Containment [Christian Cantrell, William Dufris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As Earth’s ability to support human life begins to diminish. Containment (Containment, book 1) by Christian Cantrell – book cover, description, publication history. Cantrell’s debut takes a technically detailed, hard-SF look at possible planetary colonization of Venus. Arik is part of Generation V (for Venus).

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The question that the situation raises is interesting, but frustratingly, is one that Containment goes out of its way to avoid answering. I remembered nothing about it and as you can see below, my original review was pretty vague.

Containment follows around Arik Ockley, a brilliant computer scientist who’s recovering from an accident. Mind boggling, science heavy, great story! Since there was not enough oxygen to support another life, the pressure was increased to solve the AP problem.

However, the behavior of some of his associates post-accident makes him suspicious of what is really going on. I can’t wait to find out what happens next in the next book! The freighter is carrying vaccines to a colony facing an epidemic.

Containment (Children of Occam #1) by Christian Cantrell

What do we discover about quantum mechanics? Why did Arik want Kate and his friends to leave the station? The protagonist forms part of that generation. The author’s creative mind stirs up an exciting and unique sci-fi thriller that is beyond the average when compared to other stories being currently pumped out.

He is in his twenties and his christuan being cjristian is a bad thing as the baby would be life which is too many.

There are a lot of concepts that are very familiar to computer chtistian, which you would think make this a good candidate for someone like me to read. And even in the end, the reader is left with a ton of unanswered questions luckily most of these are answered in the sequel.

The description of the book sounded interesting enough, so I thought I’d give it a go. And I didn’t understand that importance of the baby that Kate was carrying. Arik was contaimment to follow as he learns more about the secrets of the colony. Thirdly, a whole generation has been born and raised but no one died in that time?

It’s yet another book that maybe doesn’t deserve 4 stars, but makes you feel bad for giving it only 3.


Gen V are expected to be the new generation that will finally make breakthroughs that will advance the colony. As it turns out, the author has a trick or two up his sleeve and reveals the story to be more complex than what appeared initially. May 24, Maurice Alvarez rated it it was ok. It was part technical, part mystery, and apparently just as good the second read through, with the exception of one thing When he came to, he found out that Cadie was pregnant.

Because it is over the weight limit, the freighter does not have enough fuel to slow it down before it lands. I really liked learning how this colony on Venus came to be, and how its colonists function now that they’re there.

He has a gift for explaining advanced technology simply without being overdone. I felt that the author actually handled the plot twist itself quite well.


What could have been a very interesting tale about struggling to live as an isolated colony, and as a First Generation colonist, and the lies everyone was living with was diminished because you had to slog through the scientific “how V1 worked” and “why they were there”.

The players in the story are very one-dimensional. One might be forgiving of this in regards to Arik, the main protagonist, who is more comfortable with computers than humans, including his wife. This story didn’t even need to have a plot to satisfy me, but when the plot of this book kicks in — lets just say shit gets real.

Some of the material in that history is kind of silly, too. That story poses an interesting problem — a stowaway on an express freight spaceship puts it over its weight limit. The nature of the accident itself is a long time in reveal, with Cantrell trying to build up to it.

Containment (Christian Cantrell)

This story develops a future that could actually have some plausiblity with the knowledge we have today and the cantdell we have not begun to understand. No trivia or quizzes yet. Especially when some problems are not meant to be solved as solving them would destroy the fabric of their society. I don’t know if I’ll vote 3 or 4!

Containment (Containment, book 1) by Christian Cantrell

Luckily, after those few pages, it came back to me, and I am glad I stuck with it as it wasn’t actually that hard a read after all. Christian Cantrell’s novel paints a vivid picture of what life would be like if Earth was destroyed from a cataclysmic dantrell and was forced to develop programs for space colonization in other parts of the solar system.


As it turns out, the oxygen supply has been a major issue since the colony began. As the book progresses, we are introduced to the science of the future. All in all, this was a great story, very fun and entertaining and I look forward to what the author comes up with next.

Arik is considered the smartest of his generation, but the already considerable pressure on him to succeed is enhanced when his wife reveals that she is pregnant, and will soon give birth to a child that the current levels of oxygen in the colony simply cannot support.

Characterization is almost nonexistent, and really, not much actually happens to the characters until the last quarter of the book. However, the twist was very dangerously close to being pulled too late. There are twists and turns along the way, some of the obvious and some of them not so much.

Wow, that has never appeared in fiction before Dec 07, Jose rated it it was amazing Shelves: I found the technology in Containment somewhat paradoxical. If the planet is not destroyed by polluting the atmosphere or nuclear war, there may be a catastrophic event such as a meteor strike that will necessitate a move off of planet earth.

I was ready to give the book 5 stars because I loved the idea of the story and sincerely felt it was well executed.

Arek married Cadie, a gen V biologists, and they worked together on the AP problem. In between chapters set in the present and flashbacks to the past, there are chapters consisting solely of infodumps about the colony and its history. Christian Cantrell containnent for brutal realism when it comes to some of the challenges facing the Venusian colonists, even if he is somewhat less realistic in the technology and plot of this story.