Obabakoak. Bernardo Atxaga, Author, Margaret Jull Costa, Translator Pantheon Books $22 (p) ISBN Obabakoak is a shimmering, mercurial novel about life in Obaba, a remote, exotic Basque village. A schoolboy’s mining engineer father tricks him into growing. The British press in particular praised Atxaga, writing that Obabakoak was “an exciting intellectual event” (cf. Pavey) and a “brilliant novel, full of life” (cf.

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For this reason the novel was harshly criticized by the radical nationalist left wing.

He also pointed out that he had needed to read the text twice to realize the philosophical dimensions of the novel. Thus in his review Ugarte attempted to move beyond the limits of a simple commentary on a particular book and put forward several extra-literary reasons which, in his view, explained Atxaga’s success.

However, it must also be said that the Spanish critics were surprised that the book was originally obabakooak in Basque, and their surprise showed their ignorance of Basque literature. Some Basque writers, such as Iturralde or Juaristipublished articles in which they attempted to fill that knowledge oabakoak.

Obabakoak – Wikipedia

Byatt, president of the jury for the European Literary Prize insaid that Obabakoakin line with contemporary European tendencies, cleverly combined primal stories and motivations with modern meta-narrative techniques. Oficyna Literacka Polska – Inostrannaya Literatura Russia – Aylak Adam Turkiye – I should mention that there were also a few critics who doubted the literary quality of Bernsrdo euskaldun baten memoriak.

As far as the reception in Spain is concerned, the fact that Obabakoak was awarded the Spanish Narrative Bernarddo in meant that reviews, articles and interviews were published in newspapers, magazines and journals throughout the country in an attempt to satisfy the curiosity provoked by the awarding of the prize.


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The international reception of Bernardo Atxaga’s works

In Spain the reviews ataxga equally positive. Other noteworthy aspects that international critics remarked upon were the book’s stylistic and structural peculiarities, the influence of oral tradition cf. Pavey and a “brilliant novel, full of life” cf. Refresh and try again. Obabakoak Zmora Bitan Publishers Israel – Obabakoak received very positive reviews abroad.

Diane’s Reading Roadtrip. Equally noteworthy were the Spanish critics’ comments linking Obabakoak to the 19th-century short story tradition and to the postmodern beenardo of the 20th century cf.

It could be said that the lack of reviews and articles was later remedied, to an extent, by the many interviews of Atxaga that appeared in Basque newspapers and magazines cf. Langand in Portugal, the critic Guradado Moreira said it was “unmissable” and “essential”. berardo

Obabakoak oabbakoak Bernardo Atxaga. Ugarte concluded his review by criticizing what he saw as the excessively positive reception of Atxaga’s work abroad, which he put down to the fact that foreign critics were blinded by the exoticism of a work written in Basque.

The exuberance of styles and languages drove this critic to describe the book as a “delicious paella, Baroque and Spanish”, and to highlight the seamlessness of its sumptuous style. Poems beranrdo Catie Rosemurgy.

Obabakoak. Bernardo Atxaga

Libra Universalia Romania – Translation: Pantheon Books USA – In his article “The Social Function of Literature” ixthe writer and editor Ballaz made use of the romantic poet Novalis’ statement that literature romanticizes reality, in other words, that it interprets it.


Stories by Belle Boggs. In them the author spoke about the novel’s realist aspects, its intertextual references and stated that his intention had been to write a book that, like Treasure Islandwould be admired by children and adults alike. Ghosts of Wyoming by Alyson Hagy. Other critics, such as the Italian Melis cf. Manga Films Castellano – A schoolboy’s mining engineer father tricks him into growing up, an unfortunate environmentalist rescues deceptively harmless lizards, and a rescue mission on a Swiss mountain climbing expedition in Nepal turns into murder.

For him, the book was only suitable for children, not of very high quality and lacked ambition. An analysis of the reception of Atxaga’s works will serve to prove this author’s high status among different types of readers. Gernika-Mosku Russia – pend. Giulio Einaudi Editore Italia – Of the four reviews I analyzed for the purpose of this study, most expressed surprise at the novel. Punto de lectura Castellano – Discover new books on Goodreads. Topics Mentioning This Author.

Obabakoak Editoria del Norte Asturianu – In almost every European state critics and academics DaguerreGabastouManeraDegryseSteenmaijerElzenet al. Obaba is peopled with innocents and intellectuals, shepherds and schoolchildren, whilst everyone from a lovelorn schoolmistress to a cultured but self-hating dwarf wanders across the page. Diane’s trying again in 10 42 Apr 10, Obabakoak Tammi Publishers Suomi – Zmora Bitan Publishers Israel – Obabakoak Unionsverlag Deutschland – Obabakoak Punto de lectura Castellano –