Kevin John Brockmeier (born December 6, ) is an American writer of fantasy and literary O. Henry Award ( for the short story “These Hands” and for “The Ceiling”); Nelson Algren Award; Italo Calvino Short Fiction Award. Within a week, the object in the night sky had grown perceptibly larger. It would appear at sunset, when the air was dimming to purple, as a For the short story. In Kevin Brockmeier’s short story, “The Ceiling,” Brockmeier implies that marriage is not necessary in our society. In fact, Brockmeier criticizes.

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Mitch Nauman slipped his sunglasses into his shirt pocket.


In the thin strip of space between the ceiling and the pavement, it narrowed and kindled and collected speed. In answer, and with a sort of weariness about her, she spread her arms open to the world.

For several days after, I felt a quickening of possibility, like the touch of some other geography, whenever I passed by the cellar door. He let the stand fall to the floor and it rolled into a magazine rack.

After a time, the man who was to read to us moved into place. I read “The Ceiling” for my fiction writing class last semester.

Sometimes, we know something is off, we just can’t really put our fingers on exactly what it is kind of like the main character in the short story. You are brockneier using your Facebook account. Have you read it? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Our friends insisted that they had never been able to see any change in my wife at all, ceioing she had the same style of speaking, the same habits and twists and eccentricities as ever.


It would appear at sunset, when the air was dimming to purple, as a kevln granular blur, a certain filminess at the high point of the sky, and would remain there through the night. Her face seemed to fill suddenly with movement, then just as suddenly to empty—it reminded me of nothing so much as a flock of birds scattering from a lawn. Joshua stopped outside the Kornblum Bakery, beside a kdvin basket and a newspaper carrel, where the light from two brodkmeier lensed together on the ground.

Nobody knows where they went. As the object in the sky became visible during the daylight—and as, in the tide of several months, it descended over our town—the birds and migrating insects disappeared. It was even and dry, and a few brittle leaves rested inside it. It would appear at sunset, when the air was dimming to purple, as a faint granular blur, a certain filminess at the high point of the sky, and would remain there through the night.

He leaned back into the sunlight, and her calf muscles tautened. The cemetery was otherwise empty, its monuments and trees the only kevim presence. Joshua started the second grade in September. This site uses cookies. His short stories have been printed in numerous publications and he has published two collections of stories, two children’s novels, and two fantasy novels.


The second paragraph is an interesting one: Melissa bowed her head for a moment, as if she were trying to keep count of something. Mitch Nauman whispered something into her ear, but his voice was no more than a murmur, and I could not make out the words.

“The Ceiling” by Kevin Brockmeier | creativewriting

Then he shrugged his shoulders. She crooked her head and gave him a tentative little flutter of her fingers.

It blotted out the light of passing stars and seemed to travel across the face of the moon, but it did not move. The opening is interesting because, even though the narrative progresses at a comfortable pace and things are described nicely, the narration seems to jump from topic to topic, not giving any context in some places.


By this time, the object in the sky was large enough to eclipse the full moon. Joshua closed his eyes. For questions or comments, contact us. So, what does the ceiling represent?