“The face of war is changing. The other side doesn’t play by the rules much anymore. There’s thinking, in some circles, that we need to play by a different set of. James Bond as you’ve never sen him before in the smashing new thriller and #1 international bestseller from Jeffrey Deaver. A Night Action alert calls James. In “Carte Blanche,” Jeffery Deaver brings James Bond back to life, again.

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He is also sharp of mind, using his tools, craft, and raw intelligence to outdo obstacle and enemies, and to crack the greater puzzle behind the story. When you consider that Daniel Craig’s Bond is deaer as nasty and selfish and unlikeable as the Ian Flemming original; yet brilliantly portrayed as a complicated blance flawed and vulnerable adrenalin junkie; why do we get such a feeble and bland Bond in this book?

Get to Know Us.

Why would such an occupation play a key role in a James Bond novel? So it’s just taken for granted that Bond has, like the Doctor, somehow regenerated. Blajche had hoped on the strength of Deavers own work he would have chosen for a more Flemingesque story.

In fact, Bond seems a bit fresh in his personal struggles, so this novel could arguably use Ian Fleming’s first couple of Bond novels its starting point. Tanner, Leiter, Mathis, crusty M, et al, lend an air of legitimacy.


Ships from and sold by Amazon. Bond comes across as very human, admirable and somewhat tragic. It’s a worthy addition to the long lived series.

Carte Blanche

I love all the books from Jeffery Deaver and when Hlanche found out that he wrote one of the James Bond books I was really interested. Bond’s real problems in this story are red tape, incompetent competing co-workers and budget constraints. The narrative twists are many and suitably surprising. Moreover, he knows human relationships.

James Bond – Extended Series 1 – 10 of 48 books. Nothing is what it seems to be.

New James Bond by Deaver. I’ve yet to be really drawn into one of those. It’s not the Bond we remember but it is Bond. See all reviews.

Carte Blanche (novel) – Wikipedia

I like Q – this reincarnation is an Indian IT guru who can make interesting gadgets from what is locally to hand. The villains are a businessman willing to do some horrific things for money, and an idealist who has lost sight of what is right.

deavr BUT, all that said, I enjoyed the ride. Entsetzt, weil die Geschichte so furchtbar vorhersehbar ist. Jeffery Deaver accomplished something beyond the capacities that I expect from contemporary writers: See and discover other items: Unlike Faulks’s novel, which was set in as a direct continuation of Fleming’s original series, Deaver has chosen to transport the character firmly into the present.

Jun 09, Tony rated it liked it Shelves: In some way this I love all the books from Jeffery Deaver and when I found out that he wrote one of the James Bond books I was really interested. His gadgets mostly come in the form of apps for his Iphone which, because it comes from good old Q-branch, is referred to as an IQ-phone. I really wanted to love this book, to slap 5 stars up and tell the world to go and enjoy this while the 3rd Daniel Craig movie takes yet another draver year to film.

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In this iteration, it seems as if Bond has a super iPhone that he carries around with him that contains all the known apps in the world — plus a few that seemed to be invented on the spot. But should Bond b. Fleming could do that.

Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver

He starts his assignment on the outskirts of Novi Sad in Serbia where an Irish sapper -turned-enforcer named Niall Dunne is planning to derail a train carrying three hundred kilograms of methyl isocyanatedumping it into the Danube. Deaver’s is a hollywood macho man read Chuck Norris or Liam Neeson who even after the most devastating or hair raising of encounters walks off after flicking the flecks of dust off his suit.

I wasn’t holding out for a wedding. If you are a lover, then its wiser to stay off this one! In some way this is a very typical book from Deaver.