The DS Series consists of the DS Detector (light gray) and the DS Detector (black) specifically designed for Request-to-exit (REX) applications. With. Buy BOSCH SECURITY VIDEO DS Security Series, High Performance Request to exit Detector (NA): Household Sensors & Alarms Great REX device. The DS/ is a passive-infrared (PIR) detector designed for request to exit pattern provides dense C-shaped coverage ideal for most REX applications.

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The warmer an object is, the more infrared energy emitted. SLI allows you to arm the detector using any dry contact device, such as a second dw160, card reader, or the xs160 control system. This provides better control for this type of application. A built-in sounder can be automatically activated if the door is propped open. The sounder can be controlled from any dry contact device.

In addition, complete pattern control allows it to be adjusted to a single zone or placed over a doorknob, for example.

There are fifteen possible coverage patterns to accommodate most applications. This, combined with the ability to monitor the door and intelligently control the lock, adds considerable security to these types of applications.

The relay output consists of two Form C contacts that can be adjusted to latch from approximately 0. The latch time features two modes of operation, resettable where the relay timer will not time out as long as someone is in the field of view and non-resettable where the relay will remain latched for a fixed period of time.

The relay can also be programmed to fail safe or fail secure in the event of power loss. It is not designed as a primary means of exit for emergency egress applications. Panic hardware must be used with this or any other egress device. Remove the cover using a small flat blade screwdriver. Cover Removal Insert screwdriver here Bottom of unit 2. Rotate the detector clockwise to remove it from the base. Select a mounting location. Route the wiring through the base before mounting the base to the wall or ceiling.

When using the optional trim plate TP or TPrun the wiring through the ss160 plate and into the base before mounting the base and trim plate onto a single gang electrical box. Refer to Section 4. Power Off Power Off 3. Terminal Labels and Descriptions Label Description es160 Connect to the negative side of the power supply.

The contact must be Normally Closed NC. D Terminal D allows the detector to monitor door contacts.

Refer to Sections and on page 4 for more information. If used, these contacts must be Normally Closed NC door contacts. Do not share these contacts with any alarm systems. T Normally Closed NC tamper contacts. When the sensor sees motion, power is removed from the magnetic lock.

Use this relay when connecting inductive loads to the detector. This relay protects the detector from inductive loads that might deliver damaging EMF spikes.


Bosch DS Request to Exit Motion Detector REX Access Control 60 Day Returns | eBay

No additional spike protection is needed. This relay is best used for non-inductive loads. When connecting an inductive load that is not spike-protected, such as a magnetic door lock, to the detector, use either a bridge rectifier such as a KBL01 or a diode such as a 1N For DIP switch settings, refer to Section 4. Keycard Reader Configuration UL listed magnetic locks typically are already EMF spikeprotected, and therefore do not require the bridge rectifier or diode as shown in Figure 10 and Figure Refer to the magnetic lock s documentation for more information.

Diode Connection Figure The sounder input can come from devices such as a door controller or door contacts. Turning the sounder on does not affect the relay or relay timer. The direct sounder input does not remove power from the magnetic lock. Failure to spike-protect the detector can shorten the life of the relay contacts.

2.0 Installation 1. Remove the cover using a small flat blade screwdriver. Figure 2: Cover Removal

Direct Sounder Enable Configuration To ensure the best sound quality from the sounder, tighten all unused terminals on the terminal strip Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Any movement after 10 sec after the contact on Terminal R closes is ignored.

Sequential Logic Input Configuration To ensure the best sound quality from the sounder, tighten all unused terminals on the terminal strip Door Monitor Contacts Second Option If the detector is activated but the door is not opened, the relay drops out after 10 sec. If the detector is activated and the door opens, then closes, the relay drops out after 2 sec. This prevents unauthorized people from entering. In this mode, the REX can be activated by either someone walking in its field of view or from a remote device if using the R input.

If using the R input to activate the detector, switch 2 should be set in the ON position resettable mode. Door contacts connected to Terminal D monitor if the door is open or closed. If the door is held open and the relay timer is in the last 10 seconds of the latch time, the sounder will turn on. In order for this to work correctly, the latch time must be set for 16 seconds or greater refer to section 4.

The sounder also activates if the door is opened without first activating the detector or keycard input. The sounder remains on until the door closes or by someone moving in the field of view.

Disabling the Request-to-Exit 4. The relay timer starts when the detector sees motion and restarts if there is additional motion. The relay only drops out when there is no more motion and the timer expires. The relay timer starts when the detector sees motion.

DS Series High Performance Request‑to‑exit Detectors

It drops out when the timer runs out, even if the motion continues. If the motion continues, the timer restarts. The relays operate in the Fail Safe Mode.


Refer to Section 3. The relays operate in the Fail Secure Mode. In the secure mode, the REX shall be installed in a manner that does not impair the intended operation of panic hardware used in conjunction with the REX detector. Refer to Table 2 to set the relay timer. Refer to Figure Low sensitivity security sensor 4.

If the detector activates and the door opens and then closes, the relay drops out after 2 sec. LED operates normally when motion is detected. LED is turned off. When LED is enabled, it will flash on and off when first powered up. An input to the Terminal R activates the detector. The internal sounder does not activate when the keycard input ds60 selected. The relay remains activated dd160 as long as the keycard input is closed. The timer starts when the keycard input is force activated.

If Switch 2 is on, toggling the keycard input again restarts the timer the suggested setting. When Switch 2 is off, toggling the keycard input does not restart the timer. The sounder is turned on for long as the contact on Terminal R is open.

It does not affect the relay or timer. The detector only activates if the Sequential Logic Input Terminal R is open, or for 10 sec after it closes again. Movement after 10 sec after the contact on Terminal R closes is ignored. If the detector activates and the door is open when 10 sec remain on the timer, the sounder turns on. If the door opens without activating the detector, the sounder turns on. The sounder remains on until the door closes or the detector activates.

For this feature to work, set the timer a minimum of 16 sec. Refer to Table 3 to set the remote input function. Replace the cover and secure with a rx. Use a drill to remove a screw knockout in the cover only, then start screw and tighten to secure. The unit can also be masked to allow only some parts of the coverage pattern to be active.

Coverage Pattern Example 1 Views of coverage pattern with the unit mounted at 7. Zones that are pointed toward the wall are not shown. Mounted on wall above door Front View Mounted on ceiling 2. Secure the detector inside the base. Secure the Detector Rotate 4 ft ds106.

Adjust the sounder volume. Sounder Volume Secure by tightening the lock-down screw. Side View To test the volume, turn Switch 10 on and apply power.

The sounder will turn on as long as Terminal R is open. Turn clockwise to increase the volume, and counterclockwise to decrease.