Our Aveyond 2 Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this unforgettable adventure game. Featuring sections such as Location Questions. Aveyond 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games. Aveyond 2 Cheat Codes: Submitted by: phillip To get to the highs level do shift +.

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Run back across the bridge to the switch on the other side. Go to the General Store and upgrade his equipment before you leave. Note the statue of the goddess to the southeast of the General Store. From this point, there is no turning back so if there is anything you have yet to do in Elfwood, now is the time to do it.

The game begins by introducing you to the protagonist, Ean, an elfling wo lives on a secluded island called The Vale. None of them have any memory of Iya! Watch as the Squirrel Commander takes it and destroys the shield surrounding Shaenlir — perhaps this scene might shed some light on Eredar, the secret weapon, and the squirrels’ current situation. If he and Ava are married, he follows his wife to Seri. If there are different types of enemies, you will have to decide whether to concentrate on the more powerful ones first they cause more damage to your party, but they are also harder to overcomeor to pick off the weaker ones more quickly so there are fewer doing damage as you focus on the stronger ones.

Return to the village and make a donation at the statue of the goddess, if you have not already done so. Go into the palace and find Simini through the door on the right.

Aveyond 2 Tips & Tricks Walkthrough – Gamezebo

She begs walktbrough to convince the Sultan to set her free so she can marry Firoz. If you found the jeweller’s toolkit, take it to Rothwell. Watch Iya’s dream and her abduction by the Snow Queen. This proves Iya exists, and Ean realizes the snow and Iya’s disappearance are signs that something terrible has happened! During the quest, you will encounter four guild masters.


You will need it to complete another quest shortly. Read the book to free Nuha, then return to Eredar to meet her and receive Iya’s blessing of Wisdom.

Aveyond 2 Walkthrough & Cheats

What she had failed to reveal, is that Ishtar Save your game and try a few battles — if it proves too difficult, leave this area and continue to Thais, coming back here to fight, level up, get gold and search for chests, after getting better weapons and armor. Walkthroguh orders you to find an anchor, some dynamite and some pirate sails. If you choose to make a donation, you will need 10 gold coins.

If you have completed the following tasks:.

Aveyond 2 Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

He has recently grown tired of Ryva and wants to leave and explore the world. Finally make your way to Thais Castle, west of Raquel’s house, and speak to Prince Uthar he is the one busily pacing in the throne room. Cursed weapons inflict the cursed status on the opponent, unless they are immune. In a dream, Iya is transported to a lonely, snow-covered area where the Snow Queen appears to her. Monsters sveyond not continue moving around on the map while you are in the menu. Give the ribbon she hands you to Iya for an additional attraction point.

Fly your dragon to the Land of the Lost, and disembark in the grassy area above the city you have to land above the mountains — you cannot land in the little spot to the immediate north of the city. Remember the folks in Ryva who were wwalkthrough chickens and cows?

Continue exploring The Woodlands, battling monsters to level up and get more gold, and opening chests as you go. Necromancers use death magic, and walktthrough mere presence can instill fear in an opponent. Upgrade your equipment walkthrouvh General Store is southwest of the Enchanters’ building and buy what you need from the Magic Shop Blizzard Scrolls will come in very handy later, so if you can’t afford them yet, at least remember they are here.


Now, follow the steps below: Rye, a quiet lad with a good hand for a bow, spends most of his time in the forest.

The troublesome North Wind recently escaped from its bottle, and Obert enlists your help to try and find it. Before he assists you, he requires waalkthrough swamp slime for an experiment.

So you should think twice about using cursed armor! Leave the cabin and continue your explorations. Make your way to the top using the teleporter pads, searching for chests as you go. Continue west to find the Inn with a chest upstairs over the aqueduct, then south to the donation box make a donation.

When you are ready to continue, go through either avetond the doors in the hallways beside the throne room. If Iya has not joined the Chaos or Mage guilds, she now has an opportunity to become an Enchantress.

Aveyond 2 Walkthrough and Cheats |

Then he abruptly leaves, allowing you to find your own way out. Elixir can heal full hp so what are u waiting for? Apart from more chests, the main item of interest here is a sheet of paper sitting on a table in the middle sveyond the room — blueprints for the secret weapon. When you are through with them, continue north and follow the route up and around to the west. Here you can find Ean’s best weapon among other things.