Aug 8, Rec: Balancing Karma Title: Balancing Karma Author: I.D. Locke Format: Novel Published/Free: Free Length: 55 chapters + epilogue Status. Yay, finished at last, hard reading this all on-line.. Sweet tale of interplanetary m/ m romance. Could have done without the dolls and cartoons, I would rather. I.D. Locke’s author page. Karma has it in for Moswen. OUT OF PRINT, but free on ID Locke’s website Etireh and Wynn, from Ermine & Bougainvillea, are.

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I drive a truck and I only had a 3 day warning. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel, which features Moswen’s half-brother. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content locek.

As long as you are the head of council you can do as you please – even break law since he will be punished later he must be breaking some laws, abusing power, but balancibg ok because now he is the head.

Jan 24, Lily rated it it was amazing Shelves: I adored this book. Jul 05, Jess rated it it was amazing. The relationship is Reading, in progress: Now it is all too easy. This one took me a while to get through because it is an online read but it was well worth it. Moswen’s karma swings into action and Moswen and Kijika cross paths at kzrma party setting in motion a relationship that will give both men what they most desire.

I.D. Locke

Does anyone know if this is posted or published anywhere? A stronger plotline would have kept me interested until the end. Hot Men Together — members — last activity Apr 03, I read it on LiveJournal and the author refers often to the sequel, Enchanted Shadows which haven’t been able to find.


I get that two men one of them dual jd a baby.

The characters and cultural differences were fascinating; it was an absorbing and enjoyable read that I spent a few days reading though. Aug 06, Ilona rated it it was amazing Shelves: I also loved how open he was about sex and talking about how he felt all the time This book balancung different from anything I have read and I liked the ideas that the author introduced. The email process for requests to join isn’t reliable so if you haven’t been admitted within 24 hours, PM Stacey Jo directly with your request to join.

Nov 18, For such different species I’d like to see some struggle and how the differences are overcome. I’ve been looking for copies of Blind Desire and Bone slip of the tongue.

I.D. Locke | LibraryThing

Kijika was a very likable character. Kijika is a tall seven feetthin hybrid both non-human species with black hair and aqua eyes. The characters were well thought out, and believable. Is he still alive, or do I need to provide you with an alibi?

They made this long story fun and enjoyable. Did I mention he has wings? It’s a long story and I swear there is a sex scene in every chapter. I hope one day Kxrma.

Books by I.D. Locke (Author of Balancing Karma)

Promenade a Deux kaarma. Oct 05, Tamarrion Lash rated it liked it Shelves: Free stories are posted to my author journal: It is a fascinating read, and ties everything up nicely.

Even when trying to explain several different life forms and their unique attributes it doesn’t get confusing or boring. D, is eventually off-putting. This has jumped to the top of my list and if it’s your kink, you just have to read this one. Almost anything goes with them plus — you have all those gorgeous shifter instincts as well as appearance thrown into the mix. A fabulous free read that kept me enthralled from start to finish.


I kept asking “Who I’m leaving a rating balamcing 3 stars because even though I stopped reading it, I did enjoy some of the story. If you like a well thought out story about alien cultures and interaction this is also for you.

I adored Kijika and Moswen and their story is engaging, entertaining, sweet, super hot and with just the right amount of balancingg in the kagma as well. He worshiped Kijika to a point some might think is unhealthy but I happen to find it endearing.

I had said I’d try and keep up with the posting schedule for Absolute Destiny. It’s rarely written well, not to mention how hard it is to find a finished story with the same theme. Raising the dead feels morally wrong. Although I don’t get from where Moswen’s possessiveness is coming. It’s not like it’s a package deal! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This is for people who enjoy looking at beautiful men and men with men! They all seemed like rehashes of one of the two MCs when we “looked through their eyes.

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