Dvdo EDGE Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dvdo EDGE Product Manual. Manuals and User Guides for DVDO EDGE GREEN. We have 1 DVDO EDGE GREEN manual available for free PDF download: Product Manual. Dvdo edge, Setup guide • Read online or download PDF • DVDO High Definition Video Processor & Hub Edge User Manual.

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So, the first thing you will see is the Wizard screen. VGA x 60 Hz I’d check and make sure your unit also has manusl latest firmware.

EDGE will power on using the remote. If you want to save any of the menu settings you have made, you should write them down before you update the firmware, so that you can restore them after you update the firmware.

Output Video Level Section4: Improved audio handling and audio compatibility Improved compatibility with analog component inputs Improved compatibility with game consoles Improved compatibility with PCs Improved switching with less flashing As you move around, edgge expose parts of the picture that were not visible because the picture was zoomed.

Audio Output Section 2: Advanced Controls Section 4: The only downside to enabling Hot Plug Source edgw that switching could be a little slower due to the time it takes to re-authenticate. This in turn eliminates erasing user preferences when firmware is updated in the future. This is the colorimetry standard for Standard Definition video formats. Shown below are some of the main buttons and their functions.


Audio Settings — Select Audio Output RCA cables are also used to transport digital audio signals.


This is the colorimetry standard for High Definition video formats. Important Note About Firmware V1. Input Color Space Section4: When you choose an audio input on this screen, you are associating that input with the currently selected video input. Switching Output Formats Output Format Section 2: Power Off Power On Switching Output Formats Section3: Originally Posted by Turnbough.

Input Wizard – Step 1: Zoom And Pan Section3: The user can now control the duration of the timeout. When you make a change to a picture control, the change applies only to the currently selected video input. Depending on what you want for it, I’d be happy to buy it, swap the PSU, and see what happens.

Dvdo EDGE Manuals

Input Video Level Section4: HDMI is the only input that carries both video and audio. This will reset EDGE; when it comes out of reset, it will be running the new firmware.


About This Supplement Section 1: Component Input is continued on the next page. Connect Edge To Your Computer Test patterns are useful for calibration of your setup.

DVDO EDGE Product Manual Supplement

Display Wizard – Step 3: Factory Defaults Page 64 mamual Settings: The default setting is 0. Game Mode Page 63 – Settings: Underscan is a display control.

Input Wizard – Step 2: Again, do you have a reference for that? High Voltages are present inside the enclosure which present an electrical shock hazard. Video Levels refer to the dynamic range of the video signals themselves. Associate Audio And Video Inputs Biases the detection toward film. Associate Audio With Video for Non-hdmi Originally Posted by Ayla. When you change input, aspect ratio may change.

As the picture magnifies, the area dvro the edges becomes invisible off the sides, top, and bottom of your display. Table Of Contents evge New Features in the Main Menu Deinterlacer Bias Controls These controls require the user to have some knowledge of the original source type of the motion picture.