Curtis “Cocky” Warren is a category A prisoner, defined as someone “whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public, or the police or. Curtis Warren (right) is, by some distance, Britain’s most notorious of his nickname – Cocky – which he acquired because of his swaggering. Curtis “Cocky” Warren was one of Britains biggest and richest drugtrafickers. Worth an estimated million British pounds. Unlike most other.

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Creating false evidence, putting it in, is possibly worse than anything I could do in Jersey. Read More Top clcky stories from Mirror Online.

Perishers Perishers – 1st January Perishers originally ran from to As years passed by Warren got richer and richer and into bigger and bigger deals. The unit, using stun grenades, totally surprised the sleepy Warren and put him under arrest without problem.

Curtis Warren – Wikipedia

HM Customs officials went forward with their prosecution, despite protests from his police “handlers” Harry Knaggs and Ian Weedon. These days Warren is in good shape — 5ft 9in, clear-eyed, his light brown skin peppered with freckles. It was claimed he sneered at police as he left the courtroom with the arrogant taunt: Curtis Warren was born on May 31, in Liverpool, England. They cut open one ingot but found nothing and let the shipment through. He’s got a photographic memory for telephone numbers and numbers of bank accounts.

Marriage Bumble bride with “high sex drive” who met husband on Christmas Eve reveals love of fetish parties. For my mother to read that! He refers to a report from the Jersey Law Society, which recommended that Jowitt face a disciplinary hearing himself — a recommendation that fell down because Jersey law officers are exempt from charges of professional misconduct brought by the Law Society.

He says he cannot remember the “don’t quote me” statement but that if he did say it, it related to a different scenario. British Transport Police Manchester Victoria stabbing: The result was that he aarren an unlimited credit line from cartels in South America, and with cannabis traffickers in Turkey and Eastern Europe. And still it could’ve been worse. The only guy who knew where all that money was stashed was Warren and he never kept any records, never wrote it down and never kept numbers or acounts in a computer.


The court heard that no drugs had been imported as the Jersey contacts had “failed to come up with the money”. On his release in he moved to Jersey but was caught within weeks when cops bugged his hire car.

Warren’s stash of gold has still not been found and he remains the wealthiest British criminal worth an estimated million English pounds according to authorities and million English pounds according to insiders. Do you think I’m gonna give myself a life sentence? Warren’s lawyers have argued in court that they did so on the advice of Matthew Jowitt, a law officer roughly equivalent to a crown prosecution lawyerwho encouraged them by saying: It has been accepted in court that the Jersey police illegally fitted a listening device to a car rented in France by one of his co-conspirators.

I’ve never tasted alcohol or anything. He looks incredulous when I say that people will be frightened of him as a result. He is not sure. The way Warren sees it, if alleged terrorists are allowed to speak to the media, alleged drug dealers should be too.

Retrieved from ” https: Dramatic moment five police officers arrest knife attack suspect We’ll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. More thanwatch spectacular fireworks display More thanspectators lined the streets of London to watch the biggest fireworks display in Europe. The purpose, he explains in a cheerful scouse accent on one of the two occasions I visit him, “is so that I don’t morph into you and you into me”.

British Boss: Curtis Warren

A previous appeal, which went right to the privy council in London, the highest court on Jersey matters, was only very narrowly dismissedwith one judge, Lord Rodger, saying that if the Jersey police behaved so badly again, “the court might have no alternative but to strike the balance decisively in favour of indicating the rule of law, however undeserving the accused”.

Unlike most other drugtraffickers or criminals Warren is a highly intelligent force. Retrieved 6 October A bouncer had the power to let the dealers and the drugs in or out, Warren realised this could be very good business. Monitored by police calling his contacts in the UK, it was now that Warren’s’ photographic memory paid off: On the afternoon of 15 SeptemberWarren had a fight in the prison yard with Turkish national Cemal Guclu, who was serving a year sentence for murder and attempted murder.


He was found guilty but successfully appealed and was released from prison in June Warren seems to hate the idea of hurting or disappointing the women in his life. He owns wzrren in Spain; discos in Turkey; a vineyard in Bulgaria; land in the Gambia ; and money stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. By this time Curtis “Cocky” Warren was a very, very rich and powerful man. Earlier this month, Warren scored warrenn minor victory when he gained access to a police disciplinary report that exonerated the Jersey officers involved in the illegal bugging of his mate’s hire car.

You can still buy T-shirts printed cociy his face in Liverpool — an old mugshot from the days he had eyebrows like black caterpillers and a face bloated from all the steroids he used to take.

Curtis Francis Warren [1] [2] [3] also known as Cocky ; [1] born 31 May [4] [5] is an English gangster [6] and drugs trafficker who was formerly Interpol ‘s Target One and was once listed on the Sunday Times Rich List.

Curtis Warren

Several of the members of his organization were arrested that same night. Welcome to Gangsters Inc. In the late s, he came to a working agreement with Middlesbrough trafficker Brian Charrington. I would have loved to have done that. Warren is clearly a smart guy, despite leaving school early with no qualifications.

All in all you could say Cocky Warren was fucked, but then again he was arrested in Holland, right away things looked a little bit brighter.