International Food Research Journal 23(6): (December ). Journal Effect of belimbing buluh (Averrhoa bilimbi) juice extract on oxidative. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis . ABAEE = ethyl acetate fraction of Averrhoa bilimbi Linn fruits; DM = diabetes mellitus; DM + ABAEE = STZ-induced. The Combination of Belimbing Wuluh Fruit (Averrhoa Bilimbi L.) and Leaves of Tapak Dara (Catharanthus Roseus G.) From Indonesia as a.

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Twenty-five male Wistar rats were divided into 5 groups. Group I was treated with 0. The results showed that the combination A.

Antimicrobial Properties of Averrhoa bilimbi Extracts at Different Maturity Stages

Belimbing wuluh Averrhoa bilimbi L. Biomed Pharmacol J ;8 1. Sutrisna EM, Sujono T. Diabetes mellitus is defined as a group metabolic disease by hyperglycemia, resulting in a defective secretion of insulin, action of insulin, or both 1.

Diabetes uournal one of the most common endocrine diseases found in Indonesia. There are many Indonesian native plants, which are used empirically to treat diabetes. These crops include bawang umbi, bawang prei, bawang pule, bawang putih, tapakdara, dandanggula, jentik manis, salam, mindi, cincin hitam, bidara upas, pare, mengkudu, lampes, kumis kucing, petai kulit, ceplukan, jengkol, urat, bidara laut, mahoni, duwet, brotowali, seledri, and jambu biji.

In our previous study, Bilkmbi. Based on the potential averhoa effects of the plant, researchers tested the combination of both extracts in lowering blood glucose levels on male rats that were induced by alloxan. This method refers to previous studies by other researchers.

Healthy Wistar male rats aged months, weighing g. All rats were housed in aluminum cages, placed in a room with a temperature of ,5 0 C and fairly light. The animals were acclimatized for 10 days before the experiment. Ethanolic extract of A. Then extracts were dried with a rotary evaporator. After overnight fasting, all bilimb were made diabetic by an injection of fresh solution of mg per kg of alloxan monohydrate intra peritoneal.


Blood glucose levels were measured on days 0, 5, 7, 9, 13, and On day 5, the blood glucose levels of all rats were measured. Group III was treated with a combination of ethanolic extract of A. Group IV was treated with a combination of ethanolic extract of A bilimbi L.

Group V was treated with a combination of ethanolic extract of A. All treatments were done for 15 consecutive days. Blood Urea Nitrogen and creatinine levels were measured on days 0 and A total of 0. It was collected in Eppendorf. Analysis of chemical constituents in the ethanolic extract of A. The values of non-specific parameters extract are expressed as percentages. Blood glucose measurement results are shown in Table 1.

Table 3 illustrates that administration of a combination of Blimbing wuluh fruit and tapak dara extract could lower blood glucose levels starting on day 2 until day 15 after treatment of extract.

A single dose of alloxan was able to increase the levels of BUN and creatinine, indicating that alloxan is nephrotoxic. BUN and creatinine data are shown in Table 2 and 3. Tables 2 and 3 illustrate that an increase in BUN and creatinine were significant.

At day 19 compared to BUN and creatinine baseline on day 0, they had increased approximately 5 times. This means that both glibenclamide and combination extract I, II, and III were not able to prevent kidney damage caused by alloxan administration.


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TLC examination results with silica gel GF plate and chloroform mobile phase: Indonesia is unusually rich in medicinal plants. Among these medicinal plants, A. In this study, the combination A. In previous studies, ethanol extract of Blimbing wuluh have had a hypoglycemic effect, anti-lipid peroxidative, antiatherogenic, and antihypertriglyceridemia in rats induced by streptozotosin. Biilimbi effect of lowering blood glucose levels in this study is consistent with the previous study.

The addition of C. This research is consistent with research Som Nath Singh et al.

Averrhoa bilimbi Linn.: A review of its ethnomedicinal uses, phytochemistry, and pharmacology

The study was also consistent with studies from Benjamin et al. In this study, ethanolic extract journnal A. This is consistent with other researchers averroha stated that A. The study by Fereres at al. Fifteen flavonol glycosides were identified from seeds, stems, leaves and flowers of C. The combination of ethanolic extract of belimbing wuluh A. On days 9, 13, and 19, combining dosages of Bilumbi rats, BUN and creatinine levels increased on day There is no significance difference in BUN and creatinine levels among treatment groups.

The authors would like to thank to the Department of Higher education of Indonesia as our funders. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Copy the following to cite this article: Copy the following to cite this URL: