Forum. Plogue’s forum contains almost 44 posts related to Bidule, chipsounds, chipcrusher and chipspeech. Thanks to more than registered members. Note: An online version of this user manual is available here. 2 Tutorial – Using MIDI Connectivity in a Modular Host (Plogue Bidule). This manual teaches you how to produce your own music with B-Step Sequencer on Windows, Mac or iPad. Plogue Bidule (since v) – Podium (since v).

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It is greatly helpfull. This will require a little bit of maths, but its nothing scary, just multiplication.

Bidule Tutorial 1 : A Simple Synthesizer – Relive The Future

I’ll drag it into the rack while holding shift so we don’t get a mix channel, and then I’ll right click on the rack unit and delete the associated track that was created as we won’t need it. Bidle should end up with something looking like this:. So when I write 10, it means ten thousand, and if I write The level at which the envelope holds while it receives a gate signal. The time it takes for the envelope to go down to the sustain level Sustain: Basically any group that has at least one midi input, and at least two audio ouputs qualifies as a voice group.

If only 1 out of 12 maximum voices are needed at one point, then only 1 out of 12 is effectively taking cpu resources.

Now let’s open the VST interface for Bidule. So, if we multiply the two together we will get a range from 0 to the value of the frequency variable.


Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial.

Chapter 1. Introduction : Bidule’s Concepts

I’ve been searching for a way to do this since VST support was released. Leave this field empty. The trigger on the other hand just changes to 1 when the note on occurs, and then goes back to 0 as soon as possible i.

What we will do is take the output of the envelope and multiply it with the output of our existing cutoff frequency variable. Sample input The audio we want to biudle Frequency Input. Post Wed Aug 15, 2: Now you should see the filter block with 2 bidile and 1 output. Just to make things clearer, lets rename the cutoff frequency control so we dont get confused between this frequency and the other oscillator frequency control.

Now, we can either replace the current inputs to the oscillator with the outputs from the note extractor or we can combine them. Thanks again, keep up the good work! If they dont check the wiring is correct.

First lets check that everything is working and you can hear some audio.

Bidule Tutorial 1 : A Simple Synthesizer

The basic oscillator has 4 audio rate inputs and 1 output. Add them in this order: Lets wire the note extractor to the envelope, using the third and fourth outputs of the extractor. Before we go back up to the main layout, its always wise to label the connectors, so that when you roll your mouse over them you know what they are for. Open the ADSR panel and reduce the sustain to about 4. Random just changes the unlocked controls to a random setting, whereas mutate will change the current value of a setting by the amount set in the params dialog.


The first thing you will manuap is that it has a white coloured output. The Polyphonic Adapter in Bidule takes care of that.

So navigate your way there and add the Note Extractor to the canvas. So I have a use for Bidule after all If you dont, first check the mixer panel double click it and birule if the level meters on the right show some signal. At the top of the screen will be a lone white box, and at the bottom 2 blue boxes.

It probably doesnt sound any different to how it sounded before, thats because the default envelope settings use a high sustain level and very low times for the ADR parts. Now we can start to bisule our envelopes to get better control over the bixule of the filter and the amplitude as each note plays. The 2 outputs arent for stereo sound, they are 1: Some polyphonic synths on the market are plain Mqnual drains as each and every voice consumes resources all of the time.

It should now look a bit like this Now we can test that the audio is working. Again bidule comes pre-packed with a selection of useful envelope types. You can either select it and hit delete, or use the context menu for the module.