Crokinole rules, scoring, setup and even optional rules compiled and composed by Crokinole Depot. Rules of Crokinole. For Competitive Play. Basic Rules of Play. 1) Getting Ready a ) Aplayerorteam’sinitial orderofplay,colourofdiscs,andseatingposition,shall. OFFICIAL CROKINOLE RULES **All participants are encouraged to read these rules carefully. Playing Guidelines The object of the game is to shoot your disc.

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The National Crokinole Association NCA is a federation that supports existing, and the development of new, crokinole clubs and tournaments. However, this can vary in tournament play. Before shooting, wait until all motion of the discs from the previous turn has ceased. Play continues until a predetermined winning score is reached.

The inner or pin circle counts 15 points for each disc. Any discs on or beyond this line, after a shot is completed, must be placed in the ditch.

At the end of the opening round, the top 16 competitors move on to the playoffs. Or, you could each take a shot, and the person who ends up closest to the middle, begins. A game consists of 4 rounds. Use dmy dates from July Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from June Wikipedia articles needing clarification from November Articles containing French-language text Articles containing Low German-language text Commons category link is on Wikidata.

World-class quality crokinole boards, handmade in Big Bay, Ontario.

A board game similar to crokinole was patented on 20 April by Joshua K. Crokinole is most commonly played by two players, or by four players in teams of two, with partners sitting across the board from each other. Discs are to be shot only with a finger unless participating in a game designated for use of cues.


Outer circle counts 5 points for each disc. The following breakdown will be used in the various categories: If still tied, repeat shoot out from the beginning. Your non-played discs are to be kept outside of the board on the corner of the table. Contestants are not allowed to apply lubricants of any type to the board. No finger guards may be used.

National Library of Canada. Contestants are not allowed to be coached by anyone in any way while a match is in progress.

Starting To Play Players take turns attempting valid shots, shooting one disc per turn, proceeding clockwise around the board. Board games introduced in the s Disk-flicking games Tabletop cue games Canadian inventions Canadian board games.

List of world sports championships. Players take turns flicking their discs from the outer edge of their quadrant of the board onto the rulew. Ina documentary film called Crokinole was released.

Ties will be scored by adding the scores of the tied players and dividing by the amount of players tied. This is often called the “no hiding” rule, since it prevents players from placing their first shots where their opponent must traverse completely though the guarded centre ring to hit them and avoid fouling. It is removed to the ditch. During a shot only the shooting hand and associated arm can come into contact with the board or table.


No other means of support is allowed while taking a shot. A championship match will be played best two out of three games crokonole order to establish a winner.

Rules — Crokinole Craft

It is said Rulss crafted the board as a fifth birthday present for his son Adam, which is now part of the collection at the Joseph Schneider Haus, cgokinole national historic site in Kitchener, Ontario, with a focus on Germanic folk art.

With 4 players, the play is progressive or clockwise. For example two players tie for 2 nd, they would both score 5, 3 players tie for 1 stthey would all score 6 and 4 th would get 2.

When playing crokinoole this rule, a player may generally make any shot desired, and as long as a disc remains completely inside the outer line of the playfield, it remains on the board. Retrieved 30 September They oppose each other. If there still is a tie, a shoot out will be conducted. At the close of tabulation the scorecard is given back to the owner for verification before moving to the next game.

In singles play 2 players opponents sit on opposite sides of the board and each have different crokinoel of discs. The reason for this misconception may be due to its popularity in Mennonite and Amish groups.

This includes no tipping of the chair. This would include a 20 in the centre hole.