Drezner, however counter-argues this report and states that Obama had two. The first grand strategy was strategic “engagement” that the National Security. In uncertain times, grand strategies are important because they help others . of US foreign policy, which came to be known as the Obama doctrine (Drezner. , 1 – pp. The Obama doctrine: American grand strategy today, by Colin Dueck, three core questions: (i) Did the President in fact have a grand strategy ?; (ii) Drezner presciently suggested that the core. dilemma.

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The evidence suggests that the Trump administration, like its two gramd, is employing calibrated strategies. Meanwhile, administration officials have repeatedly retreated from the one-dimensional campaign rhetoric.

In contrast, since the collapse of the Soviet Union all three elements of grand strategy have acquired novel components that presidents—and strategists—have been forced to address.

Indeed, complaints about grand strategy have plagued every U.

What these debates overlook, however, are two logically antecedent questions: To further complicate strategizing, we now have a new category—hybrid warfare. It therefore assumes a process, from guiding principles and objectives to implementation.

Most, however, then operated within national boundaries: Both of the agreements mentioned above met these conditions, being redefined by Trump as themselves posing threats to job security. Four months later, Mattis espoused the same view, loudly echoed in a major Pentagon report on Russia—and buttressed by the introduction of further sanctions against Russia by the US Senate on 15 June including provisions ensuring that Trump could not lift them.

A unilateral pre-emptive strike involving American forces, of dubious legality under international law unless an attack were deemed imminent, would still be tempting for the Trump administration or other American administrations for that matter given the severity of the threat and the limited contributions expected from other parties.

The US therefore confronts a state actor in North Korea. Therefore, an area where Obama failed to use the correct leadership was his ability to delegate. This is not to suggest that we will not observe more changes.


Does the Obama administration have a grand strategy? – Foreign Policy

Drezner June 22,4: It is hard to overlook the symbolic significance of the proposed construction of a wall. Certainly, the Mexican government has made its position clear: Among the comments he made when campaigning, those that shook the Washington and transatlantic security communities were his denunciations of NATO and its members—what his National Security Advisor H.

This example is the most obvious place to start, given that the isolation it represents was Trump’s default grand strategic position. Although Trump has discussed the issue with allies, the UN and even the Chinese, 91 his administration’s primary strategic response has consisted of blunt military threats and unilateral operations. The same is true of Trump’s migrant deportation policy although not the travel ban, which clearly departs from prior policy but is yet to be adjudicated.

The first has focused on the flow of undocumented migrants. This may explain why Trump has repeatedly suggested he will defer to his military in strategizing, most recently in Afghanistan.

Does Donald Trump have a grand strategy? | International Affairs | Oxford Academic

Grand strategy debates are always fashionable. He retreated from excoriating China as a currency manipulator, for example, because of security considerations in dose Asia. But the strategy’s substance has not. December 31, Obama appeared to fail in realising the affects once Gaddafi was removed from power. They parse each administration’s policies, searching for an overarching pattern that indicates coherency and a higher order of thinking.

Does the Obama administration have a grand strategy?

We argue, however, that focusing on what the United States actually does strategically and, more specifically, operationally leads to a different conclusion: For several decades, the United States has unsuccessfully used diplomatic, economic and political instruments in efforts to prevent the DPRK from acquiring nuclear weapons and long-range delivery systems.

Oxford University Press, Gtand, Not whether but when: Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Indeed, the US, NATO and the entire European security community devoted nearly two decades to resolving thorny issues to do with the alliance, including out-of-area operations and the fate of American troops still stationed in Europe. This strategy was clearly articulated, but it delivered underwhelming policy results.


The use of Executive orders domestically may be limited by America’s institutional division of powers and a judicial system that curtails the president’s capacity to impose change.

Already have an account? Obama inherited a war weary American public that no longer felt democracy promotion was as important as before. Examination of the often shrill rhetoric that surrounds public debates, or even the policy initiatives that emerge, might lead to the inference that American strategy is relatively unified.

Strategizing in the twenty-first century. Therefore showing Obama as an appropriate contemporary leader who is able to react to changing international conditions. Global Politics and Gramd Their selection is highly context-dependent, but several are routinely employed: Some accounts of this crisis suggest there is evidence of American cooperation with regional allies. Log In Sign Up. Despite Trump’s repeated efforts at rapprochement with Moscow and his meeting with Putin in Hamburg, Russia remains, by consensus, the primary threat to all NATO members—a view reinforced by Russia’s aggressive posturing across a broad swath of Eurasia from the Arctic to the Black Sea.

Despite the professed differences among US presidential administrations, each in fact responded to them in markedly similar ways. Yet Trump’s harsh rhetoric, his purported expansion of immigration and customs enforcement ICE personnel, and his supposed novel focus on non-criminal undocumented migrants mask an underlying reality: Transnational jihadism is a recent phenomenon, with types of actors cells, networks and lone wolves drdzner which American policy-makers must now strategize.