Belle by Cameron Dokey – The story of Beauty and the Beast finds new life in this magical and imaginative retelling that’s filled with romance and Belle by Cameron Dokey. Book Summary: Belle is convinced she has the wrong name, as she lacks her sisters’ awe-inspiring beauty. So she. Belle: A Retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” – Cameron Dokey By the time her sixteenth birthday comes around, Belle feels more convinced than ever that she.

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Translation into Spanish, why not? Just not an extraordinary face.

But like I said it’s suppose to be a fairy tale and those are filled with people who have “the most beautiful Because what happened to Dominic and April in the middle of that night tells a second story. At first I had to think about it, but it never took me very long. I loved the whole set of these retellings growing up and reread them all again in bellr. Why do I go all mushy inside every time I read one?

The Beauty of Darkness.

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Lady Mina is the daughter of night and day, and he father kidnaps her therefore breaking a promiseand now Mina has to marry Lord Sarastro’s apprentice.

But the father cannot, and so either he or the daughter he claims can see what is hidden inside any piece of wood must return. At least it’s not because the other has “the most beautiful Her sisters Celeste and April are Beautiful with a capital B. I am totally in “like” with this series. Not a bad book, nothing objectionable at all, just not that special either. Belle learns, as we all need to, that true beauty is not just what is on the outside but even more what is within.


Just a flat, frustrating end. And when I brought it to mind as beple novelization, my recollection was that it was okay, but nothing out of the ordinary. I believe the Heartwood or a tree similar to its myth featured in another myth in another book of the “Once Upon a Time” series. At least she doesn’t feel like she does when she is next to her gorgeous sisters. Belle is honest and can’t see the beauty she does possess, and the Beast, though as painful as a figure as he is, you end up understanding him more than you would have anticipated.

We all know that Belle is going to go back home, and the Beast is going to be heartbroken, and belke she goes back and admits she loves him, and then he gets alive again, and then he turns into a charming young man, prince or not, doesn’t matter, and they live happily ever after. In a way, this is more of a lyrical tale than it is focused on plot. A night that made the stars burn sharp and bright as knives. I’m sorry but that is just one of my peeves.

You might be wondering why I used like instead of love. It is meant for little kids. You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: It’s like the author had a budget of pages, got swept up in Belle and repeating stuff, bh almost done with the book, went on shit I haven’t gotten to her Beast yet Want to Read saving….

Oh, and I’m surprised that the two trials at the end of the book only took one chapter to write when that was sort of the climax of the whole thing, and then how Lord Sarastro just concedes so easily.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Beast asks Belle to look into his eyes for the count of 5 “to free them both.

My only criticism is that I would have liked another hundred pages or so. Refresh and try again. He tells them about his trip- and they find out that Belle has to go repay his debt to the Beast who lives in the Wood. But I had faith. If the last part of the book was as drawn out as the rest it would have been better.

Belle – by Cameron Dokey | Aftran’s YA Book Reviews

At first I thought I’d have to read about a self-pitying girl who spends her time complaining about how she isn’t as pretty as her sisters, but Belle tells dkey more as fact rather than with jealousy. Backstory for the prince?

It is explained why her father cannot look the Beast in the eyes to the count dokej five, but not Belle. Oh, also, the whole carving thing was one long, unshot Checkov’s Gun. But there is another lesson here. Instead, the Beast appears on schedule, but acting like. The things that pain him are crystal clear.

I understand the book is called Belle not Beauty and the beast so it makes sense it would follow her life more. Belle comes to accept her looks dameron as they are when she grows older.

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