In his review of my book, American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World [NYR, June 24], J. H. Elliott does not take issue. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Stannard, David E. American holocaust: Columbus and the conquest of the. New World I David E. Stannard. David Stannard’s “American Holocaust”, aptly published during the ahistorical hoo-hah that marked the th year since Columbus “discovered” the Americas, .

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Selected pages Title Page. With the second voyage of Columbus, the true conquest began. Stannrd insists that it would be wrong to idealize the native populations, for they did indeed perform human sacrifices and in some cases practice ritualistic cannibalism.

I had no idea that disease wiped out so much of the native American population before Jamestown was settled and the Pilgrims arrived.

I’m sad and ashamed this book is not translated into Spanish – every high school kid should be reading it. Poverty, starvation and warfare were the lot of many and wealth the lot dsvid a very few. Americaan is also at pains to amrican how “advanced” Indian civilizations were in their child rearing techniques and in the empowerment of women.

The word modern can only be tested relatively, as there are no objective standards to test it rationally. The tale of not just who discovered and conquered America, but how they did it. An important work that will have [Stannard] canonized by some and pilloried by others by the end of the Quincentennial Year.

He served in the armed forces and worked in the publishing industry between and This in spite of the fact that, as Stannard points out, the native Americans were already using the land: No wonder, America commemorates the arrival of Columbus to America.


The second division, encompassing the section entitled “Sex, Race and Holy War,” deals stannnard the elements in Christianity which fed the ideology of genocide and made possible this horrifying history.

What this book is: The final third of the book is a lengthy exploration of the origins of this genocidal stannrd in the Christian theology that led to the Crusades, persecution of Jews, and the killing of witches in the middle ages, and the typology that led the Europeans to see the indigenous peoples as evil Canaanites to be killed without pity, just as Joshua did in the Old Testament.

American Holocaust

Las Casas recorded sickening scenes of wanton cruelty. Chapter 2 In an introductory account that covers the pre-contact Indians that ho,ocaust from a treatment of Mississippian to Anasazi cultures and up to California, Stannard impresses the reader with the diversity of native civilizations. The last thing the current generation could do stannrad not to eulogize the genocide carried out by of Christians in Americas but feel ashamed. I own a copy and always recommend it to friends who are interested in history.

But the colonisers didn’t just view the diseases that carried away millions upon millions of the Natives as a gift. Advancing a thesis that is sure to create much controversy, Stannard contends that the perpetrators of the American Holocaust drew on the sameideological wellspring as did the later architects of stannsrd Nazi Holocaust.

He shows that the barbarity and cruelty of other Europeans was as bad as the Spaniards. After a brief discussion of Berengia and the assumed origins of native populations in this hemisphere, he gives a nod to the diversity of native peoples and then turns his ire against Oscar Handlin and Bernard Bailyn for their ethnocentrism.

The former shows the diversity and beauty of the native people and the second shows the carnage visited upon them by the European “Civilizers”. Indeed, as historian David E. I thought I knew something about the native american peoples but this book made me realize that I had absolutely no idea neither about the populations and civilizations of the continents before the Spanish invasion nor about the size of the genocide and the brutality of the atrocities the Europeans committed during the centuries since their arrival.

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The final part is an attempt to understand the historical and religious motivations of the Euro-Christian racism that fueled the genocide, where the author reviews the Euro-christian doctrines of war since Christianity started ruling in Europe. Save to say that this book would piss a lot of people off, since calling the fate of the Native Americans’ genocide or better several genocides is something not many people want to hear, for various reasons.

Failing to find gold, the Iberians instead set up encomienda plantations on Hispaniola and enslaved the natives to provide a labor force.

American Holocaust – David E. Stannard – Oxford University Press

Sep 17, Sudeshna Bora rated it really liked it Shelves: His book will be a necessary corrective. He shows that Native Americans did not “vanish” without cause; they were eradicated by Daavid diseases and by planned genocide.

Overall “American Holocaust” is a remarkable achievement; it’s well researched, well written and with particular regard to the third part, well argued. Most died on the way.

Dispossessing the Wilderness Mark David Spence. As difficult as it was to read this history, I feel like this is a book every American should be required to read.