Imam Ghazali () who is world’s one of the most influential thinkers, reformers, and spiritual transformers and whose books are a. My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter By Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali ( May God Shower His Mercy Upon Him) From Imam Ghazali’s Arabic Book. Who was Imam Ghazali (RA)?. Imam Ghazali (RA) [ CE] is most famous for his contributions in philosophy, religion and Sufism. He is also known as.

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This type of person is that patient who can be cured.

Full text of “My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter by Imam Ghazali”

The first benefit is that I looked at the people of this world and saw that everyone has a beloved. We don’t tolerate bullying or harassment. Servitude has three things: All these things that I mentioned above should be narrated in a sermon [or religious talk].

Some [people] are such that they think that their grandeur and honor is in displaying anger, beating, won, murder and pillage and they express their pride in that.

And second [quality] is that [the seeker] is the one who is sympathetic and a doer of good towards [all of] Allah’s creations [which is not possible without purifying one’s soul from all evil qualities and then embellishing one’s soul with all good qualities]. You have told [us] very good things.

My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter by Imam Ghazali

You can search find them there. A division of the Deventi Group.

All text in Arabic has been transliterated into English and has been italicized. Life of The Prophet. He also lived in the Umayyad mosque and to this day there is a minaret named after him Al-Ghazali minaret.


Now you should understand that: And He is sufficient for me and He is the best Helper. Your remaining questions are such that some of them have been addressed in books written by us i. Product Reviews Write review. In other words, one should believe that you will surely get whatever Allah, the Exalted, has destined for you.

Dear Beloved Son

Make this provision food sufficient for the family of Muhammad Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Among the counsels of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings of Allah be upon himis the counsel: Those people who are dominated by the fear [of Allah], create in them so much hope that when they get up from your gathering, some [noble] inner qualities have been inculcated born in them and their exterior [demeanor and character] have been changed also.

In fact, this proclamation of Allah, the Exalted, at dawn is for: They love the forbidden from the depth of their hearts. Then I deliberated on the following verse: It touches on all aspects of life, from material wealth and the love of this life, to Islamic etiquette and acquiring knowledge.

You have said a very good thing.

So whatever is written, keep putting them into practice so that those matters will be clarified to you, which you do not yet know. Imam Ghazali who is world’s one of the most influential thinkers, reformers, and spiritual transformers and whose books are a beacon of light for humanity for the last years, explains the most crucial steps, in the form of a letter to a disciple, needed by a spiritual traveller on one’s journey to one’s final destination – the Lord of the Universes Rubb ul Aa’lameen, the God Almighty.


Muhammad the Beloved of Allah.

Dear Beloved Son | Furqaan Bookstore | Islamic books

This person should have acquired a light illumination from the lights illuminations of Messenger of Allah Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him so that all evil qualities like miserliness, jealousy, enmity, expectations from the world [and its belovef, anger, rebellion, etc.

However, he still did not know which branch of knowledge from among the branches of knowledge he studied, would be of real help to him, would illumine his grave, would be beneficial to him on the Day of Judgment and which branches of knowledge would not be of benefit to him on the Sson of Judgment, so that he could refrain from those branches of knowledge because the Holy Prophet Muhammad May Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon him said: The second benefit is that I glanced at the people of the world and saw that everyone was following after the pleasures and desires from the Nafs lower self that instructs one to commit evil and [everyone] is subservient to the desires from the lower self.

All Time Top Now let’s return to our explanation and I will tell you the internal inward conditions for the student and seeker on the Path of God.

If a husband has relations with his wife then it is not a sin even though it apparently looks bad. Second is to be content with the decree and destiny appointed by Allah, the Exalted.