I’m new to your forum, and need to have a quick question answered.. I purchased a Casio Module multi 5 band Wave Ceptor Watch. Casio watches symbol ip related questions and answers. Ask your Casio questions. Question about G-Shock GWA-1V Wrist Watch. 2 Answers. I have a Casio G-Shock GW dive watch that was getting to where it would only hold a charge for about a week or so, considerably less than when I first.

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In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the city. For more information, see “To perform manual receive”. Help Forgot your password? Find your replacement watch strap by strap code: Reception is not performed if a calibration time is reached while you are configuring settings.

August 26th, 1. In this case the spring bar can be compressed by pushing a small implement such as a bradawl or paperclip through the hole in one side of the end clip.

Add up to 2 more photos. Timepieces Calculators Electronic Musical Instruments. In most cases if the connecting bars or clips are lost or damaged these can be purchased separately. If the display of the watch is blank, it means that the watch’s Power Saving function. News To ensure normal watch operation, be sure to keep it. An alarm sounds when the countdown Check the following points whenever you experience problems with signal reception.


To remove these you simply need a small implement, such as a small screwdriver, or spring bar removal tool, to compress one end of the spring bar and lever it out. I’m new to your forum, and need to have a quick question answered.

Casio 3090 Operating Instructions Manual

With auto receive, the watch receives the time calibration signal automatically up to. Auto-Start pre-countdown for five seconds and automatic start of a stopwatch moduule time operation 2 countdown timers help you alternate between hand and easy pace for interval training.

It will take a while to fully charge?

The colors may differ slightly from the original. For details about turning on auto receive for these city codes, see. I reside in Vegas, home of the sun that will rip the skin off your bones. Keep the watch exposed to bright light.


This is printed on the back plate of your watch and will start with one or more letters, followed by some numbers e. World Time The highly practical World Time feature 0390 the times in three different cities simultaneously. To print the manual completely, please, download it. There are two different methods you can use to receive the time calibration signal:. Leaving or using the watch.


When any auto receive is successful, the remaining auto receive. If the battery goes dead, you will have to re-configure watch. Modulle way to identify the watch strap you need for your Casio watch is to look on the inside of the existing watch strap or metal bracelet. The city World Time Mode includes cities where the world’s biggest motor sports events are held and simultaneous access to the current times in three different time zone.

Sometimes the watch strap appears to use screwed rods, but the screws maybe ornamental only and the strap may in fact be held in by spring bars.

How to Identify your Replacement Casio Watch Strap

The number shown in the box on the back of the watch is the ‘module’ number and is used to identify the correct replacement parts for the watch workings. I’ve been trying to get the battery fully charged, it came out of the box as “medium” on the charge bars. August 26th, 2. Cwsio, of course, summer time setting is selectable as well. Results 1 to 4 of 4.