An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish: A Hilarious Catalogue of Organized and Individual Stupidity. Front Cover. Bertrand Russell. Haldeman-Julius publications . An Outline of Intellectual Rubbishby Bertrand Russell Man is a rational animal: so at least I have been told. Throughout a long life, I h. The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell. ByBertrand Russell. FULL ACCESS AN OUTLINE OF INTELLECTUAL RUBBISH. Pages

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This leads to frightful results. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in “in recognition of his varied and significant writings in which he champions humanitarian ideals and freedom of thought.

Even so recently as the “angels of Mons” encouraged the British troops. Trivia About An Outline of Int Of course, even when these beliefs had been generated, people would not put the kettle in the ice-box when they wanted it to boil.

Every one wanted to be paid in money rather than goods; the “practical” men failed to notice that there is not that amount of intelllectual in the world. If an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry, that is a sign that you are subconsciously aware of having no good reason for thinking as you do.

But most people enjoy punishing anyone who irritates them, and so the medical view is rejected as fancy nonsense. I practice the method practiced by Christ. Find Threads Started by Eddi.

Fear has inttellectual forms-fear of death, fear of the dark, fear of the unknown, fear of the herd, and that vague generalized fear that comes to those who conceal from themselves their more specific terrors. Fussell Accounts of the Moravian Missions. In the end, of course, the debtor countries had no more money, and, since they were not allowed to pay in goods, they went bankrupt.

Before the Russian Revolution, the Russians were credited with a mystical Slav soul, which, while it incapacitated them for ordinary sensible behavior, gave them a kind of deep wisdom to which more practical nations could not hope to attain.

Obloquy is, to most men, more painful than death; that is one reason why, in times of collective excitement, so few men venture to dissent from the prevailing opinion. In many ancient communities no difference was made between murder and accidental homicide; in either case equally ritual ablution was necessary. Intercourse in marriage is not sin, provided it is motivated by desire for offspring.


Originally Posted by Original Position. I actually agree with Not Ready. Since he likes neither to shoot deer for fun nor watch NFL football on television, it would stand to reason that he wouldn’t get excited about what these long-dead German men and even longer-dead Greek men said, even if he had been born bright enough to understand what they said.

This is a noble way of escaping from fear, but is still based upon false belief. Such myths give an excuse for the infliction of torture, and the unfounded belief in them is evidence of the unconscious desire to find some victim to persecute. An outline of intellectual rubbish – Bertrand Russel Quote: An outline of intellectual rubbish – Bertrand Russel Not seeing a thread on this, I now create one.

Suddenly everything was changed: The raw fruits of the earth were made for human sustenance.

However disagreeable the results may have been, Adam could hardly help feeling flattered that such vast astronomical phenomena should be brought about to teach him a lesson. Every particle of his body belongs rightfully to someone else. Veenapani rated it really liked it Mar 06, A good way of ridding yourself of certain kinds of dogmatism is to become aware of opinions held in social circles different from your own.

They were not the bearers of a brilliant culture. Who was it Lincoln? There is abundant evidence on both sides. No doubt collecting the particles from the air and undoing the chemical work of combustion would be somewhat laborious, but it is surely blasphemous to suppose such a work impossible for the Deity. Lightning having been rendered ineffectual by the “iron points invented by the sagacious Dr. The idea that a child is of his father’s “blood” has the same superstitious origin. The discovery that man can be scientifically manipulated, and that governments can turn large masses this way or that as they choose, is one of the causes of our misfortunes.

We are told that sin consists in disobedience to God’s commands, but we are also told that God is omnipotent. There is a theory, for which there is much to be said, that gold and gems were valued originally on account of their supposed magical properties. To me, in my simplicity, it would seem natural to require the patient’s consent, but the late Archbishop of Canterbury, the English official expert on Sin, explained the erroneousness of such a view.

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During the last war, the British Government did much to stimulate the production of food at home. The law does not look kindly on the intrusion of faith into this region. The doctrine, professed by many modern Christians, that everybody will go to heaven, ought to do away with the fear of death, but in fact this fear is too instinctive to be easily vanquished. Digitized Videos from the Centre for Newfoundland Studies. Be the first to ask a question about An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish.

An outline of intellectual rubbish : a hilarious catalogue of organized and individual stupidity

But probably 2, years hence many beliefs of the wise of our day will have come to seem equally foolish. I have been gravely assured, in America, that people born in March are unlucky and people born in May are peculiarly liable to corns.

The most savage controversies are those about matters as to which there is no good evidence either way.

Religion, God, and Theology Discussion of God, religion, faith, theology, and spirituality. In the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries, dread of witches and sorcerers led to the burning of hundreds of thousands convicted of these crimes. Perhaps the result may help in seeing our own times in perspective, and as not much worse than other ages that our ancestors lived through without ultimate disaster.

Through A Dark Glassly: An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish

Perhaps we may allow ourselves to be glad of the Abecedarians, who were so-called because, having rejected all profane learning, they thought it wicked to learn the ABC. Only the very highest officials, in their cups, would whisper to each other what rubbish it all is; then they would laugh and drink again. Spinoza taught a somewhat similar doctrine. The Greek system of numerals was very bad, so that the multiplication table was quite difficult, and complicated calculations could only be made by very clever people.

This myth-making faculty is often allied with cruelty.