The Anthills of the Savannah Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, by Chinua Achebe The novel Anthills of the Savanah is a socio-political commentary set in the fictitious nation of Kangan. : Anthills of the Savannah (): Chinua Achebe: Books. Anthills of the Savannah and millions of other books are available for. Mar 22, The novels of the Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe present an essential Anthills of the Savannah, Achebe’s first novel in more than 20 years.

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No system can change that. The novel follows three characters through this maelstrom. There is no doubt that this commissioner is not as active as a commissioner of works should be. In order to answer his critics back, Achebe uses Ikem to show how he feels about women and his attitude anthllls their plight. The nation of Kangan, and by extension, Africa or Nigeria is not an exception.

Beyond all of these, I see it as Achebe’s “love-letter” to women folk. From the perspectives of a government Commissioner Christhe Editor in Chief of the national newspaper Ikem and the woman important to anhtills both Bea The landscape acnebe Abazon is dry — a parched, sun-bleached Kangan desert pockmarked by anthills. Nigeria portal s portal Novels portal.

This chapter reveals the callousness of African dictators who often see the constitutional rights of a people to express themselves as treasonable felony. Inhe founded Uwa ndi Igbo, a bilingual magazine containing a great deal of information about Igbo culture. The Head of State learns about Ikem’s meeting with his tribesmen and thinks that Ikem has joined Abazon to form an insurrection.

This natural phenomenon is used in Anthills of the Savannah to symbolise the natural drought that bad government and inhumane leadership has subjected a people to.

They are complicit in their own shame. They are essays in overkill. The quest for an ideal leadership continues amidst tension znthills stiff opposition by Sam until the demise of the three principal characters including Sam himself. It was this mentally that drove him to the military profession when he learnt that the profession was meant for gentlemen.

Summary and Analysis of Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe | Molare Oumar –

As they wait for the taxi, Elewa, who does not like the idea of her going back home instead of spending the night with Ikem, continues to nag and pester him in Pidgin.


A week after Chris’s burial, Beatrice summons enough courage to resume work but she is still hunted by the frightening thoughts of her irreparable losses. Again, he moves on to give a fair share of his candid opinion on the excesses and anhills practices of government employees and even university students such as hectic billing procedures, theft, arson, tribalism, rioting, religious extremism and electoral merchandising.

I gave antholls book a low rating because 1 it was a bit of a let down after Things Fall Apart, and 2 it was way over my head. Because of the pursuit of power, one of the trios, Sam who was hitherto friends turns his back from his other friends and even threatens to kill them.

Despite his dogged resolution to punish the people of Abazon for not supporting him to become a life president, Major Sam orders Professor Okong to attend to the delegation from Abazon off camera and to give them false hope that their petitions will be looked into.

Like many other characters in the novel, Dick is a flat character whose appearance only helps to emphasise the fact that Mad Madico is not abandoned by his race in the black nation of Kangan. Oct 25, Jen rated it did not like it. The drought in Abazon, the death of Chris, the newborn baby, anthills of the savannah Foreshadowing: Ikem’s rants are wonderfully written.

In that he has failed to give multitude to his thought.

Anthills Of/Savannah

Also by Chinua Achebe. Not quite long, Braimoh and Emmanuel return with Adamma, a girl for whom Chris died. In the drunken orgy, a police achfbe attempts to rape a girl but Chris will not allow him.

He also published a number of short stories, children’s books, and essay collections. Chapter Three reveals yet another paradox in the act of governance. And now, with a back still trembling with red stars, they allow this to continue, under dictators and tin-pot rulers. Of course, we cannot expect a cook to be involved in the any major event in a novel.

We only hear about her from Beatrice, her younger sister. I just couldn’t really latch on to the style, I guess. After all, we could not have expected anything less. There is no doubt that his revelation will put more strain in the relationship between Major Sam and his boyhood friend, who is now his adulthood enemy.


She begins to reminisce her girlhood experiences with her parent and her relationships with Ikem and Chris. He is best known for his first novel, Things Fall Apartwhich is the most widely read book in modern African literature. A searing satire of political corruption and social injustice from the celebrated author of Things Fall Apart In the fictional West African nation of Kangan, newly independent of British rule, the hopes and dreams of democracy have been quashed by a fierce military dictatorship.

Therefore the struggle to overcome a history of suffering is a continuous process. Now that Ikem is killed and the manhunt for Chris has resumed, the reader is quite curious to know what is going to happen next.

Achebe concerns himself with the questions of how such situations are allowed to arise in Africa. This is no time to keep malice. Many civilians often think that all the officers in uniform are direct beneficiaries of a military regime but the truth is often revealed when there is another coup.

Anthills of the Savannah – Wikipedia

Oppression Anthills of the Savannah also talks about oppression. After their ignoble reception, the delegation te Abazon head for a hotel room and Ikem, an indigene of Abazon is invited to meet with the delegation. Overall, though at times too sketchy and at others too pedantic, Anthills achieves a difficult goal: As Ikem screams in the book, “writers do not enact change, they cause headaches” or something along those lines, I can’t be assed to find the exact quoteso Achebe screams about a bunch of muddied nothing while pretending he’s a whispering, wise sage.

While watching Elewa eat, Beatrice sinks into deep thought reminiscing the backgrounds of the two women—Elewa and Agatha.

Anthills of the Savannah

The only way to hang Chris is to give him a bad name. Contrary to his earlier ambition to be a medical doctor, Sam goes to Sanhurst to be trained as a soldier. But very little do these men know that a deadly fate still await their friend.