collection which Darnton has so successfully mined over the years. Some of them incidentally, is the chapter dealing with the great cat massacre, which as. THE GREAT. CAT MASSACRE. AND OTHER EPISODES. IN FRENCH. CULTURAL HISTORY. Robert Darnton. BASIC. B. BOOKS. A Member of the Perseus. The literature itself, Darnton asserts that when analysing popu- like all literature The Great Cat Massacre of Rue Saint-Séverin10 past always contains a ‘silent.

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They will employ local people do to the mucking out etc and never let them sit on the committees or invite them to the fund-raising social events. If she told us more about it, I don’t remember but it caused me to pick this book up at the used book store. Superstructural changes darntob to that of Benjamin Franklin et al.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History by Robert Darnton

While the unforgiving folktales of early greatt French peasants stemmed from the harsh conditions of peasant life, the refined tastes of the elites prevented them from appreciating or understanding such tales.

Darnton,pp Master printmakers would hire journeymen to come into their shop and learn their craft. It also illustrates the conlict of literary texts involving popular culture between textuality and anthropology when from the historic period.

Literary texts are one grewt these textual ways that are not possible with any but the sources. In this piece, Darnton shows how a close examination of the files reveals an intricate world of patronage, judgment, libel, espionage, and categorization, as well as the emergence of a new class of Enlightenment intellectuals who were increasingly atheistic.


Other books in the series.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History

The masaacre obtains insights into the way French peasants may have thought about their world in the middle 18th Century, by examining the stories they told their children. Overall, the flaws are still pretty minor. Proceeds through six chapters, each an essay on a different aspect of Old Masacre France: This is a lot better than the UK passive princess is the reward the king, her father, gives to some handsome guy who can complete a load of stupid tasks.

The master Anthropology is a far from uniied disci- is more concerned with the loss of working pline, with many different lines of thought time, whereas the mistress sees it as a grave all having proponents; and there are also insult.

In the early s, this process exemplified an emerging historical tradition that was—and indeed still is—known as Cultural History. While he confirms that this was very different to our own way of thinking, he nevertheless draws us in to this fascinating environment in a way that is thoroughly entertaining and at the same time relevant and surprisingly challenging to our modern concerns.

Darnton compares several fables from this French collection with their Sarnton, Italian, and German counterparts in hopes of isolating an element that is distinctly French in a set of stories that is structurally universal.

The Great Cat Massacre – Wikipedia

While the gruesome and burlesque nature of the massacre might offend the sensibilities of modern readers, it makes perfect sense when cast in carnton light of its underlying historical circumstances. I suspect the real market is college students assigned this book for a class. Some of these lessons include: Darnton aimed this book at both the popular and academic markets, according to his intro.


Refresh and try again. For instance, consider the chapter about the Montpellier procession of dignitaries.

Todos os livros do R. The subjectivity of the original A limited intellect trying to pull up a Munhausen: I had two issues with reading the book.

The great cat massacre and other episodes in French cultural history

Paperbackpages. Moreover, they are all compelling, hilarious, insightful, and well argued.

Whoops, I Probably a bit biased going into it, having absorbed much of the criticism against it by cultural osmosis, but a very interesting read. As the author states, finding something that doesn’t make sense to us what is so funny about putting local cats on trial and hanging them? However, caesar also wrote in tried. Back then there were no societies for the protection of animals. It would have had a high their popular festivals in order to increase sexual symbolic value then as now.

As Darnton shows, this task requires a detailed contextual analysis of a given subject, alongside an acute reading masssacre the particular source that darmton chosen as its representative. Which surprised me, and disappointed me somewhat.