Get Creative Creative GigaWorks S Technology Speaker System User Manual. Get all Creative manuals!. User manual for the device Creative GigaWorks S Online user manual database. Second Creative GigaWorks S speaker comes in for repair Usually a parts list is available with the repair manual, however, we don’t.

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Creative S Service Manual – transferseven

He had tried repairing the speaker power supply himself creaitve this guide since he found bulged capacitors also. Ending notes Another repair done, though I would consider this a little easy although the glue removal part was a tedious task.

Feb 2 Also, Digikey is out of two of the capacitors: I guess the MCU also monitors the main power section as well.

In addition, I hope you will learn how to use your multi meter correctly and safely before attempting to use it. Replacements The capacitor replacements were all high quality Japanese capacitors which took some time to arrive after placing the order.


CREATIVE GigaWorks S User Manual | 12 pages

To minimise the risk of fire, keep flammable materials like. Wow, thanks for catching that. The usual troubleshooting procedures, for example check for failed components and check whether there is output voltage on the secondary standby side if none then check voltage at transformer, then if freative then check voltage at primary standby side, etc If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try one or more of the following measures: All the capacitors that needs to be replaced already mentioned here with the exception of the big ceramic capacitors at the standby power section, and the film capacitors at the main power section.


In other words, not the same If I recall correctly, the capacitor he suggested replacing with a high temp ceramic was actually C63 and I did replace that one with a ceramic but could do the same with this one if that’s likely to be the issue. Sorry, I do not know of your problem and Lex has not been on for quite a while. Pulled open the sub and found this: The schematics specifically state P.

Got one set of ‘s going thanks to your very detailed walkthrough but have come up against a problem with another. Vreative, as my post sez I still have a problem with noise coming from the sub.

May 8 Can just choose any available 15V zener diode and preferably with higher wattagefor example “1NA” For example, on the Edifier M there are lack of high pass filters for the satellites in the preamp section, thus its the satellites that determines the midrange and tweeter frequencies. I have also a problem with my S set. I have the same problem!

Your equipment will no longer be ‘out of order’ or useless. Besides the ESR reading, check the capacitance of those capacitors below uF. Sep 15 And these are not all cases You may find our web-store helpful.

Using multiple inputs – CREATIVE GigaWorks S750 User Manual

U kunt hieronder aangeven waarom deze vraag ongepast is. My cousin’s Gigaworks S stopped working he had them repaired once already yesterday and he brought them to me to see if I w750 get it fixed. This is the closeup of the blown diode and the blob of degraded glue that extends all the way to the metallic standoff.


Do you have a comprehensive component list I can use to locate replacement Capacitors I have no electronics training but I know what looks bad Apart from ordering capacitors with the same uf, voltage, heat rating and dimensions I have no idea what I need.

This Creative Megaworks THX crative been serving me for some time however the sound quality is still beats most speakers out there. The exacto knife is probably what did it. I found out the set resistance, but I would like to know, on what yet to pay attention at their replacement firm-producer, tension.

But I’m stuck when disassemble it: Do not expose this appa ratus to dripping or. Make sure you do not damage them with 7s50 much hotter soldering iron avoid heating it up too long.

Creative GigaWorks S750 Manuals

Do you not supposed power is coming? Can also see the small capacitor which I’ve mentioned earlier the first unit repaired that was very close to the heatsink, plus still lots of degraded glue in critical areas close to the transformer there. Thanks for gigaworrks reply Lex! Bijvoorbeeld een creditcardnummer, een persoonlijk identificatienummer, mxnual een geheim adres.

Is that a ceramic disc capacitor? But there was a problem Feb 18 What about the Mosfets? Suspect the filter cap on the audio board which I did not replace mfd vbut have not replaced it yet.