Derren Brown is a British illusionist and performer who combines magic, Some think he is using NLP, others believe that he has genuine psychic abilities. I have never claimed to use NLP to achieve my ‘tricks’. On the contrary, I have written very critically about it in Tricks of the Mind. Last night on television Derren Brown’s latest program called ‘Fear and Faith’ aired. The show was analysing and showing the effect placebo has on different.

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Derren Brown is a skeptic; a friend of science and reason. While I was a student in London I worked part-time for a major UK mobile phone network, selling mobile phone contracts in a shop. The job was quite fun at first, and the commission meant that I did pretty well financially for a student at least.

However, new bosses came in, bringing with them great ideas for how eerren move forward. Rather than learning about the products we sold, we were taught dergen art of selling in general. You can find out what sort of person they are. I tried to dispute what they were preaching to us. Why this biographical stuff important? Just look at the power of NLP, we were told!

This makes me wonder how many other companies are training their sales staff to use NLP on customers, and using this video as evidence to support their claims.

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Pegg has a written note in his pocket describing a present he really wants. Brown then apparently reveals how the btown was done — the spiel near the start caused Pegg to forget about the jacket and desire the red BMX in its place.

So what do I believe happened? I think that Pegg wanted the red BMX all along, and Brown somehow obtained this information well before the show — enough time to get a red BMX ready to reveal during the trick.

Here are my reasons for thinking this:.

A leather jacket is what I want. What browm I say? Why would he do that, rather than leave us guessing? Why should this one be different?

How Mentalist Derren Brown Masterfully Triggers Yes

So those are my reasons. I feel a bit bad asking this, since I like Derren Brown. Geller is adamant that he bends spoons solely with the power his mind. Having said that, I do see the other side. While everyone is concentrating on his hypnotic techniques, the trick is already done, via some very simple and traditional method.

However, if he carries on, his shows have the same force, but people like my retail bosses will keep using Brown as proof that their training methods are on the right track. So I propose this: Brown carries on doing his shows in the way he does them already. Someone helpfully pointed out this post by Brown:. I reserve the same scepticism for subliminal messaging, as well as a lot of body-language reading and the like.

This is good to see, but has two problems. Dressing sleight-of-hand up as mind control, as it were. HI guys, I had alook at the video; big business use this con in various forms to buy stuff, the sad thing is that this action inserts a variable amount of PTSD into the thought time line of the victim, whose brain has to carry this rubbish as PTSD and cant understand it and is conditioned for the next sale or whatever con act is being used.


Derren Brown is worse then all the psychics in the world: Horrendous Marketing Abusing Bunch! Thanks, too, to Jacques for the additional link.

How do we know he uses stooges? Magicians are clever people! Derren Brown is a genius – Page 3 – Parapsychology and alternative medicine forums of mind-energy. This is a spot on analysis imo. One thing I am quite sure of is that he lies.

Which is nothing new, and nothing that I consider wrong in this context. But, whereas most magicians lie by misdirecting or omitting truths, he really takes a direct approach. Since this is something that magicians have rarely done before, the public is easily fooled. To compound the effect, he likes to do this thing where he kind of lets the viewer in on some of his methods. A group of strangers gathered together rarely look so socially well-adjusted. But when the group is introduced in the program, they are all quite engaged with one another, and I am reminded of actors in the background crowd of a theatre performance, all mouthing nonsense words to create the illusion of a social unit.

Its quite close to Lisbon. Ive seen forum posters say that they wrote everything from London to Leicester to Lisbon. To me, it felt like more than a coincidence. This means that there is a host of behind the scenes manipulating that can easily go on, and makes it almost impossible to deduce what the precise nature of this manipulation is.

NLP & The Trouble with Derren Brown

I think your explanation of the BMX-trick is basically right. Pegg is probably nlpp because Derren already knew him and knew that i he is quite susceptible to Derren suggesting that he did not wrote Red BMX which he of course did write down and ii when Pegg later realized, as he no npp did, how the trick worked, he would not run to the media with it. The trick is i obtaining this information and designing the whole studio timely, and ii switching the envelop which is of course not very revolutionary.

He says all the time he uses lies tricks and npl to create an illusion. Derden is a fantastically gifted magician. He rely got me to want to learn how he does these tricks. I can workout most magic tricks, but his are hard.

In bogus training scams. As for NLP I really want to know so much more about it. One thing though, I went to an Amway meeting and I still am amazed at how people went craz about their derrfn overpriced products.

That to me was evidence to support a hypothesis in favor of brainwashing. I could use the ideas to give me hope. I have had pushy sales people try to use Nllp and push me into signing. I never nop from a pushy sales person!!! But is people use Daren Brown ans an example to sell training courses. That is just Bullshit. Brown is a showman using what he thinks is science. Cold reading and psychics?

You can figure people out. You may be good at misdirection yourself. Within your training you focus deeply into the screen. Who is trying to prove the wrong person right now? Forget what they want and want something dereen different. In general, you use artfully vague language in the story of your experience with NLP.


You hypnotically utilize a blog of skepticism, misdirecting them dderren from your precise use of the techniques at your unconscious level. By now you all may be learning something new about how you agree, are you not? Funny how people that know nothing of the subject or how it works can try to give an expert opinion of it.

I admit that there is quite a bit attributed to NLP that has been unfounded, there has been credence given to the techniques especially where elimination of phobias is concerned. If you are truly committed to the scientific method, and truth — as any good skeptic is — it is hardly scientific to write off something based on a one-time personal experience.

The basis for NLP is in legitimate practices of psychology and hypnosis trying to distill the best of the best. Like a Jew believing a Christian is Jewish because he quoted Deuteronomy or vice-versa.

I believe the door is still open for NLP to prove itself if its practitioners can get rid of the snake-oil vibe and lack of standardization.

Research studies have proven some merit to it. Remember, psychology, an accepted science in most circles, was once considered malarkey. Do some digging round there James, its an eye opener. NLP is widely used by many, and quite a few for not so good reasons! Hypnosis is a verifiable fact of life. Why would people waste their time and money? Look up some self-hypnosis techniques and try it out for yourself first.

It is actually a pretty simple thing to activate in anybody, and its very similar to lucid dreaming. BUT If you do not wish to go to sleep you can do a pretty decent job of preventing it, same with NLP and hypnosis if you have a base line of understanding it, a conscious incompetence or better, if you will.

It is more complicated than just going up to someone and saying some words and doing some tapping on the shoulder.

If you choose to be so naive we do have access to the internet please keep your thoughts to yourself. Else if your a person that would consider yourself of somewhat intelligence revamp your argument with some valid information and lets have some. You have to have a minimum understanding of NLP and how it works. Sincerely what you have experienced is noob NLP.

Derren Brown – Wikipedia

I will say this, if you become aware of a Doctor in a field of medicine who has been taught to diagnose illnesses based on symptoms read in a chart — for which he prescribes from a list of concoctions you know are not proven to treat the illness but perhaps only mask the symptoms… Do you throw out your belief in Doctors and medicine all together?

Of course he wants you to believe the method for the trick was something other than what it appears. All the NLP business is a misdirection.