This paper describes the structural aspects of the collapse of the Concorde overpass, crossing Autoroute 19, in Laval, north of Montréal. The original design and. On 30th September the central ‘drop-in’ span of the de la Concorde highway over-bridge in Laval, Canada, suddenly collapsed onto the. It’s been 10 years Friday since the de la Concorde overpass collapsed in Laval, killing five people and injuring six others.

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Photographer helps dogs find their forever home. On October 3,the Government of Quebec called an commission of inquiry to determine the cause of the collapse.

Indeed, this overpass was built in the same construction project as the de la Concorde overpass and was later found to have had the same flaws. October 2,”Former Quebec premier to head inquiry into fatal freeway collapse”Montreal Gazette; Canada.

De la Concorde overpass collapse

On September 30,the de la Concorde Bridge over Highway 19 fell. Rosemont’s The Lighthouse offers a safe path for families of terminally ill children. Deer rescued from ice in Chateauguay Air Date: Man unable to bring surrogate children to home to Canada. Of several such overpasses, only the de Blois overpass adjacent to the collapsed overpass was confirmed as similar.

On that Saturday, around Just over a year later, on October 15,the Inquiry Commission released a report of its findings. Also, the City of Montreal issued a list of a few overpasses under its own responsibility, citing that those were also under close scrutiny and closed to overweight traffic. NYE celebrations around the world.

Tenth anniversary of deadly de la Concorde overpass collapse | CTV News Montreal

September 30,”Dust settles, questions arise”The Gazette; Canada. Boy calls cops over his Christmas gift Air Date: Origins of Christmas on display Air Date: This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat His final report in October found that the de la Concorde overpass was poorly designed, with concrete that couldn’t withstand freeze-thaw cycles or road salt.


Boy survives avalanche and being buried alive for 40 minutes. Ban on wood burning stoves comes into effect in on October 1. Montreal’s Wurtele twins appointed Air Date: The final report names four individuals who were responsible for unprofessional work on the overpass:. Going for a really, really cold dip Air Date: October 2,”Failure highlights aging infrastructure, critics contend”CanWest News Service, Ottawa Citizenarchived from the original on April 7,retrieved November 8, Artuso, A.

As of April28 bridges in Quebec are slated to be demolished due to structural deficiencies, and 25 are to overass major repairs. Discovery of possible Exomoon. These overpasses were put under close scrutiny and closed to all overweight trucks concordf excess of 20 tonnes.

In Julyincidentally just weeks before the IW Mississippi River bridge collapse, the Quebec department of transports issued a list of overpasses that were considered potentially unsafe. The statement-making “World’s Tallest Closet”.

The three main causes of the fracture and subsequent collapse [18] were:. Normal traffic flows along Autoroute 19 amount to 57, vehicles per day in both directions. Highway overpass collapses near Montreal.

Family goes viral after performing ‘Push It’ in oveepass. The design of the overpass was considered innovative at the time; however, this design made it nearly impossible to inspect thoroughly, as the entire deck would have had to be removed for such an inspection.

Tenth anniversary of deadly de la Concorde overpass collapse

Ontario’s premier Dalton McGuinty – “[Quebec officials] tell me there has been an increase, [a] fairly dramatic increase, in demand for the rail. Paul Journet on the top stories of Air Date: Shelter program helps homeless vets Air Date: Michel Despres Transport Minister of Quebec stated that it was inspected once a year, and got a more in-depth inspection once every three years, as per the usual inspection requirements in Quebec, [6] last being May Costs also included paying overtime to drivers.


The government also put detour routes in place, urged commuters to take public transport and to carpool. Johnson dropped a bombshell even before he tabled his report, when he announced in the summer of that bridges and overpasses needed to be demolished or urgently repaired.

The collapsed section crushed two vehicles under it, killing five people and seriously injuring six others who went over the edge while travelling on the overpass. The Ministry also sent out messages to journalists and traffic reporters warning of the concrete debris; this was confirmed by Josee Seguin, a spokeswoman ocncorde the Ministry. Accused of consistently putting off repairs to pass balanced budgets, the Quebec government has since increased spending on highways and projects and has increased infrastructure spending for future budgets.

Montreal Gazette transit journalist Andy Riga interviewed Marc LaForge, from the Societe de transport de Lavalabout the transport department suing Transport Quebec to pay for all these extra services:. Retrieved from ” https: