Anna Tsing’s Friction is an original, highly readable, and insightful study of out of their “friction/’ to paradoxical “global understandings,” or universalisms. But in. Anna L. Tsing Friction An Ethnography of Global Connection Ch 1: Frontiers of Capitalism Capitalist frontiers create “wilderness” These landscapes already. Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. · Rating details · ratings · 35 reviews. A wheel turns because of its encounter with the surface of the road; spinning in the air it.

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In both cases, it is friction that produces movement, action, effect. And so an ethnography of global connection might work on gaps where the vector strikes against some sort annw friction.

My activist friends in Jakarta are optimistic…. For example, it anna an interesting point of comparison to the invisibility of nomads to the Israeli state, about which Eyal Weizman has written.

Savage Minds

It is, of course, criticized precisely for this reason…. Both grew out of projects of imperial resource management. This is part of the relative lack of a literature review which Itsall and I noted above. Especially if we are trying to write in a simpler language. The Chipko story has been popularized by the Indian ecofeminist activist Vandana Shiva.

Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection – Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing – Google Books

The second kind of narrative she employs are short 10 pages or more sections between the major chapters. The book focuses on the topic of marginality within a state and the context of community within a gendered framework.


Account Options Sign in. For many years a field anthropologist for the geological survey of Canada, Radin also taught at various times at several universities, including California BerkeleyChicago, Cambridge, and Brandeis Waltham, Mass. In frcition s the government banned the export of logs to foster a local plywood industry.

fricion When the currency fell in the late 90s, Indonesian coal became competitive with Australian coal, despite the poor infrastructure. The same thing could be said of traditional anthropological notions of kinship. This is true of any book, obviously, but I think it speaks to issues of how Tsing has placed herself in the literature.

This is one of the best ethnographies I’ve ever read. It seems to me that here Tsing is more successful amna that her evocative language does some of that theoretcial work, which is what good ethnography should do. Against this argument, one might note that not only is taking care of the dogs a way of making it easier for the kids to take the grandchild from Texas to NY to be christened.

Yet they can never fulfill their fruction of universality. Her bottom-up is in dialogue with a pre-existing top-down which sounds a lot ruder than it is meant to. In action, meanings are always at risk.

Are we anthro suckers just supposed to ignore fricrion Want to Read saving…. In any case I was simply objecting to the idea that she rejects globalisation theory outright as you claimed.

Second, tentative and contingent collaborations annz disparate knowledge seekers and their disparate forms of knowledge can turn incompatible facts and observations into compatible ones. Sep 26, M rated it it was amazing.


Is she doing a good job of it. I was following the arguments for most of it, but I honestly cannot say whether or not Lowenhaupt Tsing’s analysis of the philosophical interdependence of universal and local makes any sense whatsoever.

Towards a cultural tribology: Anna Tsing’s Friction (I) | Savage Minds

I would much rather see someone say: Rather than dissecting the theorectical assertitions which I find a little indulgent especially those diagrams that are both serious and lighthearted I find myself asking Is this a template for future anthropological writing? It is the fourth most populous country in the world and the biggest Muslim-majority country.

In fact all of the reading seems pretty citation-light given the amount of ground that is covered — at one point p. May 11, Scott rated it really liked it. Tsing makes us question globalization’s smooth rollout, that universal narrative like manifest destiny in tsjng mid 19th century. Looking for more realistic follow ups to The World is Flat.

This strikes me as evasive, deflective, and unprepared for how the desperate needs of whiteness will devour her book for its own needs. But then, of course, so does It lets her off the hook about describing the middle bit: Its time has come.