We offer survey and drawing instruments like telescopic levelling staves, natioanl ceylon ghat tracer, natioanl plane table outfit, national bruton. The Ceylon ghat tracer. The first three forms are more commonly used and are explained in this chapter: a. Abney’s Level (Fig. ). It is the most commonly. ries offers a wide range of Ceylon Ghat Tracer (Ghattracer) to our customers as per their requirements and to the full satisfaction of them. A reliable .

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Top 4 Instruments Used in Land Surveying |Land Surveying | Surveying

The index glass along with the index arm can be turned and fixed in any suitable direction. To prove that the angle between the mirrors i. The frame on the longer arm is attached to a weight w known as fulcrum, which keeps the instruments in stable position where as the frame on the short arm carries a ceylln point with it. Place the tracing point on the original plan and the pencil point on the drawing sheet on which a new plan is to be made.

Top 4 Instruments Used in Land Surveying |Land Surveying | Surveying

Suspend the instrument from the pin inserted in the wooden staff and hold the staff at the given station. The clinometers are light, compact, hand instruments used for measuring vertical angles, finding out the slope of the ground and tracrr locating points on a given grade.

Move the slider until the index line coincides exactly with the division marked with a number representing the given ratio, say 3 on the scale of lines. With right hand, turn screw S until the other object reflected from the index glass I appears upon the upper silvered portion of ceylkn horizon glass.

If it is to be used for enlarging a plan interchange the tracing point and the pencil. Slide the weight along the rack by means of the milled-head screw until the index reads 50 on the scale. When the instrument is correctly set, the tracing point, the pencil point and the fulcrum will be in one straight line as shown by dotted line in the figure, and will remain so far all positions of the instrument. When the weight is kept on the long arm AC, erect copies are produced, while reverse copies are produced, if the weight is kept on the short arm DF and the pencil on the long arm AC, the divisions to the left being used during the operation.


Ceylon Ghat Teacer is also suitable for measuring the angles of slope. One of the two objects can be seen directly through the lower half while the upper half reflects the ray reflected by index glass. This article throws light upon the tracwr main instruments that are used in land surveying.

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Key Features of Ceylon Ghat Tracer In Wooden Box Designed for setting out a grade contour that is locating points on a given gradient in the preliminary survey of a hill road Complete in wooden box with target and pole Made using quality grade components Optimum performance Long lasting usage Suitable for measuring the angles of slope.

Each set of rays forms its own images. It is essential that index arm of should read zero on the graduated arc when the plane of the horizon glass is parallel to the plan of the index glass. Continue the process until the last point is established. Search or Enquire from manufacturers. Refer our Privacy Policy and our Security measures. The theory of sextant is based upon the optical principle that if a ray of light undergoes two successive reflections in the same plane by two plane mirrors, the angle between the first and the last direction of the ray is twice the angle between the mirrors.

The work of transferring the points is much facilitated by the use of proportional compass. The pencil can be lifted off the paper by means of a lever attached to the cord when tracing point runs over blank spaces.

The instrument is commonly used for reducing plans and does not give satisfactory results when used for enlarging plans due to unsteadiness in the joints and supports. It has a pin-hole at one end and a cross-wire at the other. Turn the screw S till the image of the higher object gets coincident with that of the lower object. This is very cheap and the work can be conducted quickly.


To use the instrument, first fold the legs one upon the other, loosen the milled-head screw.

The light from the signal L strikes the index mirror at X and is reflected to Y at the ghatt glass and then through the telescope to the eye.

Keep the ranging rod at one end of the slope and hold the instrument at the other end. Audible Download Audio Books.

trcaer Enlarging and Reducing Plans 4. The vernier is of extended type and can read angles up to 5 or 10 minutes. Mark the foot of the sight vane with a peg.

This is a simple, compact hand instrument used for locating contours, taking cross-sections etc.

The line joining the eye-hole and the intersection of the cross-wires furnishes the line of sight. It consists of four tubular celyon arms, each square in section. The horizon glass should be at right angles to the sextant plane.

Ceylon Ghat Tracer is complete in wooden box with target and guat. The line of sight can be titled to ant desired gradient by sliding the weight along the rack to the required reading trwcer the scale.

You can edit your question or post anyway. The screw at key hole K moves the glass laterally and affects parallelism to the index glass. These are also provided with sliding frames, which can be clamped at any of the divisions on the arms. For reducing a plan, first set the indices of the sliding frames at the graduations representing the required reduction and clamp them.

Designed with utmost precision, this is highly acknowledged among clients for their remarkable features.