The Ascent of Humanity is a radical exploration of the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the human sense of self. Eisenstein traces all of. Ascent The Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the evolution of the human sense of self. This book. The Ascent of. Humanity. Charles Eisenstein. Panenthea Press provide a link to the book website, Cover Painting: Turmbau .

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Toko-pa Turner Narrated by: Doctorate level in scope and execution.

Both books were too long due to repetition. Recycle your bottles and turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth. It is philosophy with relevance for the world we live in today. Stop whatever you are reading now and find a copy. You turn off the TV and go to the supermarket or drive to work or listen to the ballgame, and nothing has changed. It is appropriate to be anxious until you know what the wrongness is.

Stephen Jenkinson, Charles Eisenstein – foreword Narrated by: We are called to live according to what our hearts know. If you read one you will want to read them all. Alexanders rated it it was amazing Shelves: In Middle Earth, I have given other books five stars, but reading this one makes me want to demote them to a mere three eisennstein four stars.

Is the discrete classicfication of organisims the source of confusion? Our journey of separation hasn’t been a terrible mistake but an evolutionary process and an adventure in self-discovery. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Oct 26, Joslyn Dmello rated it it was amazing. I dunno, I listened to the first 3 chapters and he just kept losing me more and more. When Michael Pollan set out to research how LSD and psilocybin the active ingredient in magic mushrooms are being used to provide relief to people suffering from difficult-to-treat conditions such as depression, addiction, and anxiety, he did not intend to write what is undoubtedly his most personal book.

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Apr 13, Cbphoenix rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Ascent of Humanity by Charles Eisenstein. It is densely written with lots of thought provoking ideas. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see the world in a new way.

This book is like yuvals Sapiens, but on steroids. Sign up to our newsletter using your email. Remembering Ourselves Home By: And yet, here I was albeit more slowly collecting tne mountain of bags. Writing in Ode magazine’s “25 Intelligent Optimists” issue, Da Charles Eisenstein is a teacher, speaker, and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution.

This is the ideology of separation. No trivia or quizzes yet. About Advertise with us.

Some people could actually backslide in their spiritual journeys, when faced with hardships that shake their faith and disrupt their spiritual practices.

It seems to read best when you’re ready for it. The gathering crises of our age demonstrate that this way of being is on the verge asceny collapse. Has your life been changed by the oil spill? However, the thing that bugged me about this novel was that Eisenstein also made claims on subjects very scientific in nature in a way that was not scientific.

Charles Eisenstein on the Ascent Of Humanity

charlse The result is an elegant culmination of disparate variables; events, myths, and obsessive fanatical scientism that offers an explain for our current human condition–notably a misguided Cartesian conception An orchestrated deconstruction of our collective technology-as- dues ex machina wish fullfillment fantasies, weaving together strings of history, eisensteim, mythology, and physics, in a straightforward fashion simple enough for my comparatively simple brain.

Great Book incorporating many viewpoints to make you think about the current state of affairs in nature and human society. There are positive aspects to so-called primitive cultures like a stronger sense of community, connection with nature and innate spirituality, but I’m not about to trade in my modern medicine and clean drinking water for the opportunity to live a 3rd world lifestyle! Mar 14, Derek rated it it was amazing Shelves: And Eisenstein reinforces that sentiment by expounding on recent discoveries about biology, physics and math which demonstrate that the Newtonian discrete world of equal and opposite reactions does not exist, that our classification as single individuals has now handicapped us past the point of salvation.


Well, something is wrong around here. Here are a few of those ideas I wrote down while drinking in the wisdom espoused within these pages, We think of children as immature adults but we would be more accurate in thinking of adults eisensstein atrophied children Totalitarianism is the inevitable destination of a society completely obsessed of acheiveing complete control over reality The world of the rational is only one component of a functioning society.

Ready to take your mind for a walk. They are just more systems to be misused and rise to their level of incompetence.

Well-adjusted to what, though? Start the Age of Reunion now in your heart.

The Ascent of Humanity by Charles Eisenstein

Quite often the purpose of our words is control rather than communciation. On a psychological level, this closely parallels the internalization of the conomic costs. This book offers an entirely different approach that begins with the reconception of our very selves. I think he picks up where Quinn left off This is one of those books that truly gives you a deeper understanding of the world we live in today, leaving you sad for the state of nature and the human condition but also empowered and grounded.

My thanks to Audible for making this title humahity.