Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem. (EBEM) Cryptographic Module. Non- Proprietary Security Policy. Document Number , Rev. ViaSat will provide the Army with MD(U) strategic EBEM and This modem uses advanced modulation and coding technology to. ViaSat Inc. (Nasdaq:VSAT) demonstrated its DISA certified MD Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem (EBEM) to members of the U.S.

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The objective is to field fewer types of wireless network devices, while providing improved network interoperability to accommodate the emergence of Internet Protocol IP as a connectivity standard. Modeem new capabilities enable you to manage your communications resources and choose whether you maximize data throughput, enable more users to access the network, or decrease networking costs.

This is often referred to as ‘Muxing. This is achieved by the following two circuits:. The ESEM module, used in conjunction with Information Throughput Adaptation, ramps up the satellite link data rate, and then a feature called Radio Aware Routing advertises that throughput potential to a network router. A FEC decoder decodes the Forward error correction code that is used in the specific signal. The input signal for ebek analog tract is at the intermediate frequency or in the L-bandin the second case it must be firstly converted to IF.

Satellite data unit Satellite dish Satellite modem Satellite phone Spacebus Very-small-aperture terminal. There are also additional components in the demodulator such as the Intersymbol interference equalizer.

EBEM – Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem | AcronymFinder

These features allow users to make use of the many dBs of FDMA link margin that moedm go unutilized in a fixed-channel rate environment. In most cases frequency has to be converted using an upconverter before amplification and transmission. They are appropriate only when certain conditions apply: Error correction techniques are essential for satellite communications, because, due to satellite’s limited power a signal to noise ratio at the receiver is usually rather poor.


A digital modulator transforms a digital stream into a radio signal on Intermediate frequency IF. This page was last modsm on 24 Octoberat October Learn how and when to remove this template message. A satellite modem is not the only device needed to establish a communication channel.

If downlink power decreases, ITA then automatically and dynamically mocem the link data rate using more robust waveforms to maintain the link connection. A satellite modem’s main function is to transform an input bitstream to a radio signal and vice versa.

Satellite broadcasting Modems Telecommunications equipment Telecommunications infrastructure. They are used, for example, in the Steel shankar network.


Generally, a demultiplexer is a device which transforms one multiplexed data stream to several streams which it consists of. During a demonstration, the EBEM has shown its seamless, error-free adaptation to data rates from 28 to over Mbps without operator intervention. Probably the best way of understanding modem’s work is to look at its internal structure.

Almost all parts are optional. Sometimes a digital automatic gain control circuit is implemented in the demodulator. Though this new standard ebsm often thought of as catching the military up to commercial standards and technology, the new B standard is actually enhanced beyond pure commercial technology. The technology further enhances the benefits of any advanced modulation techniques or turbo coding you may already use.


If the analog signal was digitized without a four-quadrant multiplier, the complex envelope has to be calculated by a digital complex mixer.

Satellite modem

This article does not cite any sources. The primary additions to the new standard include government approved TRANSEC, advanced modulation and forward error correction techniques, and enhancements specific to IP network-centric operation.

Long ‘0’-only and ‘1’-only sequences create difficulties for timing recovery circuit. Satellite communication standards also define error correction codes and framing formats. Digital demodulation implies that a symbol clock and, in most cases, an intermediate frequency generator at the receiving side have to be synchronous with those at the transmitting side. A number of features and choices remain when considering wireless networking equipment like the satellite communications modems that form the backbone of many wireless networks.

This module provides a basis for Ethernet interface interoperability amongst satellite modem vendors.

A descrambler restores the original stream from the scrambled one. There are also industrial satellite modems intended to provide a permanent link. A principal objective of recent U.

Satellite modem doesn’t have so many outputs, so a demultiplexer here performs a drop operation, allowing to choose channels that will be transferred to output. The main functions of a satellite modem are modulation and demodulation.

However, the fundamental concepts are similar. Department of Defense telecommunication transmission policy is to simplify its integrated wireless networks. At last the signal passes through an anti-aliasing filter and sampled digitized. A demodulator is one of the most important parts of the receiver.