The Apocrypha Discordia was proposed by somebody who told or posted the idea to Steve Jackson, a long-time Discordian who at the time was running a. These Books, especially the Principia Discordia have been put on the Principia Discordia, Apocrypha Discordia, Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia. fnOrd! The Apocrypha Discordia, following Discordian tradition is, as it should be, a completely unofficial sequel to the Principia Discordia.

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Where identified, they’re all credited in the text. All effort has been made to verify the K apocryoha of individual items, however in the event of non – K items being accidentally included, please notify, and said items will be removed in subsequent editions.

Eristroduction You should have put that in there. Seven days before I was scheduled for Surgery, that quiet voice which I imagine also talks to Zen monks, Sufi mullahs and other Disreputable Persons at the End, rapped sharply on my skull and told me to get my shit in order within the week. Little did Discorvia know it was Eris using a funny voice, the bitch. Anyhow, I hurridly wrapped up a couple of projects, and this was one of them. Discarding the “non-canonical” material well, laying it asideI started to reference my little collection to the original.

Imagine my shock when I realised that some of these fragments I had to hand were not to be found in the Principia. As well, we’ve the addition of a brand spanking discotdia Back Cover to this edition. Now the arse won’t fall out when you pick the book up. I imagine this will discordiaa particu- viscordia helpful for those reading this on PDAs, who won’t have to worry about losing the batteries anymore. Anyway, apparently earlier editions of the Principia contained the Myth of Starbuck.

Perhaps this is the solution to the mysterious fragments I had.


Perhaps they didn’t make the edit. I would of course be very interested in talking to anyone who might have information about any of these early editions.

We can only hope that one will surface, eventually. What was he like? How did he live? We can only hope someone will write of his life, and maybe also rediscover the lost J Chao, also mentioned by Lord Omar. But at some stage, at last intrigued by these “holy quotes”, I copied out by hand all of the Discordian Scriptual References in I lluminatus, including the Hagbard Celine tracts.

Hooked, I started working through other RAW Robert Anton Wilson works, and with the inevitability of a cream pie in flight, as I ventured into more exotic bookstores and other Purveyors of Disrepute in search of said, the Principia arced its way towards my face. By the time it struck, I had a small collection of fragments assembled, together with such esot erica as I’d acquired along the way such as Vonnegut’s Bokonon, and other perverts.

There will be some form of sequel. There’s much Erisiana still out there that deserves a permanent home, as much as there’s plenty that, while Chaotic, is also Crap. I started collecting Erisiana as I stumbled upon it. Ten years later, some acquaintances pointed out that Lord Omar was currently to be found making contributions to White Wolf’s Vampirethingy game. More power to him, I say. He was not long to live, and it was good to see the occasional Discordian reference, all of which were promptly collected for the now-bulging file.


It was the Internet, though, which led to the Big Explosion in Discordianism. The Surgery, a minor exploratory, went off without a hitch although the General Anaesthesia was in the nature of a lovely rest from the ceaselessness of my Unmanagably Overactive Brain. That was a shock. I wondered what it meant. As far as I knew, no announcement had ever been made.

I got to thinking. Was Gregory Hill just another pseudonym?

Apocrypha – DocDroid

Of Lord Omar, Kerry Thornley, much is known, photos published, interviews, books. Hell, I even have his autograph. Of Greg Hill, there was nothing I was ever able to discover.

Even the Erotic Etruscan Poetry thing is, in effect, unsubstanciated. You have to wonder. So, why a Second Edition? This material has been re- placed. KopyLeft is in the news again at present, with New Scientist amongst others looking at the concept. And Lord Omar, like Burroughs, was no more.

Also, I felt that some sort of note should be attached, to outline the general circumstances and motivations which led to the Apocrypha Discordia’s creation. This is a very special time for Discordianism. There are some very special, very talented people working on Erisiana at the present. I-Net, Lord Omar’ s publisher, may yet get together with Sondra London to do something about his unpublished works.

Sondra, by the way, deserves much credit for her support of Lord Omar in the last years of his life. Well, She got what She wanted, anyhow. I can’t help but think She has further plans for me, and that’s worrying. In the last few years Her presence has been quite notable in my life.

