Atbv: Arbeidstijdenbesluit vervoer or Working Hours (Transport) Decree;. RGBCT: Regeling gebruik boordcomputer en boordcomputerkaarten. (= Arbeidstijdenbesluit vervoer). 9. Occupational Safety and Health Decree. Agents Interpretation 2. Medical certification (Regulation ). With the solution, Heisterkamp is meeting the Dutch working hours legislation requirements (Arbeidstijdenbesluit Vervoer). In addition.

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These elements concern the end-of-year benefit, the buying off of compensation days, and the indexing of compensation for costs for judicial civil servants. Contiguous unemployment benefit Chapter IV: It amends the Working Hours Decree with respect to the working hours of civil aviation personnel. The General Pension Fund is herewith provided with additional funding to guarantee pension benefits for national civil servants. Decree of 17 December withdrawing the Interim Health Cost Regulations for civil servants of Decree of 9 December amending the Decree on the Legal Position of Legal Civil Servants in connection with the introduction of individual choices in the secondary labour conditions in the judicial sector.

Decree of 22 September providing regulations for work and rest time for the employees in the railway transportation industry. Henceforth, employees in all sectors of the railways transportation industry will be subject to this new decree which will be referred to as the Timely Decree Work- and Rest Time Railtransport “Tijdelijk besluit arbeids- en rustijden railvervoer”. To obtain greater cost effectiveness and deregulate the insurance benefit payment mechanism for civil servants, this decree annuls the Interim regulations of the health cost income subsidy for civil servants of Act of 30 October to amend the Work Conditions Act and the Dangerous Tools Act in connection with the spread of adjustments required in the mining sector.

This provision is in line with the general restructuring of public services and administration. The purpose of this amendment is to harmonize the pension and resignation provisions given to civil servants and public teachers with those employees in former public institutions which are now private.

National Decree containing general measures of 3 January executing section 76, first and second subsections, of the Pension Act on Civil Servants P. Decree of 10 December amending some general measures of administration in connection with, inter alia, the execution of the Agreement on Labour Conditions for the Judicial Sector.

Sets forth the minimum hours of work which a volunteer has to fulfil and prohibits certain activities which could impede the performance of a volunteer. Amendments made in connection with the Agreement on Working Conditions of the Police Sector which was signed on the 12 March Amends those provisions of the Working Hours Decree which regulate, i.

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Identification of private and public property assets necessary for the performance of the occupation Chapter VI: Supplementary benefits are herewith provided for the members of the armed forces and civil servants in the national defense as well as for their partners in case of death of the beneficiary. Decree of 6 August to amend the Decree on the traffic of goods on the road and the Decree on passenger traffic with regard to changes in the regulation of the entrance into the profession of road transport worker, and the mutual recognition of diplomas, certificates, and other titles.


Amends and repeals provisions regarding mandatory retirement for government workers. This Decree forms part of the legislative process to make the legally compulsory employee insurances applicable to government employees.

Decree of 9 December amending some general measures of administration in connection with, inter alia, the execution of the Agreement on Secondary Labour Conditions and the Arbeidstijdenhesluit on Secondary Labour Conditions for the judicial sector.

Contains provisions regulating the right to an enhanced unemployment benefit of members of the police force.

Tasks and competences of the supervising authority Chapter III: Sets out the responsibility of the police employer in the event of an occupational arbeidstijdenbesljit involving a police officer.

Act of 24 December concerning Legal Employee Insurances for Civil Servants Wet overheidspersoneel onder de werknemersverzekeringen.

Provides for some corrective amendments of a technical character.

Finally, defines the legal position of the volunteer police force. External supervision on quality and examination of vocational education Chapter IV: Amends several Decrees in connection with the Law on Works Arbeicstijdenbesluit WORproviding for consultative bodies of civil servants which shall allow civil servants to participate in employment matters. Quality and enforcement of supervision Chapter VII: Regulates the compensation for costs incurred, as well as the right to an end-of-the-year bonus.

National decree containing general measures of 3 January executing section 55, fourth subsection, of the Pension Act on Civil Servants P. Act of 12 June amending the Act Framework Regulation Early Retirement of National Civil Servants in connection with the introduction of flexible resignation for personnel in the national civil service and education.

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Determines the benefits in relation to periods when an artist is not able to perform activities due to sickness or training.

The amendments mainly concern possibilities for more flexible and efficient management, and also regulate benefits and financial matters. Decree of 8 December amending the General Civil Servants Regulation and some other decrees in connection with the bringing of civil servants under the Sickness Act and the Unemployment Act. Amends several Decrees in connection with the entry into force of national regulations for civil servants regarding retirement, wage payment systems, judgment systems and part time employment.

It also regulates compensations. Further amendments concern the possibility of re-locating a civil servant, the possibility of granting a supplementary payment, and benefits in the case of death of a police officer. Ministerial Decree with General Effect of 3 Marchregulating the instruction for civil servants of the Police Corps of the Netherlands Antilles, charged with the execution of the police task, as well as the instruction concerning the use of violence and firearms for civil servants of the Police Corps of the Netherlands Antilles, chargeD with the execution of the police task, and other officers who are involved in the execution of the police task Regeling ambts- en geweldsinstructie KPNA.


Netherlands – Decree Amending the Working Hours (Transport Workers) Decree

This decree follows from a series of sectoral administrative changes that were made in the personnel sectors in the national defense, the police, and institutions of law. Conflict resolution Chapter VII: Provides for amendments to the Interim Decree on Health Care for Civil Servants within the Ministry of Defence as well as the General Military Service Regulations with regard to civilians who are temporarily appointed as military personnel in the course of peace and humanitarian operations.

Transitional and final provisions.

This is provided in connection with the new rule that all the different civil service sectors do not need to abide by the same wage determination methods any longer. Defines the obligation of the benefit receiver respond to a call or appointment of the authority or a labour office. Law of 6 September to amend the Law on Civil Servants under the employee-insurances, in connection with the adoption in section 90 of that law of the possibility to determine by arbeidtijdenbesluit of general measure of administration, with retroactive force till 1 Januaryan other destination for the total or partial profit of the tax under the Unemployment Act over subsidies of civil servants on the ground of the Law on the Disability Insurance.

This decree specifies the terms and conditions under which all civil servants can obtain more flexible pension schemes and maintain their benefits following resignation.

This Remuneration Decree was first established in and published in Stb. Regulates, inter alia, the definition of ‘insured persons’, as well as the definition of teaching personnel. The Remuneration Decree National Civil Servants of “Bezoldigingsbesluit Burgerlijke Rijksambtenaren” is herewith amended to provide for wage increases.

Decree of 25 April to amend the General Civil Servants Regulations and other Decrees in connection with the Regulation for flexible arveidstijdenbesluit and resignation. Decree of 14 December amending the Decree on the Broadening and Limitation of the Insured under the Employees Insurance and the Decree on the Broadening and Limitation of the Insured under the Public Insurances wijziging van de verzekeringspositie van niet in Nederland wonende sporters.

Requirements to income and occupational costs Chapter IV: Arbeidstijednbesluit of 16 December amending the Stipulative Decree concerning the Legally Compulsory Circle of Persons covered by the Sickness Fund Act Aanwijzingsbesluit verplicht-verzekerden Ziekenfondswet and the Decree Restricting the Circle of Insured Persons covered by the Sickness Fund Act Besluit beperking kring verzekerden Ziekenfondswet in connection with the applicability of legally compulsory employee insurances to civil servants and military personnel.