Xenyx – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: dance with the manufacturer’s instructions. . In purchasing our XENYX // / The interface of BEHRINGER mixing consoles is optimized for. Behringer Xenyx Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Behringer Xenyx User Manual.

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It saves space, money and time. The unit is analogue only, this means no digital out’s or built in effects.

BTW, my ears have heard all great things about Behringer products. I didn’t try other models behrjnger looking at the Even if its just behrinfer mixer for your small TV system, the price of the makes its irresistible. He told me Musician’s Friend didn’t do this, which to me is a strong indicator of the Musician’s Friend true lack of concern for customer service.

The unit is not rackable but it will easily fit on any flat surface. It does have a preamp with phantom power but it is not very good. If you want to get better quality out of it for kanual you will need to have a pretty good interface to make up for it.

Did you find this review helpful? Write a user review. What a value for the price.

Behringer Xenyx 802 Owner’s Manual

So my call this morn to Musician’s Friend had me screaming for almost 2 minutes, being put on hold for 4 min, then told it was behrinegr late to help me, so they’d have to give me a refund, and file a Return to Sender on all 3 items. Behringer makes a decent little mixer. You never know which system update will cause your interface to stop working. It would be a nice everyday carry mixer yes I have all the paperwork to legally carry a concealed mixer bshringer my province.


Really for its size it is plenty handy, I just want to warn those who think ‘Oh I can plug 8 mics maanual it’ It is simple to use, plug n play with no real learning curve needed.

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This unit has gone down in price a bit since it’s release, but that is to be expected. Send signal from each of your channels to an external EQ or reverb, or delay, etc. It’s nice to have the ‘s little brother around. If you are looking to do gehringer worthwhile recordings though you may want to pass on it.

I xebyx had a recording gig where power was limited, it was outdoors and all I needed was two tracks.

It’s been knocked around and dropped casually and still keeps on ticking. I have used it for a handful of small gigs including a DJ gig with powered speakers. These are great for small at home style projects or for karaoke or something similar to that. The sound of this unit was medium-high quality and the precision was just about the same. A nice little mixer for small projects and at a price you can easily pick it up to use as a backup or for DJ gigs.

Now my bank will get my call to change my address back. The knobs do break off easily though and the unit as a whole can get worn down quickly if you use it a lot.


There’s zenyx humbling about using a piece of analogue gear, maybe its because it won’t crash on you.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. The features 3 british EQs which compliment every channel. It has been around for a while and Behringer is still selling it for about the same price that it came out for.

User reviews: Behringer Xenyx – Audiofanzine

Thurs email from Musician’s Friend said the Behringer Xenyx was shipped overnight, as requested, and the Vestax VDA was shipped ground, to arrive the next Tuesday, after I’d already left on the cruise where I needed it. Frankly, for the price, hard to beat. Used in monitoring pdt 2 years in my home studio, yesterday became a Stereo track mono connectors SOUNDS Sound fairly neutral, while some of the same breath The knobs and jacks feel strong on it and I know Behringer has a great return policy.

It is a tad bit noisy and the preamps are so so. The manual is alright. Lets keep in mind that you don’t have an adjustable frequency knob it would send the price of the unit upwhat you do have is a low EQ of 80Hz, a mid of 2.