The Colle is definitely not an aggressive opening in the classical sense. If you like the positions that you get with the Colle, by all means, play it. D05 – Queen’s pawn game, Rubinstein (Colle-Zukertort) variation: 1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. e3 e6 4. Bd3 c5 5. b3. Search the chess games database, download. I selected games played with the Colle-Zukertort System for you below from recent times, but just wins and losses to make it interesting. Study the various lines.

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Often, Black retreats his Knight from f6 to dislodge your Knight on e5. You can watch a video describing the Colle-Zukertort here. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It’s easy to start out in a Colle, and switch into a Queen’s Gambit variation when it’s advantageous to do so — until you play c3, you’re typically no more than two moves away from a queen’s gambit at any point in the Colle.

The biggest downside to the Colle is this: The black king’s knight will be either exchanged off on e4, zuiertort driven away by the advance e4—e5. So my personal opinion if you want to win lots of games: Obviously, you need something against the dutch 1. Luckily, there are books that show these solutions to help you do that. Go to the ” Everyone’s Second Colle Book ” page for more information.

It’s quite possible to be either aggressive or passive in the Colle, or in pretty much any other opening. No beginners memorize cutting-edge theory because they literally are unable to. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘no beginners memorize If Black ever takes the knight on e5, the pawn on e5 will be supported by the b2 bishop. Now that Black has opened up his K-Bishop, this pawn is supported.


Sign zukerhort for my free email chess zumertort for Beginners and Club Players. Zukertort Comments Excerpts Support Where? You want an opening that leads to sharp tactics. Colle-Zuckertort is a “slow” system, and once you’ve reached a certain level, you will want openings that give you a chance to win faster. The whole purpose of the opening is to teach you how to play “sound,” chess, and to beat people who don’t play that way.

White collle three men hitting that square, so Black has a hard time pushing his e-pawn past e6. aukertort

The pawn on a3 may seem curious. Unlike most dry, abstruse chess opening books, it reads like he’s just sitting with you at the bar showing you moves over collle rings.

If Black instead plays his Q-Bishop out to f5 or g4 before pushing his e-pawn to e6, things typically become rather sharp, but as I mentioned earlier White can still safely play the C-Z setup, it just is not optimal — More of a comfortable option until you find time to learn the structures and themes of those lines.

It doesn’t perhaps involve the double edged attacks of say the Yugoslav Dragon with Bc4 or Traxler in the 2 Knights, kill or be killed but it is a principled opening. The Coolle is a slow, precise system where White focuses on d4 and then frees his dark-squared bishop for the rest of the game.

D Queen’s pawn game, Rubinstein (Colle-Zukertort) variation –

You will learn how to attack your opponent from move 1 and create a new threat with every single move! However, that requires White to have a good grasp of many different kinds of positions. System openings like the Colle don’t really teach you how to play chess, they teach you how to play the Colle. I usually open with 1.


On a scale ofLearn the Opening the Easy Way: Ne5 here, leading to a very interesting attack after 8…cxd4 9. That is often the critical time to attack. It’s an opening you can learn in a week and play the rest of your zukertorrt


The reason that the Colle is recommended to beginners is that the ideas and plans are simple, and it works fairly well against any kind of play by black. Tom Au 9, 18 CodeSammich 86 1 6. It teaches good endgame skills and piece positioning. Keshav 1, 4 8. Once he has followed suit, deciding his Q-Bishop is going to stay on his Q-side, there are far fewer ways for him to mix things up. The Colle is a very conservative opening because white plays d4 and then really doesn’t make any other moves to occupy the center.

This system has been frequently employed at grandmaster level by Artur Yusupov. Colle-Zukertort is a good way zjkertort advance beyond beginner.

The downside to this is because your b1 knight will go to d2, your dark squared bishop on c1 stays hemmed in for the early part of the game. Stronger players who zukeetort what they are doing after dxc5 can ignore this.