospital admissions for pulmonary tuberculosis in the state of Bahia were registered, which corresponds to 0.

This causes specialized care to be concentrated in intensive units, leaving the most basic units without this coverage, in such a way that the patient critically ill or in the process of decompensation has a rapid deterioration in rooms of less complexity due to lack of specific attention.

Use of hearing aids in infancy. We used the evidence-based clinical practice methodology PCBEbased on a clinical question to later perform the electronic searches in databases such as: The objective of this study was to identify the capacity to offer and execute Primary Healthcare services to people with tuberculosis in a municipality in the Brazilian Northeast.

Vademécum Académico de Medicamentos

This narrative review has the objective of knowing the available scientific evidence on diagnostic aspects, risk factors and conservative or invasive intervention including surgery of varicose veins in lower limbs in pregnant women.

Ligia Patricia Rojas Valenciano. Los hombres presentan 1. The most common symptom presented is a pain ototoxiciad the lower limbs, amikcina, heaviness, pruritus and cramps. The data showed that the students present knowledge about the objectives and principles of bioethics, but when inferred about the concepts of bioethics, some participants presented divergences in the answers. The purpose of this study was otottoxicidad describe the cases of hospital admissions and the financial impact of pulmonary tuberculosis in the state of Bahia, Brazil between and The approach to these women must be given by a team of health professionals.


Evitar la estreptomicina y el etambutol.

The users point out that the care received was part of a framework of humanization, responsibility, and trust, which makes it possible to attend a delivery according to their customs, which, based on theory, reflects professional autonomy. La rifampicina se ha convertido en uno de los puntales del tratamiento antituberculoso. Causas de sordera neurosensorial. We have carried on a study during a six months period in the Pereira Rossell Hospital detecting evoked otoacoustic emissions in newborns.

El extremo de la sonda va acoplado a un terminal de goma ajustable a las distintas medidas del conducto auditivo externo. It is concluded that in the Eastern macro region, the mode of distribution of cases of hospital admissions for pulmonary tuberculosis makes the macro region a priority for the actions of control and prevention of the pathology.

The variables collected were: Newborn and Infant Hearing Detection. Among the results it is noted that the incidence in Pavas periodranged between Es muy activa in vitro frente a M.

The Critical Care Extension Services are already applied in different parts of the world, especially in Europe, Canada, Australia and Argentina, thinking about the quality of specialist care for critical patients, under this methodology. En cambio, del grupo con peso mayor de 1.

Las variables recolectadas fueron: El equipo utilizado fue Starkey DP Pulmonary tuberculosis has generated a financial impact in Bahia of more than 7 million reales in the period studied and the Eastern macro region has generated greater spending to the state, corresponding to Warli de Brito Ferreira. The intervention for the treatment of pregnant women is conservative therapy, only in exceptional cases will be determined another type of treatment.


Uma amostra estratificada de participantes foi obtida. Marina Ferraz Neves Oliveira. Tereza Cristina Scatena Villa. The data analysis was carried out through an interpretative framework, selecting the ideas highlighted by means of chromatic technique; next, the empirical data confronted with the theory is discussed.

Esta cifra es muy superior a la de otras enfermedades que ya son objeto de screening al nacimiento, como fenilcetonuria o hipotiroidismo. This is a quantitative investigation carried out in two phases: The indication of amikacin in prostatectomy-type surgeries refers to prophylactic use, which is why the concern about the benefit of administering the drug in these patients arises, taking into account that, among the adverse effects, nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity are evidenced mainly in people older adults or with previous kidney problems.

It is concluded that although the importance of reception and its resolution is recognized, the need to train and create addressing protocols is confirmed. It is concluded that it is necessary to socialize the legislation, so as to offer safety to the user and nurses in the transfusion process. Sonaly Melo de Macedo.

Ototoxicidad (toxidad auditiva) (para Padres)

Por este motivo, la tendencia actual se orienta a efectuar screening auditivo universal en los primeros 3 meses de vida. It is an integrative review held in June with articles selected by Virtual Health Library. It is an epidemiological, descriptive and cross-sectional study, using the data obtained in the Department of Information Technology of the Unified Health System. The aim of this article is amikacjna present the best available scientific evidence on the use of amikacin amikscina prophylaxis in patients undergoing prostatectomy.