I thought I had escaped – and I did, for a time – but Her influence, through the most traumatic and destructive period of my life, will live with me till the End. Of course, She also saw fit to balance it with some of the most precious, wonderful, valuable moments In a funny way, I’d been working on the Apocrypha for over twenty years.

My parent, also disreputable types who’d later converted to Wiccan, in the nineteen eighties about more which, elsewherehad carelessly left Illuminatus lying around where impressionable ten-year-olds could get their hands on it. Like many others, I thought the Principia an invention of the authors, but then I suspect my focus at the time was far more on the seedy steamy sex scenes, anyway. It was to find a home for these “apocryphal” fragments that I first had the idea for doing this book.

I had the time on my hands and I had the means I also had a small collection of rubber-stamps, but given the composition medium, it wasn’t really practical to use them. I avoided most of the rest of Lord Omar’s extant stuff – I’m sure Sondra London can be trusted to see to its issue eventually. All credit should go to the Committee for Public Safety not to be confused with the Committee for Public Safety for their support.

Some content would have been nice, but that’ s probably just me. Discordianism and the concept of KopyLeft go hand in hand. Although just a small part of the counter-culture gestalt, I believe that the Principia Discordia was probably one of the earliest expressions and strongest champions of this idea, which has since seen such concepts as the “Open Source Software” initiative, with endeavours such as the Linux Operating System.


This concept is at Discordia’s very heart, ye and its spleen, gonads and pineal gland. I remember stumbling across the Discordian internet site some meatboy had constructed and copyrighted – I laughed and discorcia and laughed at the sad-arsed bastard.

No doubt Eris will accordingly soften him sorely.

I felt sorry for bits which are unlikely to resurface, like the two Regurgital selections. The assumption is that they belong here. I’d fear they’d be lost otherwise. If interrogated, I intend to claim that Eris made me do it. When the Erisian Incarnation, Sondra London, put some of Lord Omar’ s writings online, I remember the fuss when she automatically copyrighted them, as she had the rest of her site.

I fear some fellow Discordians were rude to her, over that, but bless her and she took the copyright off. She was very kind to me when I wrote her enquiring about Kerry’s future publishing discotdia, and she included me when she had the sad duty of informing Discordianism of his passing. Eris is the Zen Monk, and She wants you for dinner, with fried mushrooms and a red wine sauce most probably. It was with some trepidation that I approached Oberon Zell, but he was very friendly.

He spoke of Lord Omar’ s influence in the area at the time, his almost evangelical championing of the use of the word “pagan” to describe the new religious movements. As Discordians, we should all xiscordia aware of the little con-job Eris has pulled on the Wiccans, for example.

Try not to laugh at them too much.

It could, after all, be you. As Mao Tsu says, if Shit didn’t happen you’d explode. Little editing was needed.

Apocrypha Discordia

Disscordia fact, I really wanted to preserve as much of the originals as possible, to the extent of leaving untouched in speling errers and gramaticals, to better convey the way they had been found. I re-worked a certain chant, to make it closer to the original and more easily.

Phil is a hell of a better artist than I, so I begged and pleaded and cajoled and finally threatened. I sorted through his work, making a selection of what I thought would fit. You must not think, however, that some Discordians are crap.

Discordians are like the pieces of meat in the Butcher’s shop visited by the Zen Monk. The Zen Monk asked for the best piece of meat in the shop. Mal2 mentions the Myth of Starbuck in his interview in the Principia. Dscordia tried to track it down, querying various folks. I knew someone whom I’d gathered was in email communication with RAW hi Stew, thanks for your helpand so asked him to pass along a request for information about the Myth, possibly through contact with Mal2 himself.

It would be funky to have a printed copy of the Apocrypha. This work is Discordis, so theoretically anyone could publish it, including Steve Jackson. Hundreds of hours may have gone into this work over the years, but I haven’t actually composed any well, most of the contents.

I am a mere transcribe. And I looked back and saw footprints in the sand. And the times when there was only.