Charlie Higson Young Bond collection 5 books set. (Blood Fever, Double or Die, Hurricane Gold, Silverfin, By Royal Command) [Charlie Higson] on. : The Young Bond Series, Book Two: Blood Fever (A James Bond Adventure, new cover) Charlie Higson Young Bond collection 5 books set. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade –What began as schoolboy fun Blood Fever (Young Bond) – Kindle edition by Charlie Higson.

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I thought the antagonists back story’s were be very interesting. The universe of cruelty and menace inhabited by these thrilling monsters is not found in England’s green and pleasant land but in the corrupt and steamy outposts of ‘Abroad’, a place we know to be inhabited by foreigners.

The grief-stricken Amy hugs Bond for comfort. Amy and Bond arrive at Victor’s villa.

I’ll also be reading the rest of Higson’s books; such as The Enemy. Dr No, the descendant of Fu Manchu, is the epitome of evil. But one of his teachers has been acting strangely as well…. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Not since Conan Doyle had a popular writer hit such a nerve, located, said Fleming, ‘somewhere between the solar plexus and the upper thigh’. The archetypes of evil, Bond’s foes are all world-class. After a slow start, became as much a social as a literary phenomenon, a classic of postwar fiction whose place in the pantheon was assured.

The Young Bond Dossier In these books, James Bond falls into many precarious situations, an the stories display his wit and determination in making it out of dangerous times alive. His sexual preferences, too, are Fleming’s. During one night, Bond sneaks into the palace and finds Amy’s cell, but is unable to rescue her and instead informs Peter Haight.

Lists with This Book. Since James got back to school he joins the Danger Society, not an actual sanctioned club, just boys being boys. Bond is later rescued by Mauro’s sister, Vendetta, who kisses him consistently. I guess so in spite of the fact that i have not actually read the original Iam Flemming books but in my defence i have watched the movies and every single one of them from sean connery to now Daniel craig The book and the plot is good and also reminded me how my brain is developed only to the level where i find books meant for 13 year olds to be perfectly in sync with my pace and understanding.


The first volume, Silverfin, published inin which a year-old Bond overcomes killer eels in the Scottish fastness of an American megalomaniac, was a surprise hit, with bestseller sales surpassing the first Harry Potter and much movie talk. Just prior, Bond sneaks into the palace with the help of Vendetta, much to her dismay, to rescue Amy.

Observer review: Blood Fever by Charlie Higson | Books | The Guardian

One interesting positive element is Higson’s decision to strongly hint that Bond’s cousin Victor is gay. James Bond is a pupil at Eton and finds life a little pedestrian with the exception of the Danger Society he is a member of.

I have read this book multiple times, and I higaon that it is the best book in the series.

In this book, James Bond travels to the peaceful island of Sardinia, with suspicions of Millenaria gang members on the loose. Bond lives bloodcever a world of snobbery and violence that is, at the high end, fast, glamorous and expensive or, otherwise, sinister, spine-chilling and villainous.

Boy’s Own Bond

Then use for a Big Write, asking children to imagine themselves as trainee spies and to think of an adventure they blooxfever have. Carnifex’s sea plane is swept away by the water and flies straight into the count, killing him.

Apr 26, Mike. The third novel, Double or Die, was published on 4 January having had its title announced the day before.


Blood Fever

Pacyaction and thrills. Jul 19, Steve Jennings rated it really liked it Shelves: The book is actually second in series where they take you into the life of James Bond when he was just chatlie boy studying in Eton, one of the Prestigious all Chrlie school. Devil May Care Here, Fleming’s racism and xenophobia become intricately linked to his innate sense of imperial entitlement. Fleming liked to joke that he wrote it to take his mind off his forthcoming marriage to Ann Rothermere.

As members of an upper class whose time is up, he and Bond treat foreigners as objects of suspicion and disdain. Fleming was very open minded and as I say Noel Coward was one of his best friends, but he did have a few digs at homosexuals in his books which is perhaps slightly regrettable.

The second, Blood Fever, backed up by a cool Young Bond website youngbond. I loved the adrenaline that coursed through me bpoodfever every blooddfever of reading this book. His movies have always been great hits.

Trigger Mortis Forever and a Day After the destruction of the palace, Bond and Amy return to Victor Delacroix’s villa, but are ambushed on the way by Peter Haight.

Moving from Eton to a Mediterranean summer holiday, young James’s school trip swiftly plummets into the evil world of Count Ugo Carnifex and the seductive Countess Jana in a breakneck plot linking Eton to art theft and a sinister cult, and threatening the young spy’s life with death from a thousand mosquito bites.

Very well written, exciting and whips along at a cracking pace.