La modulation minimum-shift keying (MSK) est un type de modulation numérique par . En télécommunications numériques, la Gaussian minimum shift keying ( GMSK) est une forme de modulation FSK à phase continue. Elle est similaire au . cours modulation gmsk pdf GMSK modulation is based on MSK, which is itself a form of continuousphase frequencyshift keying. One of the problems with. 2LABORATOIRE IXL, UNIVERSITE BORDEAUX 1,35 1 COURS DE LA LIBERATION, TALENCE, Most of time, GMSK modulation is produced with.

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The coding rate is defined as the ratio of the number of information bits to be transmitted on the number of bits transmitted or coded bits.

Minimum-shift keying

R Ref document number: CH Ref legal event code: La mercanca es una cosa que satisface una determinada necesidad esta no se produce para el propio consumo si no para la venta cuando es un objeto para el propio consumo es un objeto.

To take into account the fact that one or two RLC data blocks can be transmitted in a radio block, the radio criterion given above may be modulaiton modified as follows: The method and base station system for gms transmission via a radio interface in a digital radio communication system.

In modulatiin systems, when information must be transmitted modulxtion or from a mobile station is allocated to this mobile station resources as a TBF for “temporary block flow” in English up or down, and a PDCHs or more for “Physical Data Channels” in English.

The number N i c depends on the modulation scheme applied in the i-th transmitted block. Communications system, receiver, and method of estimating received signal quality by using bit error rate. The raw bit rate R is defined as the gross bit rate transmitted over the radio interface. In systems having a plurality of possible modulation schemes, another possibility is to consider a given modulation scheme corresponding to a given modulation called reference to the raw bit rate, that is to say replacing N i c N c which is the number of bits in a block using the reference modulation e.

A radio block therefore contains one or two RLC blocks of data, and, additionally, control information. Another object of the present invention is a network entity of mobile radio, this entity being essentially characterized in that it comprises means for assessing the quality of a radio link, from the modluation flow transmitted over said link.


The blocks can then be transmitted without any protection on their first transmission. The number of information bits that can be transmitted in an RLC data block depends on the encoding scheme used and also from the modulation used in the case of EGPRS system. This entity is in charge of the RLC layer, and therefore functions such as block re-transmissions, Mobile radio system, for implementing a method according to one of movulation 1 to 10, characterized in that it comprises means for evaluating the quality of a radio moculation, from the net flow transmitted on said link.

A method according to claim 5, characterized in that the ratio between the net rate and the raw bit rate is obtained by calculating: Country of ref document: SE Mosulation format text: The state, correct or not, the received blocks is reported by the receiver to the transmitter modulafion means of said acknowledgment messages ACK or to “Acknowledgment” in English or non-acknowledgment NACK or, for ” non-Acknowledgment “in English.

Publications – Christophe LAOT

Mobile station according to claim 17, characterized in that said link is an uplink. Therefore, to have a better quality indicator, it may be best to consider the relative net flow, ie the ratio of net flow of crude throughput. La mercanca y el trabajo creador de las mercancas: Similarly, when using the technique of re-transmission blocks received incorrectly, the BLER does not constitute the most appropriate criterion.

NL Free format text: Moodulation systems such as eg GPRS and EGPRS systems, the correct or incorrect status of blocks received necessary for the following quality assessment one or other of the above expressions can be obtained as follows.

Conversely, the transmitter 1 may be in the network and the receiver 2 in a mobile station. DK Free format text: Kind code of ref document: However the quality indicator according to the invention could also be used for other purposes such as the adaptation of such link. This technique therefore also as the technical link adaptation to increase the throughput, but as the BLER can then be much higher gmdk in the case where this technique is not used, this criterion is not not the most relevant.

Apparatus and method for channel quality modulatiion and link adaptation in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing OFDM wireless communication system. IT Free format text: Apparatus and method for setting a data rate in a wireless communication system.


Multi-media broadcast and multicast service MBMS in a wireless communications system. Several GAR can be distributed over the same PDCHs, gmskk allows to share a single physical channel between multiple mobile stations and thus optimizing the use of radio resources in the case of packet data transmission.

CH Free format text: EP Ref country code: Method and apparatus for scrambling information bits on a channel in a communications system.

System for transmitting high-rate value-added services in terrestrial broadcasting. Methods for forward error correction coding above a radio link control layer and related apparatus. A radio link between a transmitter 1 and a receiver 2 in a mobile radio system is illustrated schematically in FIG. R net peut prendre n’importe quelle valeur positive.

DE Ref legal event code: Digital telecommunication system with selected combination of coding schemes and designated resources for packet transmission based on estimated transmission time.

IE Free format text: Method for improving the performance characteristics of a mobile radio communication system using a power control algorithm. The present invention therefore proposes to use a criterion related to the net debit. According to another feature, the transmitted blocks or radio blocks, which may include one or more blocks or data blocks, depending on the modulation scheme used, the ratio between the net rate and the raw bit rate is obtained by calculating: According to another characteristic, the data transmitted over said connection being obtained by encoding bit block of information, the net rate is obtained by calculating: The connection is then uplink or “uplink” in English.

P nikitin pdf According to another feature, the number of bits of blocks transmitted being a function of the modulation scheme used, the raw data rate is determined for a given modulation scheme corresponding to said modulation reference, regardless of the modulation scheme used. A method according to claim 3, characterized in that the transmitted blocks or radio blocks, which may include one or more blocks or data blocks, depending on the modulation scheme used, the ratio between the net rate and the raw bit rate is obtained by calculating: The connection is then a downlink or “downlink” in English.

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