Download; >; Manual. M40S AUDI RS5 DTM (#15 GREY) BODY DECAL INSTRUCTION MANUAL – MB M40S Audi Rallye Quattro Manual – MB. manual prior to assembly, setup or use, in order to operate correctly and avoid damage or injury. As the user of this Products: Carisma CTX GHz Transmitter, MRX Receiver. Equipment . GT14B METAL GEAR AND PINS SET. MSA-1E BUMPERS & BODY MOUNTS SET. USD GT10RS / M40S Assembled CVD Set. USD GTB Chrome.

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Remember Me Forgot Password? Page 1 of 16 1. Jan 04, Hey everyones, I found this carisma kit on sale Well at least install electronics in it. This kit come already assembled caeisma is a little disapointing for me. I may un-assemble it completly and rebuild it.

This way i will learn everything from it. First here some infos for this kit. Brushless Motor ESC Servo Radio Batteries Paint for the body Pinion gear I receive the kit some days ago and the main reason i start this build thread is because there is not much info on it.

Carisma GT14B PRO – ARR

I am by no means a professional or anything like that, i just like RC in general and building and upgrading them. I still dont know which electronics i will put inside this little beast.

This is a long ht14b project. So any hints will be appreciate. Here the list of the carisma stock electronics: V6 Type mini brushless ESC http: Now here the upgrade Carisma Electronics: Images View all Images in thread.

Last edited by Silok; May 08, at I just bought a Carisma Kv Brushless Motor. For this build, i might try a stock electronics version and a cheap custom ones. I want to see if there is a big difference in performance. Cause in term of prices, there is a very big difference at least when you pay the carisma electronics at full price. For the cheap motor i may buy this one KV: And here is a cheap ESC for you.


If you want to build for speed, don’t limit yourself to 2s lipo. Originally Posted by IllusionX. Jan 05, Thanks for the review. I’ve been watching the items at the oficial carisma e-shop, and the prices are so good, but the delivery price is scandalous. Have you bought it at the official online shop? If no, from where? Yes i bought it from there: Maual china to canada.

Carisma GT14B Manuals

Anyway you may find them from UK rc shop but i dont think this will be cheaper. Last edited by Silok; Jan 05, at Hobbyking shipping rates are not so bad. I wish they ship to Canada using US East warehouse though. Jan 16, Ok here some update, I am still waiting for the motor, it should arrive soon. The kit doesnt come with a pinion gear and the motor either so i had to buy one.

I found this manual strange it didnt come with the kit on the web: So since i have a spur gear 70T that come with the kit and czrisma bought the kv motor, i choose the 10T pinion gear. I didnt find carismw 10T on the Carisma official web store: Jan 17, I though you wanted to run on 3s? What servo did you choose? Jan 18, The kV motor will not take 3s. Something is going to blow up. Ok then i will stay with 2S with this kv motor. Thanks for the info! Jan 21, Sub’d to this thread – I’m picking one up tomorrow LHS has them on sale and they are also the distributor here in Australia, so should be good for parts support as well Also picked up this week the GT24B micro brushless buggy – yet to fire it up but again a nice piece of kit for what it is they were also on sale Be interesting to see what you go for re: Good to see a recent thread start up on it came across it today accidentally researching the car.


I’m not gonna bash mine or anything it will get usedlike you, just a little project which will probably get admired most of the time in my office. TBH Carisja enjoy building these competition cars more than actually driving them! Please crisma the thread updated dude – looking forward to it. It looks to be a sick lil bit of kit and can’t wait to get it tomorrow!

Jan 22, Originally Posted by wombat Return to Micro Cars. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. IllusionX Buggy in style.

Originally Posted by IllusionX Hobbyking shipping rates are not so bad. Later Images View all Images in thread Views: Originally Posted by IllusionX I though you wanted to run on 3s? Originally Posted by wombat Sub’d to this thread – I’m picking one up tomorrow LHS has them on sale and they are also the distributor here manhal Australia, so should be good for parts support as well