28 Jul Explore Jerry Mathew George’s board “bullworker” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Exercise chart, Exercises and Exercise. Explore Cavan Kendall’s board “Bullworker” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Exercises, Exercise chart and Work outs. Since , Bullworker has been a leader in functional strength exercise resulting in Start to experience the benefits of Bullworker training by choosing one.

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The Bullworker is a spring-loaded, steel cylinder with a handle on each end and a cable crossing from end-to-end on either side of the chadt.

You use the Bullworker by either pushing the ends of the cylinder together against the spring’s resistance or by pushing or pulling — depending on your angle — the cables apart.

The latter movement also compresses the springs, providing the same resistance you’d get from squeezing the handles together. If you hold the Bullworker horizontally in front of you and compress the ends, you’ll work your chest muscles much as you would by doing dumbbell chest flyes.


Bullworker Exercise Chart – How to Avoid Injuries with the Bullworker Exercise Chart

You can also lean forward, prop one end of the Bullworker on your upper thigh and use both hands to compress the handles from the other end; this works your back muscles.

You can also work your back and chatr by holding the Bullworker vertical in front of you and pulling the cables out to the sides.

To do biceps curls, take a seat with one foot on the Bullworker’s bottom cable and then flex your arm to pull on the other cable; and for upright rows, stand on the bottom cable while you pull the upper cable straight up toward your chin, keeping it close to your body.

Complete eight to 12 repetitions charr each exercise with good form. The Bullworker doesn’t have adjustable resistance — so once that twelfth rep is no longer a challenge, you must either upgrade to the Classic version, which offers more resistance, or find a different exercise tool.


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